Igreja Matriz de Vila do Conde/Vila do Conde Church: one of the finest examples of that very-late portuguese Gothic called Manueline (a very emblematic although short-lived architectural style).

The works started still during XV Century (1496) but ended only circa 1573 and that explains with the tower was built acording to Manneirism Style.

At blacksmith’s home, wooden skewer”, so says a portuguese proverb.

What does it mean? Let me give you an example.

Santarém is commonly known as the portuguese capital of Gothic. Since the old Scalabis has a bishop, it also has a cathedral - a Gothic one, you might think… but no: the cathedral is not even medieval, since it was built between 1647 and 1711; so, the main temple of the capital of Gothic is actually Manneirist (with a few glimpses of Baroque). 

Never expect the obvious to be obvious.

I have already posted a lot of pictures of the Old Cathedral of Coimbra - the Romanesque one, with strong Gothic and Renaissance influences.

But we all need a change. So, for today, I post the New Cathedral of Coimbra, a mix of Manneirist and Baroque styles. The picture is rubbish, but I don´t care - I need a change (of cathedrals).