Since the wedding already happened guess I can post these pics of the biggest owl batch ever! :D

This was a huge commission I did for @manojalpa !  Owls for her, her husband, and family/friends for her lovely wedding!  There was specific requests for colors I followed for each owl size type from newborn to big pudgy and mama owls.  Was a lot of work but so rewarding to see everyone who received them so happy!


Now that I have more room, I’d like to do more sculpting, which I haven’t done for a long long time. Maybe ten years??

Here is the unbaked bust for Manojalpa of her character Zal. Yeah let’s just go right for one of the more complicated creatures. Why not.

manojalpa replied to your post: Finally actually got started …

Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning!!! Like, a hundred times stunning! What are your plans for the cowl? (And are you going to make more <_<)

Thanks! My plans for it are to wear it around my neck in the winter when it’s cold ;-) I hadn’t planned on making more (though I’d considered making a scarf with the same sort of wavy pattern, but lengthwise) but I could be talked into it!


I had a wine and sketch night last week for the fantastic Manojalpa of her Zal beast.  I just drew with no cares for maybe 2 hours? First sketch is traced background.

It was refreshing to just let my imagination run wild and not worry about how anything looks and build upon inspiration.


He’s done!  Zal belongs to Manojalpa (I made him as a commission).  It was not hard to have materials for this character as he is 100% my esthetic (pastel rainbows!).  I made him using handmade wool felt, wool roving, minky fur, tipped fake fur, and batik cottons.  :)  He also has custom painted safety eyes, wired tail and wings.