This one was a popular demand. Many people people asked me about anatomy tips.

I know how hard this topic is and how confusing at the beginning. It’s just so much to learn! Exactly! I remember how lost I was in the beginning and trying out things that actually didn’t help me understand anatomy better.

Actually what I want to convey here is that you can learn to draw human without learning all the muscles and bones. My personal opinion, based on experience is actually that you can do that as something extra. Learning muscles and bones won’t help you draw. True story. 

If you grasps few essential concepts first you will be better off, plus you will be actually drawing characters. You will be more confident in your lines and gain knowledge that will be enough to create artwork you want. 

Look at body as any other object you want to draw. Simplifying and remembering the simplest ideas is way to go. 

Remember: these few ideas I am presenting are just a tip of an iceberg. As you will progress you will expand your knowledge beyond few essential points.

This is my personal approach so I can’t say it will work for you. I know that it works for me

Hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

I've been drawing for nine years now and have gotten considerably better since I started, but I find myself still struggling to get things right like facial features, bodies, and, my biggest problem, hands. This coming Spring I'm going to college for animation and illustration, but I just struggle so much that it makes me wonder how I could ever be successful in that area. I really want to do this, but I lack in many resources (I have a box of old crayolas and all of digital art is done on (1)

Don‘t worry, everyone struggles at first, mostly if you’re self-taught. I’m sure at college they’ll teach you the basics of drawing again before starting with more specific stuff (at least that’s how it worked at the school of comics)
But if you want to know some basic exercises I was given for human bodies and facial features, here there are:

the first thing to do is simplify figures, instead of starting drawing the body with anatomy right away, think of it as geometrical shapes put together

For the head there are these structures that might help you

For the hands, believe me, even the most expert artist on the earth has difficulties in drawing them.
But as the other parts, it helps to make a geometrical structure before

I do this

I’m not really that good at drawing hands but that’s the principle of it.

As exercise for human bodies and gestures, photos of athletes are really useful,

study their gesture drawing mannequins over photos

You can do the same exercise for faces and hands.

You can take all these “shortcuts” and modify the proportions to have the type of figure you want.

As for the equipment, I think if you want to go for animation you need at least a computer and a drawing tablet… For traditional illustrations you can use anything really


This week I’ve prepared some tips for everyone who is confused with arms. I know that pronation and supination is confusing and I recommend to learn in by heart <3

I have also announcement!

The day is approaching when I will release ebook or Gumroad PDF with all my anatomy tips + additional lessons + commentary.

I still am thinking how I will publish this but it will be done. Anyone who’s interested finally will be able to get everything in one place and some more good content. I will post some dates soon so look for that in next few weeks !




Weekly art tip for my lovely followers!

This week I focused on some anatomy differences between men and women. 

What makes a body look manly and what makes it feminine? This basic steps should help you easily draw female or male character,

Come back next week to see more anatomy tips! Learn with me :)