Dinner for two

Sam had been working in the kitchen a bit for his dinner with Wes. He still felt terrible about everything that happened the other day. That sudden rage came out of nowhere. The wooden spoon gently got pulled out of the sauce as Sam placed his lips to it. “ Hmm… perfetto.. ” He carried the bowl over the dough he had prepared. Making pizza wasn’t an easy job here. It wasn’t like you had a giant over to bake this thing in. Sam just had to roll with the stuff he had. When the sauce was spread over the pizza, he started cutting up everything he wanted to put on it. Cheese, tomatoes, a pepper , some salami,… Everything was going great.

When the pizza got in the oven, Sam grabbed a chair and sat down in front of the oven. His eyes stared at how the pizza was getting his golden crust. Not that he would have noticed though, he was lost in his thoughts. He remembered the intensity of how he had almost punched Wes in the face, and then the total opposite yesterday. How he was sitting in his lap with a clear mind and a heart full of love. What in hells name was wrong with him that he reacted so differently on a period of 24 hours… He shook his head as he noticed that the pizza was done. With a smile he pulled it out of the oven and layed it on the counter. He had food, wine , bread , dessert.. Only thing missing was Wes..


Some screenies of my Sam and Wes Sims and their neighbors, Ellie and Chibz X3

read the captions o3o

I have to explain the fourth one here though XD

Ellie stayed over at Sam and Wes’s place and a burglar came, so I thought to wake up Wes to deal with it, but Ellie woke up too

and Ellie came in and she’s like HIIIYAAAA and started beating the shit out of the burglar

and Wes is just standing there watching and laughing his ass off. He is not nice. u.u

Also the seventh one: 

Wes is all like: fuck this shit, I’m tired of them not GETTING A FUCKING ROOM… so I’m going to fix the shower… And Sam and Ellie are ok with dis XD