You don’t want to be the guy with a 10 ft Aura of axe body spray.  

Fragrance can be too strong so using the idea of what you will “need” will make you smell just right.

This is a really important question: Do you have strong B.O. or not?  Be honest because different types of body odor are more suited for certain scents.

Main types of fragrance:

1. Sweet Fragrances

2. Musk/Woods

Sweet fragrance - Good to cover natural odor that is strong

Musk / Woods - for the guy with little to no natural odor.


1. Going Natural (best price) - You can actually skip cologne and go straight for their ingredients!  Colognes contain highly concentrated scents known as “essential oils.”  They make an essential oil for just about every scent you can find in cologne.  bergamot or cedar wood oil and can be found in a lot of mens fragrances.  

These essential oils are a great option for guys who want a natural and subtle smell that lasts.  In my opinion Bergamot would be sweet smelling and a better option for a guy with a stronger than average odor.  While cedar wood oil  works great for guys with normal to no natural body odor.

2. The Cologne / Eu De Toilette - Its a big world out there of Colognes and Eu De Toilettes. In general a cologne is a stronger scent than an Eu De Toilettes.  Again in my opinion sweet smells such as Eu De Toilettes are the way to go if a guy naturally has a stronger odor then most .

Eu De Toilette benefit:  Usually a weaker scent than a cologne.  Often sweeter and in our opinion better for someone with a strong personal scent.  Maybe a good daytime scent where you might be a long time between a shower.

Benefit of a cologne:  A cologne is a combination of scents.  It’s going to have a very complex aroma.  They tend to be powerful an unique.  An expensive cologne will often have such a unique scent that people can specifically ‘smell it out.’   That’s why someone with a heavy personal odor’s own scent may clash with the cologne’s complex fragrance.  

If you have a heavy personal odor and want to use a cologne you certainly can.  Our suggestion is to use it only in an evening event setting where you’ve had a proper shower before venturing out.  That will give the stage of your body over to the colognes rich scent.

Always try a fragrance out and see if you prefer what it smells like on you (spray and smell after a few minutes then decide)

If you are really interested in picking out a unique scent, devote a couple of hours to your venture and go to the cologne dept. and try everything.  

A couple that we like:

Sweet fragrance Creed Imperial Millesime

Musk/Woods fragrance Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb

Just wanted to share a little more info from our last post .Begin with your base product ,for this look I used a generous amount of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray then just blow dry hair back and fourth using your hand to move the hair in each direction.Once dry I finished with Semisumo by pressing the finished look into place.Please if you have any questions just let us know!


These are the looks that guys have been asking for more and more.

To be honest it’s truly refreshing to see guys wanting to try something new because the “Ivy League” has been such a go to look these last couple of years.  

I call this look The Cut Out.  It is characterized by:

• Very short sides

• Swept back loosely with a lot of volume

This look is dependent on 3 steps:

1. Having your hair cut with the proper ratio of side length to top length.

2.  Making sure the top-length is longer in the front and shorter in the back

3. Using the correct styling products and methods to give it shape.

Products that work really well for creating the volume and separation for this look are

• Davines Mat Pliable Stucco (substitute with a pliable dry wax)

 Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray  (substitute with any volumizing hair-spray - medium hold)

• and Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade. (substitute with a waxy pomade)


• Find a hairstylist and tell them lengths that you prefer (if you feel funny with razor-short sides tell your hair-stylist.  In this look, the sides only have to be shorter than the top.)  

• I suggest bringing this picture because sometimes the words we use to describe what we want to the stylist aren’t enough!

• The top has to be as long as a middle finger (2-3 inches usually) with the front-top hair longer then the back-top hair.


Styling products and methods will really express this look.  It’s all about what you use and how you use them.  Start with something that will give shape like the Mat pliable Stucco or the Thickening Hairspray

• This works best if you have damp hair (not soaking wet, damp! Semi-dry)

• Put a dot the size of a quarter in your palm and rub your hands together to fully coat both palms

• Then rub your hands through your hair until you can feel the product in all areas of your hair

• Blow dry your hair swept back.  This will help the hair maintain that backward bend. About 10-20% of the time, switch the blowdryer to the back and blow forward.  blowing forward will help give the hair some of that volume or lift.  You can see in the pictures the hair in this style isn’t real close to the skull.

• Finish with a soft pomade like the Semisumo.  Spread enough on both hands so your hands look a little wet but aren’t dripping

• Press it into your hair

(Pressing is like spreading your fingers wide and gripping your skull lightly. Do you see in the pictures how there are thick groups of hair but some separation between?  That is made using your fingers in that wide-spread grip)

Normally you would use a half-round classic styling brush to give your hair a precise finish.

The following is a an alternate technique to give your classic hairstyle that same professional look.

You will use a hair product such as a gel or cream for hold 

I like the Bb GEL from Bumble and Bumble or the Grooming Cream from Bumble and Bumble, but you can use your own favorite.

1- Work product into damp hair really thoroughly

2- Comb parts or shapes

3- Let air dry using a hair cap or hair net. My hair is more coarse so I used a nylon cap to really push it down but this is not necessary for everyone 

4- Finish style. Once dry, comb out hair and add a soft pomade to add texture and a healthy sheen

(pomades such as+ Bumble and Bumble Styling Wax or other products that can be found with a search"brilliantine" its a type of product thats used to give shine and tame fluff)


1930’s film bloopers.  I feel like movies from that era are over-acted which makes it especially refreshing to see the actors being ‘human’ and natural.  Also a look into mens style from the era