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This is a little later that I had hoped, but better late than never!

a happy belated birthday to @atomi-cat the amazing artist and writer behind the Boneheads!

Voice actors: 

Manny: @pmseymourva 

Manolo: @wildcard-va

Sir Daniel: @chaotictechnocracy

Lewis: @summer-of-the-shinx

Jack Skellington: @rev-va


That Day of the Dead episode of El Tigre, The Grave Escape, makes a lot more sense after watching The Book of Life.

Manny’s ancestors (hero and villain alike) are majorly pissed he ate their Day of the Dead offerings, and yeah, it’s obvious for the blatant disrespect for his family and ancestors. But then you watch TBOL and find out souls that aren’t remembered are sent to The Land of the Forgotten (where Xibalba reigns).

For those who don’t know, The Land of the Forgotten is not a fun place to go. Very depressing. 

It makes sense that Manny’s ancestors weren’t just pissed/hurt that they were forgotten but were probably scared shitless about the very real possibility they would be sent to The Land of the Forgotten. It’s no wonder they were ready to kick Manny and Frida’s asses to hell and back once they realized who they were.

And yeah, El Tigre and TBOL are directly connected. Manolo is Manny’s third cousin (maternally), and Joaquin has an unknown relation to Frida. Sartana is La Muerte and Xibalba’s daughter. El Tigre is essentially a semi-not completely direct sequel TBOL.

Again, Jorge Guitirrez and Sandra Equihua are freaking geniuses, and really need TBOL sequels. 


Boneheads and ghost pokemon. While I don’t know if some of the ghost pokemon here would be on an actual pokemon team for each of the boneheads, this is what I made with what was given to me. Also added a few because there weren’t enough ghost pokemon for everyone.

When the reaper came to claim me upon my demise, it wasn’t the fear of what was to happen I came to dread. It was the sheer loneliness I felt in every solitary moment knowing you were no longer with me. And for awhile, I thought I must just disappear.

I tried coping with my new existence in the best way I knew how. Fighting back against the doldrums of each successive day, trying to forget about the life that was no longer mine. Seeking solidarity by telling myself over and over that love is for the living.

But seeing you taken away from me so swiftly ignited a passion within my soul I had only felt in life and nearly lost in death. Just the thought of your happiness being threatened brought a sudden clarity into my being. The realization that; while dying took away many things, it couldn’t erase the weight of just how much you still mean to me. Nothing in this world will keep us apart for long and I swear with all of my heart, I will never stop loving you.


Is that how they met or…? 

So I found this while screenshotting The Book of Life trailers to finish up my informative cultural/historical presentation about a topic (I chose The Book of Life) for my college Chicano Studies class (because I feel the need to talk about this film to a large group of people).

Screenshotted from the Latin Spanish trailer


Wasn’t ready to do another challenge so soon, but here we go! A clothes swap featuring the Boneheads!

The biggest challenge for me was to get as many of the suit-wearing boneheads to wear something else for a change.


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