David Ash: It's great learning from the Mannings

Bucky Brooks speaks with Texas quarterback David Ash at the Manning Passing Academy, where he talks about what he has learned from Peyton and Eli Manning.

Everything about this makes me so excited. First, y'all know I’m excited about anything that has to do w/ the Mannings. But the fact that MY QB baby Ash is also learning & working w/ them?! There are not enough feels! Haha For real though. We have no reason but to be great this season. We all know all that David does is practice, study that playbook, and read his scriptures. I know I don’t have to worry about seeing him out on Dirty 6th or doing something crazy like OTHER QBs out there. (Not mentioning any names). 

I CANNOT WAIT til August 31. It’s just around the corner.