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Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera/M’Ma Theory

According to Frank Angone’s Tumblr account, Fenton’s mom is going to encounter a few changes; her character a little closer to that of Latina mothers. Though I have a latino father, I have aunts and based on my experience, they share his determination and parenting style but are more outspoken and social than him. This hints that we may not be getting the same, couch potato mama from the 1987 series.

My current theory is that her relationship with Fenton can be equivalent to that of Manny and Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family. Also this version of Fenton is younger so we may be getting a possibly younger version his mom. If that’s the case then we might be also getting a more loud, outspoken, and possibly aggressive counterpart than the previous one. 

These are just my personal theories but I think this may be somewhat true because when I screenshotted an image from the ABC Behind the Scenes video, there were background characters and a picture below Fenton’s pictures was labeled Officer Cabrera. Though the image was slightly blurred those were the words I was able to make out. If that is the case this version of Ma’ma could be a headstrong, Latina police officer. Below is the link and I think there’s an image of her at the bottom left below Fenton real briefly at 0.41 to 0.42

The Signs as Modern Family Characters
  • Aries - Jay Pritchett
  • Taurus - Dylan
  • Gemini - Pepper Saltzman
  • Cancer - Cameron Tucker
  • Leo - Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
  • Virgo - Claire Dunphy/Mitchell Pritchett
  • Libra - Manny Delgado
  • Scorpio - Lilly Tucker-Pritchett
  • Sagittarius - Haley Dunphy
  • Capricorn - Alex Dunphy
  • Aquarius - Luke Dunphy
  • Pisces - Phil Dunphy