Malcolm would have been 86 today. If you haven’t read Manning Marable’s biography, I highly recommend it. Check out my Q&A with Zaheer Ali, who worked closely with Marable on some of the formative work for the biography.

This biography represents a critical intervention in the public discourse on Islam in America, by reasserting the historic role of African American Muslims in that discussion. Dr. Marable masterfully retraces Malcolm’s spiritual development within the context of the histories of Islam — both in America as well as globally — and presents Malcolm as a figure at the intersection of both histories, and the discourses represented therein.

Malcolm X’s life, as presented here by Dr. Marable, underscores that Islam is not a foreign religion to America, but that it has a deeply rooted history, which challenges attempts to portray America as an exclusively Judeo-Christian nation. Further, Dr. Marable demonstrates how Islam serves as a bridge for Malcolm, connecting him to the broader, global community, and by extension serves as a bridge that connects many Americans to a broader global community.

Finishing Native Son start Autobiographpy of Malcolm X today

Native Son is a GREAT read but drags at the end i find the character of Bigger Thomas very compelling and in some ways relate able to many young black men today. I got my copy of Autobiography of Malcolm X and while i did read A Life of Reinvention: Malcolm X by Manning Marable I know that the autobiography will be GREAT can’t wait for the new thoughts that will flood my mind

Peace and Love Kings and Queens

Gerry Fulcher, a #NYPD White police officer assigned to wiretap #MalcolmX winds up being converted to Malcolm X views. Just by listening to him. From the #book, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, By Manning Marable. Highly recommended by the Hush Report team. A must read. —–Sources—– ♢To read it on Google: ——- ♢PDF Download: ——- #HushReport #BlackHistory #TheMoreYouKnow #KnowledgeIsPower #GoodReads #TeachDontPreach #BlackLeadership #GreatLeaders #BlackExcellence #BookReview #BlackPride #ReadMoreBooks #SelfEducate #KnowledgeOfSelf #BlackPower #Reading #BlackLivesMatter #GerryFulcher #MustRead #ManningMarable #NerdyThings #SmartIsTheNewSexy by thehushreport