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Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning!!! Like, a hundred times stunning! What are your plans for the cowl? (And are you going to make more <_<)

Thanks! My plans for it are to wear it around my neck in the winter when it’s cold ;-) I hadn’t planned on making more (though I’d considered making a scarf with the same sort of wavy pattern, but lengthwise) but I could be talked into it!

A joyful little experiment

I helped make a game! A little! I just did the character design. Chelsa manojalpa and onemrbean Bean did all the hard work!!

External image

You can be a round little SpiralBirb RibbonTail as it decorates and blooms trees via rainbow ribbons. If you ribbon up a tree that you are particularly happy with, you can save it as a jpg to your computer, too. Just a fun little thing!

Playing note: You don’t have to be touching the anchor point to attach a ribbon to it. Just close to it. :)

If you like little games like this, be sure to check out their other ones:


I had a wine and sketch night last week for the fantastic Manojalpa of her Zal beast.  I just drew with no cares for maybe 2 hours? First sketch is traced background.

It was refreshing to just let my imagination run wild and not worry about how anything looks and build upon inspiration.