Inspiration (6 of 10 in no particular order)

I’ve been a longtime follower of the Friday Inspiration (Fredagsinspiration) feature on which are outfits put together by the various contributing editors . I noticed that I was really drawn to some of the outfit much more than others. When I looked deeper, I noticed that all of them were put together by some guy called Olof Nithenius and he has since become a good friend.

Today’s inspiration comes from my friend @olof1982 who is another guy that looks great is suits or casualwear. From my own experience, there’s a framework to wearing a suit but it is wide open when it comes to the casual side of things. Hesuccessfully navigates these sartorial waters just like Steve Zissou and has been a great supporter to others as well. Looking through his feed, you can see the various ‘shout outs’ he has given to people whose style he likes. I have had the pleasure and honour of being mentioned as well.

After all my casualwear, I decided to take some inspiration from one of Olof’s more tailored looks - a beautiful green jacket with a grey tie. I’ve taken the liberty of imagining the kind of shoes he would wear and came up with my favourite dress shoes which kind of symbolises his style - comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Olof has now started selling some of his own designed bags, accessories, shoes and a number of other things at and I have the fortune of owning his Urban Biker square which I am using here. I think it’s apt because it also shows Olof’s casual side - that’s not supposed to be him in the square but I thinkthat’s what happened and it’s exactly the kind of thing he would wear.

Jacket - P Johnson with Caccioppoli Napoli green donegal tweed

Tie - Henry Carter

Shirt - Borrelli

Trousers - Howard Yount

Socks - Berg and Berg

Shoes - Edward Green Dover in Dark Oak

Would you like to recommend something?

“I would like to recommend that while in southern France actually take time and visit the town of Antibes. The humble restaurant of Le Brulot is a must! It is not an establishment of fine dining, however, a family owned space that has been producing pure quality over the past 20 years or so. Make sure to try the Magret de Canard - a duck breast grilled over open fire that will take your taste buds for a tango.”

- Andreas Weinås, style icon and Editor in Chief at