“And Manon Carpenter sets off from the gate. Through the top section and pedalling hard she fell behind at the first split by two and half seconds, but a blinding mid and bottom section saw Manon claw back a second coming into the finish arena, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to beat the current champion. Coming in a valiant 1.5seconds behind Rachel, Manon finished off the ladies racing in second place.” - via Dirt World Cup Gallery: Vallnord – Finals | Dirt

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“Happy Halloween” from professional BMX rider Kayley Ashworth and professional downhill mountain biker Manon Carpenter.

I think the only thing women’s racing is lacking at the moment is participants. We need more girls coming through at the level of the current top 10 riders to add more competition and mix up the results a bit. Participation is one thing we can’t control as racers; we can go to the gym, get more time on the bike and push our own limits but we can’t pull girls out of nowhere to race. Hopefully with women’s only clinics and coaching, more girls will find MTB accessible and get into racing, because I believe the standard of women’s racing is already very high at the top level and I am constantly surprised by what women are capable of in extreme sports. We just need more of us!
—  An excerpt from Manon Carpenter’s interview in issue 22 of Wideopen UK Bike Magazine, you can read it all here: