mannequin parts

lukcycharms  asked:

when i was little my mom used to work at forever21, and they would cycle out old mannequins for new ones every so often. my mom would save all of them from the dumpster and took them home. my childhood homes were always filled with 20-30 mannequins. the centerpiece to my moms dining room table is this flower made from mannequin hands, there are heads above the tv and chest pieces downstairs theyre in all the rooms of the house basically its creepy but im used to it. thought u might be into it

this is the most special ask i’ve received in a while, i’m so intrigued to see photos if you wanted to share! i’m very touched that you thought of lil old me lol. it must be a pretty surreal environment to live in! though that’s coming from the girl w a bedroom full of mannequin body parts, i think me and your mother would get on like a house on fire! i’d be in my element i think. thank you for sharing angel.

There is no I in love .

He makes mannequins
Out of body parts he snapped
Away from people that
Walked away from him.
He’s never been good
At goodbyes.
In moving away.
There is no “I” in love
And he never learned to love
Himself, like how he loved
So he walks away with
Parts of her she left behind
And he pretends this
Is what loving yourself