So it’s no surprise at the office that DAREDEVIL is my favorite character and series of all the Marvel titles out there today. 

So I was really happy when my editor asked me to revamp the logo for the ALL-NEW NOW DD title. First off, I didn’t want to stray from the original shape because I wanted readers to say “Hey!, this is still the same great DD book I’ve been reading all along with a fresh new look to it”. I LOVE Mark Waid’s and Chris Samnee’s run. It has so much bounce and energy to it, so I had to indicate that in the logo by giving it a new text treatment. I also dropped in some devil horns as well to give it that cartoonish feel. 

Then I was EXTREMELY pleased to be asked to make the 50th Anniversary Badge for DD. I thought to myself, “The traditional anniversary badges usually just have the number of years and a character’s logo next to it”, so I wanted to do something special for the red horned hero. I was thinking to myself, “What’s a catchy phrase?” Right away I thought of 50 YEARS WITHOUT FEAR! it’s a nice little twist to the tag line and is totally what Matt Murdock is all about, especially with all the stuff he’s had to deal with all these years. I mocked three types just in case, but we all sided with the first one right away. 

So there you have it, a little inside scoop into Behind the Design ;)

***Just a side note, but I have to say it. Aren’t those Samnee covers GORGEOUS!!?

#WIP Wonder Woman Con sketch. Last hour of the @stanleecomikaze con so make sure to stop by my table K14!

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