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Manny hard: Whoa. I’m gonna need you to not to talk to my cousin like that, lady.

Crystal nostrils flare.

Crystal warns: Don’t call me “lady”, young man. It’s Crystal. Or Nurse Matos to you.

Manny snaps: Whatever. My cousin is obviously in hysterics so maybe you should be soothing her instead of snapping at her. Better yet, go check on Max. She’s in this room right here with Nicky.

Crystal swallows hard: She’s in that room? Alone? With Nicky?

Manny: Yeah. He won’t leave her side. Anyway, you should-

Crystal firm: Tell Nico Jr to step out of that room this instant. Right now. Away from that girl. I will tend to her. Alone

Manny stares at Crystal for a long time in silence, an intimidation technique he’d learned from his father. Nicky was right…there was something off about the woman. Crystal stares right into the young man’s penetrating gaze. Manny had never met anyone who could hold up to his intense staring. He looks away first.

Manny softly: I’ll tell Nicky to leave the room.

Crystal small smile: Good, thank you. I can see to her by myself.

Manny: I’m sure you can. I’ll sit in there with you. Until the ambulance arrives.

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kill brian-the-hottie no questions asked holy shit i hate that blog and the dude who runs it with every fiber of my being

fuck manny at least that won’t last long

marry brian but it’s a sexless marriage and all i do is spend his money but when he complains about it i press the heel of my louboutin into his scrotum and say “think again asshole”


Nico: He’s going to keep seeking him out. I don’t think he’ll ever stop looking.

Allison: You can’t tell him, Nico.

Nico: I have to. I have to tell all my siblings. He was evil, but he was still their father. 

Allison: No! Nico, YOU were their father. You sacrificed for them. You lost your entire childhood, your teen years, even your young adulthood to them.

Nico: I didn’t protect them from Manny.

Allison cries: You did what you could! You were so young, Nico! Who protected you?

Nico: Even if I don’t tell all of them, I need to tell Merchy. I need her forgiveness. And I have to tell Remy. I know you say we should let him think Manny disappeared. But he won’t accept that. I’ve watched him today, he keeps calling him.

Allison breathless: Oh, Nico. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even imagine how Remy will take it.

Nico: I honestly don’t know either. I don’t know how deep his love for Manny goes. Or if it’s love at all. All I know is I took the first step in freeing Remy. Now I have to take the final step. And tell him.