mann vs machines

“ Winning mvm is nice. Wanna know what would be more nice? Winning with a really weird team set up. > in b4 everyone’s goes all “yeee fuck the meta” I don’t hate the meta, it usually helps, esp if you’re newer to the game mode. But if you’ve got some spare time, experimenting never hurts. “

30 day TF2 drawing challenge:

Day 4: Best character to go shopping with.

I figured any of the bots would be best being that you could just program them to be the “best character to go shopping with”. Plus they could carry all the things you buy.

So, I’ve been playing a lot of MvM (Mann vs. Machine) lately and I am shocked by the behavior the players have.

Don’t be an asshole on MvM, nobody likes that.

After playing so many rounds in just a matter of days I have seen the worst and best of MvM players. I have encountered assholes from another dimension and Saints from another realms. But sadly, the assholes are the majority of MvM. MvM is so toxic and devastating for new players that finally got the guts to try a Mann Up. mode (I was one of them). 
“Please uninstall the game, retard”
“You f*cking suck”
“Go back to Boot camp, idiot”
“I’m gonna kick you because 1)You have 1 round 2)You didn’t revive me the second I died 3)I have a complex of being the best and by showing that I must kick your ass out the server”
“You lost 5 credits as Scout, you f*cking suck”

Did these people forget they were that bad at some point?
I remember one of the first times I played MvM Mann Up., I got in a server with two with 100+ tours. And after playing some rounds on Mann Up. I knew they would be assholes and kick me. So I asked if I should leave to save them the trouble. You know what they said?
No, we need a Scout. Give it a try”
I lost 50+ credits the first round and I was on the brink of crying because of it. I apologized for sucking so hard, but they still didn’t kick me. 
Everyone makes mistakes. We will get all the credits next round”
THAT is the kind of people we need on MvM. We made it through the round and went our separate ways. I was so happy that someone believed I could do it and didn’t kick me for screwing up.

But the next time I played, I was kicked before the wave started. You know why? 
Because I had completed 1 tour whilst they had 15+
How to people expect to become better if we don’t help? I have helped Engineer placing sentries and dispenses and Heavies with upgrades. We won the round and got our loot. I have played with 100+ tourers and 1 tourers and made it to the end. Because we worked as a team and helped each other out!

MvM is a teamgame, so everyone has to help each other out. 
If a Scout is dead, pick up the credits.
If someones dies, the Medic will try to revive them. But if they died in the middle of a group of Crit-Extended Buff-Soldiers, they will understand why the Medic is focusing on someone else.
If the Engineer don’t block the giant Scouts in time, someone must follow it and kill it.
Everyone must work together for it to work! 

I just wish the assholes would step down from their high horse an realize everyone starts as a noob/beginner, nobody becoms an expert overnight. So please, be nice to the low-tourers. Show them what to do instead of giving them the cold shoulder.

Thank you.

For my final words on this I will quote someone I played with on MvM just a few nights ago:
“If the Engineer is doing a bad job, the Scout will have trouble getting all the money. If the Scout is doing a bad job, so is everyone else on the team”