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Taemin: It’s been 6 years since we first met, hasn’t it?

Onew: Taemin was just a kid then. You were wearing a school uniform and your hair was just like how a student’s should be. You really gave off such a gentle aura. I thought you were cute then.

Taemin: It’s different now, isn’t it?

Onew: Yeah. You’re different now. Not only are you cute, you have become manly now.

Taemin: (Victory pose) Usually, people who meet me for the first time say that I’m cute or that I seem easy to get along with since I smile a lot. I’m not supposed to say this myself, but I think usually they’re of good impressions.

Onew: I’ve been told that I look cold though…

Taemin: I think in your case, you leave different impressions in different situations. There are two sides to you after all. Your serious face leaves a strong impression. When you smile, the impression is completely different. The one who said that you look cold probably saw you when you weren’t smiling. Among the five of us, I think Jonghyun, Key, and you are those who might leave strong impressions.

Onew: I see. It’s probably like that.

(11 nov 2012) (source: Jille magazine. translated by red @

anon says: out of all the drables this takes the cake LOLOL “I don’t recall the last time I told my friends “bless you” when they sneeze. I just tell them to shut the fuck up.” and can you make it SHINEe’s Minho (with his extra ass sneeze)

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Being in the dressing room with the boys (minus Minho who ran not too long ago to the bathroom) as they did their makeup was the usual on Friday afternoon’s stage rehearsals. You were free from your office job then, and their manager gave you permission to walk in and out as you pleased. So you say with Jonghyun, looking over new haute couture releases from Seoul’s Fashion week on your phone as the others sat in front of mirrors getting their hair done.

Chatter was light and pretty mellow. For the most part, everyone was slowly burning out of energy and trying their best to maintain the little stamina they had left for the show to come within the next few hours.

In the rather low volumed room, the startling sound of Minho’s infamous sneeze nearly stopped your heart. The room went dead silent, everyone sharing the same surprised expression before Onew finally broke the silence, shouting a “Bless you!” out to Minho who yelled thanks from down the hallway – which resulted in everyone’s abrupt eruption of laughter.

“Why does he sneeze like that?” You’d say, turning your attention back to your cell. Jonghyun scoffed and shrugged in response.

“It’s a very manly sneeze.” Taemin practically mumbled from his chair with makeup artists hovered over him.

“What’s your definition of manly?” Key asked, looking over at him still laughing.

“It’s annoying.” You said, flipping over to the next clothing line collection. “He sneezed one time in the middle of the night and I practically shit myse –“ Another sneeze could be heard down the hall. His odd little howl at the end echoed and left Taemin and Key laughing harder than before. You glare at the door that led to the hallway Minho stood, fighting back laughter of your own. “He keeps scaring me. I swear he’s doing it on pur –“

Minho sneezed again, the echo louder this time as he approached the dressing room door. Taemin was practically in tears now. Jonghyun and Onew found themselves laughing purely at the fact that Taemin and Key were laughing so ridiculously hard at something they’ve long ago been used to. You couldn’t fight back the smile anymore, but the corners of your lips trembled as you fought back the laugh. “I swear to God if he sneezes one more ti –“

The door swung open and Minho let out another howling sneeze. “Oh my god, Minho, shut the fuck up!” Key, Taemin, Jonghyun, and Onew were laughing to their death bed.

“What?! I can’t sneeze anymore?!”

SHINee crossdressing
  • Onew: *clears throat* I'm manly
  • Taemin: *sexually confused*
  • Minho: *rapping in falsetto* dibidibidis my name is minho
  • Key: *brings out a mirror* I accidentally popped my pimple yesterday and let me teach you how to use this eyeliner that baekhyun recommended to me
  • Jonghyun: *angrily turns to camera* is this the reality you wanted

“i think being manly is being able to take care of others responsibly . knowing how to take care of yourself and others is what a real man is. the type of person who can say one word to another and be comforting.”  (celebrity magazine, september 2014 issue)

“onew hyung [is the most manly].  he is really manly, because he knows how to take good care of people.”  (140821, cultwo radio show)

taemin talks: being manly

Hi! Sorry for my bad english. I’m still doing my best in studing it. 
I’m used to be SM trainee, now i’m just a university student.
But as i was a k-pop fan I know fans ( just like me) want to know some stuff about what is it like to be a trainee and something about SM artists. 
It’s not lke i know a lot of information about them. But even among trainee there are gossips, so i will share with you.

 I’ve met only once Yunho. And he is really handsome. And he dated Go Ara.And as far as I know Yunho in contact with JYJ, but not Changmin. Changmin dated Lee Yoen Hee.

Super Junior

HeeChul in really great and i love him. Many people think that he is selfish but he was nice to trainees and gave us some advices.
ShinDong is bad. I don’t lke him. Once he came and told my friend (she is a lttle bit chubby) that she fat and should lose weight.Donghae only talk to boys. I don’t know why. But he never came to girls. Leeteuk dated Stephanie from The Grace.


I like Tiffany. She is lovely and gave us great advices. I came to the same gym as most of SNSD, some of them didn’t notce me. But Yuna talked to me a lot. She is nice. But somehow…trying too much to be a good girl with everyone. And i think (not sure) she dated Donghae. Yuri dated some guy from C.N.Blue. And Seohyun dated Changmin. By the way Seohyun is heally pretty but has very bad skin.

SNSD don’t have a good relationships. They are not friends. Not all at least. They are collegues. And SM tought us that we have to be at the first place collegues with each other. 


 The niciest guy in the group in my opinion is Minho. He talked to us and was very nice.  And he has a lot of trainee friends. And jonghyun too. He used to be friends with my friend’s ex boyfriend.

Key is gay and everyone knows it. There was one anti-gay trainee. He said a lot of mean things about Key. 


Krystal is sooo gossip girl. She went to us and always asked about who dating who, who we like. But she is fun. And if you ask she can introduce you to idol. She did it to one girl and then the girls was dating beast member. 

Sulli is nice. She is friends with some trainees. Luna and Amber too. 

Amber dated Kris. Before and i think after EXO debut. This is the fact that everyone know.

Luna dated a trainee. He is one of SM Rookies now.


Chanyeol dated my friend (she is not a close fried, just a friend). Before he looked a bit like a girl. Everyone made fun of this. And he hated it. Good that he became manly. 

Taemin and Sulli introdused Kai to Kara yangest member. And there was another Taemin-Kai friend, who was introdused to another young idol who is very popular now. This all didn’t work out, but other guys were jealous of them. Everyone knew it. 

Luhan dated a trainee girl. She was going to be a member of new SM girl group. But now it seems like she is not in the list of SM Rookies. 

Chanyeol, Sehun, Kai, Suho, Do used to be friends before debut. Some of them really hated Baekhyun and Chen. 

There was a rumor between us that one guy is gay. Now this guy in EXO. I still don’t know if he really gay or not.  

SHINee's Taemin Mention Boyfriend's Minwoo in his interview for The Celebrity Magazine September Issue!
  • Question: Boyfriend's Minwoo said his role model is Taemin and said, "He received attention for his young age and pretty looks. As time passes, he shows his process of becoming masculine and I think it's cool." How does it feel to be more manly as time passes?
  • Taemin: I'm thankful that he said it like that. But I'm not sure. I lose things easily. Just yesterday, I lost my cellphone and found it. I'm not glorifying the process; I experience many things and change as I live. Wouldn't Minwoo do the same? I think being manly is being able to take care of others responsibly . Knowing how to take care of yourself and others is what a real man is. The type of person who can say one word to another and be comforting. I want to be someone who can move people's hearts.
  • Translation Credit: kimchi hana @

              ( Taemin Interview for CreaStar Magazine Vol. 22) 

Q: Whenever you had problems playing the role of Lee Shin, do you try to sort things out yourself or are you the type who consults his senpai and members?

A: Whenever I feel troubled/worried, I usually think it over and continue on my own. Sometimes during hard times I talk to my friends afterwards and we try to come up with a solution together. I’ve only done this recently, though. Before I’m not really the type to talk to my friends about my worries.

Q: Who do you usually talk to?
A: EXO’s Kai, generally all my friends including those I met when I was preparing for debut.

Q: Despite being SHINee’s youngest, you have a manly air about you, but what does being manly mean to you?
A: I think it is someone who is able to generously have profound understanding. He’s able to express himself, not to show force/strength, but rather to show understanding towards his partner. He’s able to show consideration and convey his feelings properly. Someone with a big heart is someone who is manly for me. I think he should be someone who is confidently reliable.

(this maybe most of reasons why taemin called kai manly then.)


Taemin: On break, I went to Japan for a vacation with my friend & through that I came to love Japan even more.


MC: Kris, where do you want to go to in Japan?
Kris: onsen
Kai: I recommend Hakone.

(exo japan showcase) . cr: jongie .