mannequin monster


I can’t believe Bangtan didn’t tell us about their 8th member 

Made a little ref sheet for my Mannequin ponies. They are a pony subspecies that uses non magical mimicry to catch and feed on unsuspecting ponies. 

While they can mimic any gender and age (relative to their own) things like eyelashes, eyebrows, smiles and eyes are just markings on their coats. They have a colored muzzle, (which is actually their bottom jaw) that helps to disguise the line where their mouths close. Having markings on their body to match their jaw makes them look more uniform and easily overlooked by regular ponies. Almost all Mannequins can’t speak but a few have learned to mimic the prey they catch. This results in them knowing how to wail, beg for help and scream words like help, mommy and no.

I revamped my Persona! (because I hardly draw it, and it was so detailed and hard to draw from memory)

With this though, the idea was, hey, I really like horror, I’ve always been a fan, I love indulging on movies, games, music, pictures, ect, so why not make a horrorish based persona? Along with adding Cryptid like features because, well, I also have a love for Cryptozoology. But that isn’t all! I tend to help some friends/family calm down if they are freaking out, so this Sona will have a second form that’ll I’ll be drawing shortly. (I didn’t add it in the picture, but it has large bat wings)


  • Left arm: Upper is a humerus, lower is a mannequin(?) like thing.
  • Shoulders, elbows and wrists do not connect to body, floats.
  • Right Arm: Upper is mannequin and lower is a radial and ulna.
  • Claws: Mannequin like, nails are fountain pen quill tips.
  • Feet: Snowey owl feet, fountail quill tips.
  • Tail: Braid that goes down like a tail.
  • Antlers, “Plague Doctor” Bird skull mask, Eight eyes and odd poncho that covers left arm and shoulder.

Goodness it reminds me of something from Pans Labyrinth

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This was my second stop motion Vine with Mannequina. It was made for mashable‘s #creaturecrawl Vine contest, and was made in-app. This one focused more on the monstress’’s (?) desire to be real & magazine-pretty. It was called Self-made monter/self image. I love Mannequina, but she scares me a little and makes me sad. Also, her arms constantly fall off. I will make more short video with her soon.