“And Manon Carpenter sets off from the gate. Through the top section and pedalling hard she fell behind at the first split by two and half seconds, but a blinding mid and bottom section saw Manon claw back a second coming into the finish arena, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to beat the current champion. Coming in a valiant 1.5seconds behind Rachel, Manon finished off the ladies racing in second place.” - via Dirt World Cup Gallery: Vallnord – Finals | Dirt

For more photos of the 2013 Downhill World Cup #3 at Vallnord, click through to Dirt’s gallery


“Happy Halloween” from professional BMX rider Kayley Ashworth and professional downhill mountain biker Manon Carpenter.


Rachel Atherton, Manon Carpenter and Tracey Hannah - the 2015 Downhill MTB World Championships podium - via Champions crowned: The Downhill Worlds | Red Bull Bike

1.   Rachel Atherton, Great Britain, 0:05:08.488
2.   Manon Carpenter, Great Britain, + 03.238
3.   Tracey Hannah, Australia, + 09.973
4.   Morgane Charre, France, + 22.353
5.   Tahnée Seagrave, Great Britain, + 22.928
6.   Emilie Siegenthaler, Switzerland, + 25.556
7.   Casey Brown, Canada, + 34.774
8.   Miranda Miller, USA, + 37.641
9.   Carina Cappellari, Switzerland, + 44.607
10. Sophie Tyas, New Zealand, + 45.607

“Manon Carpenter bringing to the field her newly reworked and fresh coloured Saracen Myst. Running a light setup including carbon bits, Fox RAD Air shock and cut spikes. Rumours of a 27.5” -  via World Champs Photo Gallery: PMB – Tech Gallery | Dirt

Listen to Dirt’s audio interview with Manon talking about her bike set up for the 2013 World Champs, and what she thinks of the track

More photos, with descriptions and audio interviews, of riders’ bikes at the 2013 downhill MTB World Championships


Madison Saracen 2013 - Episode 3: Conditioning (by Madison)

This video’s from back in the winter (snow!) but it’s all Manon Carpenter riding, so I’m posting it anyway!

“World Champion and World Cup Champion. the level of female riding is on the rise and the racing is becoming tighter and tighter. It’s great to see that both of the worlds top female riders come from the UK.” - via 2014 Meribel World Cup Finals Gallery | Dirt

The final downhill MTB Dirt World Cup photo gallery of 2014 - make sure you click through!

“Putting all aside and clearing her head from all the distraction about wheel sizes and travel, Manon Carpenter put her head down all practice, looking at lines, where to improve on, and how she is to be the fastest lady down that hillside. It paid off for her though…taking the 1st place slot in qualys and really making her mark here at the first round. She is going to be looking for that win come tomorrow!” - via Dirt Photo Gallery – Qualifying – 2014 Pietermaritzburg World Cup DH | Dirt

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