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Friends - Manny

Warnings: Nope 

 Words: 1009 

 Requested: Heyy☺️☺️! Could U maybe write a Manny imagine where him and the reader R bestfriends and it’s his birth day and him the reader and the rest of the boys R celebreting. So they drink a little bit and that and Manny and the reader R getting a little closer then “Just Friends” (Like kissing necks few times and like sitting very close U know) and everybody notices and then after a while they leave to have sex? U don’t hav to write the sex part ☺️☺️❤️❤️😝 Thnx 😄😄 

 A/N: So I changed it slightly, I hope you don’t mind! 



 "Is everything ready?“ You asked Tobi through the phone 

 "Yes, get him down here as soon as and text me when your almost here” he spoke back before saying goodbye and ending the call 

 It was Manny’s birthday tomorrow and as the best friend that you were, you and the guys decided to throw him a surprise party at the sidemen house
 So here you were, 9pm on a Sunday night outside Manny’s house waiting for him to come out and join you in the car, soon enough he did

 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" you exclaimed leaning over to kiss his cheek as he got into the car 

 "Thanks but it’s not until tomorrow" he grinned at you putting his seatbelt on 

 "I know I’m just excited, your almost 21" He laughed at your enthusiasm

 Manny was unaware of the plan, in his head all he thought you two were doing was going to the sidemen house to mess around for a while 

 You laughed glancing over at him with a small smile tugging at your lips “getting old, you’ll be walking round with a walking stick soon” he chuckled lightly at your words

 "Bruv you wouldn’t catch me with one of those" it was your turn to laugh now, giggling at how determined he was to not get a stick 

 It carried on like this for the rest of the drive, mindless banter back and forth and anything and everything 

 When you pulled outside the sidemen house you remembered to slam your car door shut extra loud to get the attention of the boys so they knew you were here
Walking up to the door and knocking, then being greeted by a smiley Simon

 "Hey man" He pulled Manny in for a hug before stepping out the way and greeting you, opening the door wider to let you both in
Walking into the living room behind Manny, hearing Simon flick the light switch on behind you then seeing everyone jump out and yell ‘surprise’ would huge grins on their faces knocking Manny back slightly scaring him but a smile growing on his face when he realised what had happened 

 "Guyssss" he said laughing slightly as everyone wished him happy birthday, he turned around and smiled at your brightly flashing off his teeth before running off to his brother leaving you with Simon 

 "Well that went well" he laughed 

 "Yeah he didn’t suspect anything luckily" you replied smiling at the silver boy In front of you “Thanks for helping me" 

 "I’ll do anything for a couple of love birds” he chuckled his eyes glancing over to Manny 

 "What?“ A confused tone filling your voice as you squinted your eyes at him 

 "I see the way you two are, you can’t tell me there’s nothing between you" 

"There’s not" 

"If there’s not tell me why he’s standing over there staring at you” You turned your head and looked over at Manny, seeing him looking over at you before smiling and turning away

 "Him looking at me means nothing" 

 "Oh you silly, silly girl" He laughed patting your head, messing your hair and walking off with a smile on his face
He left you standing confused leaning against the wall, getting over your thoughts you decided to join everyone else for the party

 As time progressed you were counting down to midnight for when Manny’s birthday would come around, it was currently 11pm and you were standing in the corner leaned against the wall as Manny spoke in front of you 

“So who’s idea what this?” He asked, his hand leaning against the wall next to your head 

 "Well we planned it all together" You smiled 

 "Well thank you anyway I appreciate it" He Sent you another grin “Your a great girl Y/N” “Thanks” You laugh and smiled back, he moved slightly closer to you, his hand still resting next to your head as his other hand brushed your hair behind your ear 

 "Truly amazing" He whispered moving closer to you, his breath fanned over your face from the close proximity of you two whilst his hand moved from your hair to your waist
His head moved down slightly, his lips pressing lightly on your neck, kissing up your jaw before he rest his head on your 

 "Manny" You whispered placing your hands on his chest, a shaky breath leaving your lips
 He leaned forward and pressed his lips onto yours, his heart pounded in his chest against your hands as yours copied 
As his lips moved against yours his hands moved onto your hips, sliding around your back and pulled you closer to him 

 "If we leave now we could make it back in time before midnight" Your lips parted briefly as he spoke 

 "Okay" you whispered, not being able to say anything as he pulled away, grabbing your hand and dragged you out of the house, your eyes catching a certain silvered haired boy that winked at you with a smirk on his face as you left leaving a slight blush on your face as you and Manny jumped in your car and made your way to yours

 Not too long later Simons conversation with Cal and Will was interrupted by Tobi

  “Have you seen Manny?" 

 "Nope not for a while" 

 "I saw them leave together like an hour ago” Will spoke up earning a look from Simon “What?” Simon simply rolled his eyes and turned his head to look at Tobi, but he had already gone
He turned back around and faced Will again, slapping him in the arm 

 "What was that for?“ 

 "Why would you tell him that, I was trying to keep it a secret" 

 "Well I didn’t know” Cal laughed at the scene unfolding in front of him as Simon pulled out his phone and clicked on Manny’s contact, typing a message 

 You and Manny had no idea that all of your friends were about to find out that you had snuck off to have sex
You were both laying naked under your bedsheets, breathing heavily as you lay there Manny’s phone went off, a message from Simon popping up 

 'Enjoy your antics bro' 

 'Also happy birthday’ Manny chuckled at his friends text, seeing that the time was 10 past midnight meaning it was his birthday

 "Looks like I’m officially 21" He laughed “Great way to start off my birthday” He leaned forward and placed his lips on your both of you smiling into it 

 "Well how about we make it even better" You spoke against his lips, moving to straddle his lap 

 "Also Happy Birthday"

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Upon arriving to the venue and entering the parking lot… I saw Manny sitting in his car, I then began to fan girl a tad… My dad-clueless to what I was freaking out over- told me to get out then. He parked the car and came to find me, to find me talking to Manny. He was such a polite guy. I gave him a Canadian top hat since knowing Manny, he’d be most likely to wear it. I later saw him again after the Ghost Town set at their tent. He recognized me and gave me a big hug and said it was nice to see me again, and hugged me again before I left. Truly a sweet and genuine guy who cares about his fans.