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Well, You Know What They Say
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Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
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Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Shareen Costello
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They’ve got the moves.

@legendslikestardust​ June 26 prompt: “Well, you know what they say…”

The Doctor careered around a corner at the intersection of Billiards, the Flesh-Eating Plants Botanical Garden, and That Locked Room with the Strange Smell. He skidding in his stocking feet, having been relaxing in the library with a cup of tea and Volume II of the Annals of Ancient Klom. (A very interesting read. He’d marked his page.) The shriek from the direction of Rose’s bedroom had been bloodcurdling. It had been followed by a series of punctuated screams, what sounded like pounding on the floor, and then crying.

“Oh I reeeeeeally hope that Botran scorpion didn’t come out of his pre-feed coma. It has been forty-three months though. Very possible,” he muttered to himself.

The Doctor didn’t bother to knock. He aimed his sonic, and burst through her door (which wasn’t actually locked).

"Rose! I can explain–”

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so i uhh painted @fishschtickles cause they’re real dazzling

11/12 Strangers in Acrylic

Their First Fight

Scorpius and Rose first met when they were about four. He was sitting in a stroller in Diagon Alley, in Gringott’s bank. He was quietly sitting there, watching his father talk politely to a goblin, when he heard a voice laugh behind him.

“You’re too big for strollers!” The girl squealed. She could hardly contain herself. Her red curls moved about as she hugged her stomach and laughed.

“I am not!” He said, loudly, pouting.

“Are too,” she said, grinning at him. “How old are you?”

“Four and a half.”

“My Mummy says I’m big enough to walk and I’m only four. My baby brother Hugo uses a stroller and I get to push him,” she said proudly, puffing out her chest. Her mother was talking to another goblin in the desk beside them. Hugo sat calmly in his stroller, sucking his thumb.

“Well… Well… You’re just silly!” He shouted. “What do you know?”

Her eyes narrowed. He kept pouting at her.

“Baby,” she called him, sticking her tongue out.

“Scorpius, what’s all the fuss?” Draco Malfoy asked his son. Scorpius was never usually so angry. He noticed the little red-haired girl. “Oh, hello there.”

“Hi,” she said, a little scared by this strange, pale, tall person.

“You’re a Weasley, aren’t you?” He said this not as snootily as he used to, but Rose still felt he didn’t like Weasleys.

“Yes,” she said quietly, tugging on her mother’s pants.

“Rosie?” Hermione said, turning. “Oh hello, Draco.”

“Hello Hermione,” he said stiffly. “Who’s this?”

“This is Rose,” she introduced her daughter, gently patting her hair.

“He’s too big to be in a stroller,” Rose said, pointing.

“Sweetie, it’s okay. If he wants to be in a stroller, he can.”

“But he’s older than me.”

Hermione gave them both an apologetic look.

“Quite right, you are, Rose. I’ve been trying to get Scorpius to walk about more often, but he never does. He’s too old for it,” Draco agreed with a nod. He was warming up to this strong-hearted little girl. He supported his son 100%, but this was something he didn’t like. Astoria always thought it sweet that he rode around in the stroller, but Draco thought it wasn’t “manly”.

Rose smiled. She liked being right.

“Ahem!” A goblin said, getting their attention. “Mr. Malfoy, may I have your key?”

“Ah! Right,” he said, getting back to his conversation, as Hermione did.

“See? You should stand up like me! That way you can play and go where you want to.” Rose said to Scorpius.

The boy looked as though he might cry. Rose’s heart softened. She was suddenly concerned.

“No, no, don’t cry,” she said quietly. “I was only trying to be friendly.”

Tears ran down the little boy’s now red cheeks. Rose walked over and wiped them away with her little hands. “I’m sorry, Scorpius,” she whispered, hugging him.

He calmed down, sniffling and hugging her back. Scorpius looked into her very bright blue eyes, while Rose stared into his a gentle grey. Eventually, they said goodbye and left with their parents.

They never remembered the moment, years later when they were older and had begun dating, but Hermione and Draco did. Which was why, even though no one expected them to, they supported the couple wholeheartedly. Because after any fight, they’d always make up, hugging each other tightly. They would always look into each other’s eyes and feel at home and loved.

Rose Tyler Hates Love

The Doctor is appalled to discover that Rose Tyler doesn’t like marshmallows in her hot chocolate. 

861 words, Ten/Rose, absolute fluff, rated G
Part one of the Advent series that will run until Christmas. 

read it on ao3! 

The Doctor gaped at Rose, shock and horror welling within him and written on every inch of his face. He couldn’t quite credit what he was hearing. If it were true, he had been the victim of betrayal-most-foul.

“What did you say?”

“I said,” she explained, flipping a page of the magazine she was looking at, “I don’t like marshmallows in my hot chocolate.”

“But…I don’t…” he stammered, then rallied. “How could that be!?”

Rose shrugged, unconcerned by his distress. “I just don’t.”

“But Rose,” he tried to reason, coming to sit beside her on the jump seat. “Marshmallows are sweet little bits of heaven that float around in a sea of warm, delicious chocolate!”

“Very descriptive, Doctor. Well done.”

“It’s true!” he insisted.

She shrugged again, licking her finger (lucky finger) and flipping another page. “I think it’s gross.”

He stared at her for a few moments, nonplussed, then came to a resolution. He nodded in self-satisfied understanding. “Clearly you’ve never had it the right way.”

“No, that’s not it,” she said absently, still not looking at him, turning another page. “I had it every time it snowed when I was a kid. It was a tradition on Christmas Eve, too. We each had a mug, then left a mug out for Santa. I know well enough what I like and don’t like. I like the pouches - withoutthe hard little marshmallows inside.”

The Doctor was stricken, his hand brought to his chest in abject consternation. “Oh, Rose Tyler,” he lamented. “The next thing you’re going to tell me is that you made your hot cocoa with boiling water.”


The Doctor squawked in indignation - actually squawked. A manly squawk, but still…

Rose cracked a knowing smile at his expression. “What’s wrong, Doctor? You appear to be vexed.”

“You just… I can’t… Rose!” he finally managed, his eyes wide and shocked.

She blinked innocently. “What?”

“I should go have a talk with your mother. That’s…that’s…you don’t do that to someone you love!”

“Oi!” Rose sat up straight. “You sayin’ my mum didn’t love me?”

He crossed his arms. “Maybe she didn’t.”

“You take that back,” she growled. Rose’s brows formed a deep V between her eyes and he backed down, putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

“I’m just saying if she’d loved you the way you deserved, she’d have made your cocoa with milk.

She tossed her head. “Milk was expensive.”

He felt about three inches tall. He forgot, sometimes, that she’d had a difficult upbringing and money had been anything but plentiful. They’d fought for everything and hot cocoa was probably a big treat - however she got it. But Rose didn’t like to talk overtly about growing up poor, so he changed the subject.

Rather, took it back where he meant for it to be.

The Doctor shook his head in disbelief. “So you don’t like marshmallows at all?”

“No,” Rose said, as if he was a simpleton. “I like them just fine other ways. Like in trail mix or roasted over a fire. They’re lovely that way…when they’re a little crispy on the outside but all gooey in the middle. Mmm. Love that. It’s just in hot chocolate that I find them gross.”

“Why do you hate love, Rose? Because that’s all this is: a refutation of love. Marshmallows in hot cocoa are love.”

Rose snorted a laugh at his indignation. “It’s just in my nature, I suppose.”

“Blimey.” The Doctor sagged against the back of the jumpseat and let his arms droop, looking off into space. “You think you know a person…”

She finally looked up from her magazine. “You sayin’ you don’t know me anymore?”

He sat back up, agitated and animated. “I thought I did! But this revelation, Rose Tyler… this revelation has rocked me to the very core of my being.”

“Overreacting a bit, are we?”

“Not a bit,” he huffed, then he clapped his hands in front of him once. “Right. That does it. I’m taking you to Laimen III.”

“What’s Laimen III?”

He didn’t look at her when he answered, just continued his little dance around the console. “They have the best marshmallows in the known universe, and I’m certain that you’ll love them in your hot chocolate.”

She rolled her eyes. “Good luck with that.”

“We’ll see.” He winked, pushing forward the lever that would take them into time and space.

Rose still seemed unimpressed. “Yeah. We’ll see.”


The Doctor had Rose try multiple types of marshmallows in her hot chocolate, always finishing her cup when she turned her nose up after one sip. Despite visiting two other planets after Laimen III that specialized in Christmas, cold, snowy weather, and chocolate beverages, Rose was steadfast in her dislike of marshmallows in hot chocolate.

She did discover, however, that she liked a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top of her cocoa, preferably with chocolate syrup drizzled over the top of it.

The Doctor was pleased with this. He was willing to compromise, after all. And the marshmallows in the TARDIS were henceforth used - entirely appropriately - as projectiles during the boring bits of films.

Special (Taehyung x Reader)

Requested by anon: Hi! Can I request a scenario where you’re dating Taehyung and it both of yours first relationships, and it’s your 1 year anniversary and you share your first time together~(obviously both are virgins) and he is really nervous and stuff. Also write it in a way that you could really imagine the whole thing be like with Taehyung n_n thank you! (if you want to then I would die of happiness if you could also include the morning after T_T)

[[A/N: Quite short but I hope you like it ^^]]


You unlocked the front door with your key, sighing with relief that you were finally home. To your surprise you hadn’t opened the door to your boyfriend welcoming you in open arms … In fact, he was nowhere in sight. You slid your shoes off and unzipped your coat before entering and closing the door behind. Taking a couple of steps, you could hear rustling but hadn’t realised where it came from. You looked down at your feet. Underneath laid a small note that read ‘Come and get me’. It was definitely Taehyung’s handwriting but you couldn’t quite make out what he meant by ‘come and get me.’ Was it possible that he had a surprise for your anniversary? Or did he forget all about it?

Either way you were still curious about the note’s initial meaning. Okay, maybe you were overlooking it a lot but you couldn’t help it. Watching carefully where you were walking you found another note, however this one said ‘Keep looking’ as if he knew that you would eventually get impatient. One thing was for sure - Taehyung was definitely in the house. The only problem was figuring out where he was. Perhaps, it was possible that he was hiding. Many rose petals laid on the floor indicating a path to direct you to wherever Taehyung was hiding. The last note was placed right at the door of your bedroom ‘You’re almost there’ you slowly pushed the door open attentively observing the room. It was absolutely beautiful. Dim candle lights illuminated the room along with rose petals scattered on the bed. Well, they seemed scattered yet they were delicately placed to form a heart shape. The room was still empty. Where was he?

A set of arms wrapped themselves around your waist - startling you ever so slightly, you felt him snuggle his nose into your neck “Happy anniversary jagiya” so he did remember …

 “Tae-tae, this is - I’m speechless - komawo - I don’t know what to say”

 He broke from the hug causing you to turn your attention completely on him, he pointed at his cheek to let you know he wanted a peck. As you tiptoed to peck his cheek, he unexpectedly turned his head so that your lips would land on his own. He cupped your face with his hands to deepen the kiss and to bring you closer to him. You felt you’re cheeks getting hotter by the second. For a moment, just for a moment your hands were urging to rip his clothes off. You didn’t actually find the courage to do it but you were thinking about it so much that you’re body stiffened a little.

He hesitantly took his lips off yours “I was thinking that we could go to a restaurant or visit the place where we had our first date”

You shook your head “Aniyo, let’s just stay here besides it’s getting really late” 

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion “But … but I even dressed up for the event. Do you not like what I’m wearing?” 

You smirked analysing his outfit you never realised he was wearing a suit “I love it, you look very good and very manly but …”

 His eyebrows rose “Uh-oh. But what?” 

You lowered your voice “You’d look so much better with completely nothing on” 

His eyes widened. You were afraid that there was a possibility that you had traumatised him 

“Nothing on? You mean like naked? Completely naked?” 

You giggled nervously “Ne” 

Surprisingly, he reacted quite well to it and a mischievous smile swept across lips. The light aided you to just about make out that his eyes were dilating and darkening “Saranghae” he muttered and you grabbed his tie pulling him closely towards you leading him to lightly chuckle. You planted gentle kisses along his jawline as your fingers worked on undoing his tie. He helped you out a little bit by starting to unbutton his shirt exposing his skin to allow even more skin ship to take place. You stopped kissing his jawline to take off your upper garment - leaving your bra on. He pressed his body closer to yours. Hands shakily making their way to the hook of your bra, he did struggle a bit with taking off your bra 

“Are you okay?” you whispered. 

He hummed in response, evidently too concentrated to talk.

Finally, he had freed your breast from the clutches of the laced fabric on your bra. By curiosity his hand carefully held your breasts, allowing himself to familiarise himself with the texture by massaging them with light squeezes meanwhile you fumbled with his zipper, pulling both his fine couture trousers and boxers down leading him to kick them off his feet when they reached to the bottom. He placed his hands on your waist taking a moment to admire you before tugging down on your pencil-skirt and then later moving on to tugging your underwear.

“Ah kyeopta” he smiled at the mini designs on your underwear making you embarrassed to a certain extent.

He gently placed you on the bed, hovering over you for a second. It was clear that you both had absolutely no idea what you were doing but regardless, it was still fun to experience something totally new. Hot waves of excitement flowed throughout your body at the thought of experiencing your first time with your boyfriend. Taehyung subtly positioned himself at your core. Pushing himself inside you concentrating on how he felt. It was like an amazing discovery to feel himself inside you. He made sure to softly thrust into you so that you wouldn’t feel any pain. It still puzzled you that Taehyung was a virgin, he knew exactly how to make love to you without hurting you at all. He was so good that he had you practically moaning within the first few seconds. Sure, there were shaky touches, shaky breaths and a slightly shaky bed but other than that - everything appeared to be perfect. Suddenly, you seemed to appreciate the beauty of everything - that was how good he was.

There came a point where Taehyung fastened his pace to a moderate speed. His low grunts overtook the sound of your soothing moans. It happened so quickly yet both of your bodies seemed to have had its energy drained to exhaustion. With one last thrust he let himself release into you causing your muscles to spasm as your walls clenched around him at the weird sensation stirring at the pit of your stomach. He slowly pulled himself out and laid next to you, spooning you whilst snuggling his face into your neck and pulling a blanket over your bodies. Too tired to say a word you both fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up feeling extremely pleased with all the effort Taehyung had made last night. You turned around to face him but he was still sleeping therefore you pressed your lips against his forehead “I love you” 

He must have felt your presence because he replied back huskily “I love you too.”

-admin blxnktae  

fic: some you win, some you lose

Ten/Rose, post-Age of Steel


The atmosphere on the TARDIS was strained for a few days after Mickey chose to stay in the parallel world. Once she’d spent some time with her Mum, Rose returned to the ship and wandered around a bit aimlessly, feeling too restless to wallow in bed, too guilty to seek out the Doctor’s company.

He seemed to be under the impression that she needed a break from travelling, needed to spend some time suspended in the vortex to work through her feelings. In reality, that was the last thing she needed. She kept hinting at him that she’d prefer to just get back out there and see the world, the universe, to take her mind off of quite effectively pushing her once best mate away so spectacularly that she’d never ever see him again.

But he didn’t believe her, and made up some excuse about the TARDIS needing rest and recuperation. Consequently, the Time Lord had been stuck under the console for the best part of three days, and Rose was bored, lonely, and feeling a little too emotionally fragile for her liking. She wasn’t used to it, didn’t like it, and wanted to pretend she was fine. And the Doctor - bloody good at doing exactly that himself, she knew - was unfairly not indulging her in that desire. He kept looking at her with sympathy in his eyes and a sad smile on his face, too.


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lyndzayaa  asked:

Ten Minute Prompt: Ten and Rose play Mario Kart and end up having a ticking fight over Rose beating ten

“It’s a classic, Rose,” he said defensively, staring down at his copy of Mario Kart. “A signed copy by the game developer. I got it, in, oh…” He ran a hand through his hair thoughtfully. “My fourth body? I think? Anyways, yes, this is a very prestigious game across the galaxy.”

Rose laughed, snuggling up closer to him. “I should get sick more often, then. I love Mario Kart.”

He frowned. “Don’t get sick more often! Being sick is awful! You’ve been all sneezy and cough-y and… Er… Sick-y.”

She rolled her eyes. “I was kidding. Anyways, put it in. I’m going to beat you.”

At the start of the game, he was in the lead. He was playing as Bowser (“because he looks so cool! He’s like a dinosaur, but not quite a dinosaur!”) and she was Princess Peach. 

“FIRST PLACE, ROSE TYLER!” he screamed in delight, swerving his entire body to the right as his character leaned to the right. “BEAT THAT!”

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so here’s my fan art of rose quartz let’s stop bullying here seriously… It’s ridiculous the amount of people that do bullying to artist cause they do something you don’t like, artists are not tools we have feelings and it hurts when there’s a lot of hate coming for nothing… I’m skinny and here’s my manly version of rose , with beard, skinny , and as man

Still Got It - DDR au

Ship: Percy x Annabeth
Word Count: 1.9k
Rating (using’s ratings): K+

Prompt: “it started as one game of ddr in a games acarde/convention and turned into a two hour long battle and i wont let you wiN” from this post

Author: bandanabeth


         The first thing Percy noticed as he stepped into the stuffy 90s style arcade was the Dance Dance Revolution machine in the far left corner of the room. He was half-expecting a fifty foot line wrapping around the room because that’s always been the case every time he’s been there. However, today, the machine was lonely. Not to brag, but Percy used to be pretty good at the game, even had his name on the high score list when he was younger. Now? Well, Percy was an uncoordinated heap of a man that could trip over an ant on the sidewalk.

        Percy obviously had to play.

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