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The new art is a big deal

First of all, this official art is absolutely stunning. 

But I couldn’t help but notice the white skates. And yes, I can see that tights are covering them, so the real colour of the actual skate can’t really be seen, but this also represents so much. 

Figure skating is a pretty homophobic and sexist sport. Particularly in the time when young Viktor would have been skating. Girls were meant to be flouncy and pretty and graceful (which is partially why Surya Bonaly had such a hard time and ended up doing the illegal backflip - it’s a really interesting story), and men athletic and manly. 

A huge point of this is that women have to wear white skates, and men have to wear black skates. So, young Viktor, who canonically says he used to play off his androgynous appearance, is wearing ‘white skates’, ladies skates, probably, I think, to make a point. We know from the extra information in one of the BD releases that he doesn’t have a particularly good relationship with the ISU, so maybe this is partly why. It’s pretty damn rebellious against the patriarchy for him to be doing this. 

And perhaps this is reaching, but…

Look at the two crowns. In his younger self, the flowers are smaller and are white like his skates, symbolising innocence and purity. But in his older self, with short hair and black skates, the flowers are golden and taller, representing his victory. We can also see a difference in the colouring of his clothing, his younger self with warm colours, and his older self with cold colours, blue, representing sadness. His colour’s been stripped away from his soul, and finds itself in his crown, in his success. 

I see a powerful message here, about a boy who tried to beat the system but tragically became a part of it once he started winning. 

Or maybe it’s just a really cute art… who knows… But with the amount of symbolism within the anime, some lowkey message put here intentionally like this wouldn’t be too far out of the realms of possibility. 


I wanted to draw/sketch/design a genderbend Kakashi..,
excuse me for having fun.

ow.. and I didn’t want to do it like a “sexy-no-jutsu” thing..
cuz we allll know… sexy-no-jutsu Kakashi wouldn’t look any different from regular Kakashi.
He is already Sexy-no-jutsu incarnate!

some Ravi headcanons

•  I imagine he always smells very nice and manly
•  to the point of having multiple people asking about the cologne that he’s wearing
•  which probably leads to you hugging him for what seems like hours bc it’s so intoxicating
•  and you stealing his clothes
•  bc even if you wash them a million times, they’d still somehow have that signature ‘Wonshik’ scent lingering on them
•  not that he ever gets mad about that tho
•  bc dang how can anyone look that attractive in a big ass hoody while eating cereal
•  he’ll let you babysit Butt when he knows he’ll be working at the studio for a while
•  and still gets jealous when he cuddles with you instead of him
•  “I’m your dad wtf…………y/n, you keep stealing everything from me is2g”
•  speaking of working in the studio
•  this man will work some magic on his new tracks if you’re there to inspire him
•  cannot and will not go to sleep once he feels the engines working in his brain again
•  ugh this sucks so much bc you’d just wanna spend some time with him and Butt, esp when he’s supposed to have days off
•  but it’s all worth it when he sits you down and plays his new track
•  lots of kissing in the studio when no one’s around I am 100% down with this idea
•  but you’re still scarred from that one time Jaehwan caught yall
•  “lmao oops I guess this isn’t the restroom……I guess I got lost again……….I guess I should leave now :’)”
•  when you’re trying to go on a public date and be all incognito, he’ll give you one of his big hats and face masks so yall could be low key
•  and tbh this a bad idea bc everyone could see 2 penguins approaching and they’d know
•  sometimes he puckers his lips when he’s thinking or writing
•  and you’re like ?? Is this an invitation for me to kiss you all suddenly without asking bc I can’t help myself  ????
•  I’m not saying he’ll hold your hand and cry during dramas but that’s exactly what I’m saying
•  like he laughs when you laugh
•  gasps when you gasp
•  suffers in silence as you both try to hold in your tears
•  there are times when he likes to sit in the dark all by himself and just thinks
•  threw a shoe at you one time bc you got in late and he thought you were a burglar
•  and spent the whole night apologizing / laughing about it bc he never thought to turn on the light
•  “like I don’t understand why you wanna live in the dark”
•  Wonshik giggles when you run your fingers over his stubble bc he rarely grows it out
•  having endless nights of playing board games and drinking
•  probably cries if he lost at Life or Monopoly
•  btw he’ll always want to be the car
•  letting you wear his best and most expensive headphones when listening to his music “to get the real experience u feel me”
•  he constantly tells you that he’s thankful to be with you and my hEart can’t take it he’s so genuine
•  “you drive me crazy but in the best way. I wanna push you off a cliff sometimes, but Butt would never forgive me, so I guess you’re stuck with me forever lol”
•  won’t let go until he’s poured out his heart and left at least 28 kisses on your lips
•  keep this soft hearted man with you 5ever 💗

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“I hope the human likes this puzzle! I worked so hard on it!”
“I’m sure they will bro.”

I drew this a little bit ago and had forgotten to post it with my move going on and all. We’ve also been pretty slow here lately, so here you go! Skelebros! Aren’t they just adorable?

I have some mini-comics that answer an ask we got a bit ago coming out for RB soon! They are almost done and I hope you guys like it. It’s just coming along slowly due to life currently. Thank you for your patience~

I wish we could push comics out faster but we don’t draw super fast sadly. And we’ve tried doing less detailed or colorless comics but we can never seem to be happy with them. We gotta make them all pretty and detailed and it takes longer because of that. I swear we need clones!

~ Sol

To be honest, pilot John Watson looks as horny as a sexually deprived buffalo.

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External image

John out for the hunt with shirt unbuttoned for more emphasis on his intentions, also undershirt visible the old-fashioned manly way to point at the raw unceremonious fuck that is promised

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The subtlety of platonic affection right there  *the beast inside me roars verses of eternal friendship*

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seriously what THE FUCK is this come to papa Sherly boy let’s see how accurate your deductions were

I mean, isn’t this frankly a little creepy like  he’s climbin in your windows
he’s snatchin your people up…

I think they were going to make John a five continents Watson instead of three but they eventually realised it was a bit too much, that’s why John now wears 5 jumpers and 3 jackets one over the other


A spade (spadille), or the ace of spades, is normally the highest card in the deck of playing cards. Forcenturies in popular legends, it is also known as the death card, the spade of the grave-digger, and the symbol of death. In FM, the Symbol of Mortality is represented with a spade, a coffin, and an open grave.

If we explore the etymology of the word spade, we will find it is composed of the words “spa and de.” The meaning of the root word spa is “to draw”; from the Greek orcaw, “to draw, or draw out.” The meaning of de is down, down from, and off, that the word spade means to draw down or draw out and down, or draw from the down.

Manly P. Hall had said the spade is actually related to our own anatomy being that of our spinal column, and the sacrum bone. This will all start to make sense to you once you realize that the highest degree in FM is the 33rd, there are 33 turns in a complete sequence of human DNA, and the human vertebral column usually consists of 33 vertebrae.

The English word sacrum is derived from the full Latin expression os sacrum, a translation of Ancient Greek ἱερόν ὀστέον, attested in the writings of Greek physician Galen. Both os and ὀστέον mean bone, and sacrum and ἱερόν mean holy or sacred. Formerly the os sacrum was called holy bone. The human sacrum bone is known as the “holy bone” for a reason. It is a large, triangular bone that looks very similar to the symbol of the spade. It is located at both the base of the spine between our two hip bones with the coccyx (tailbone), and also at the top of our spine which connects with the last lumbar vertebra, and its lower part. The sacrum bone normally forms from five unfused vertebrae at birth and they begin to fuse together between the approximate ages of 16–18 years old, and by the age of 33-34 years it fuses into one bone that looks just like a spade.

Manly Hall had written; “He sees in the spade, which has for ages been the symbol of death, a certain part of his own anatomy. If you will again turn to the picture of the spade, you will see, if you have ever studied anatomy, that the grave digger’s spade is the spinal column, and the spade-shaped piece which is used on the deck of cards, is nothing more nor less than the sacrum bone.”

The spinal column is like a serpent that directly is connected to the brain, DNA and central nervous system. For a person to rise above their lower animal selves and emotions in order to reach the 33rd vertebrae to the house of illumination in their brain, they can then become an illuminated Gnostic. This is when an initiate uses his brain to control his body, emotions and animals self to then operate at the 33rd degree by properly activating his or her DNA, spinal column and central nervous system to become a master of thyself and thyworld. The Number 33 is a Master Number that is also the Master Teacher. The master Jesus was crucified at Golgotha (place of the skull) at age 33 in the year 33 A.D. There are 788,280 words in the King James Bible, and if you add the number 7+8+8+2+8+0 = 33.
In the occult, 33 is also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33.

The God Amen, Amon, or Jupiter Ammon was an ancient Egyptian, and Greco Egyptian Gnostic Deity who is known as the God of Truth, The hidden one, Lord of the visible and the invisible worlds, and the mysterious soul of the universe which reveals itself in light.

In the middle of the brain is part of the temporal lobe called the Ammon’s horn (Amuns Horn) or the hippocampus. In neuroanatomy, Ammon’s horn is a metaphor that relates to the gods and the brain. Ammon’s horn and the gyrus. Ammon’s Horn, or the hippocampus plays one of the most important roles in the consolidation of information from short-term memory tolong-term memory and spatialnavigation.

As Plato had said, déjà vu is an actual real memory of events, and that all learning is remembering. When a person becomes awakened, or illuminated to these past memories and lives, they have connected to their spade in the sacrum bone, 33 degrees all the way up to their higher power to the God of Truth and hidden one that we know in reality is our Ammon’s horn (hippocampus), using their spine which is sometimes called the kundalini, and their chakras, AKA nervous system.

Hall had further written on the holy sacrum bone stating; “This bone forms the base of the spinal column, and is also the spear of the Passion. Through it and the form which pierce it, pass the roots of the spinal nerve, which indeed are the roots of the Tree of Life. It is the center through which are nourished and fed the lower vertebrae of the spine, and the sacrum and energies it has reached its present proportions.”

These energies control your lower animal body, and organs such as your genitals through the sacrum bone and sacral nerves. The sacral regions of the spinal cord are called the peripheral nerves. There are five pairs of spinal nerves which exit the sacrum and connect to the central nervous system that supply the thighs and lower parts of the legs, the feet, most of the external genital organs, and the area surrounding the anus.

This is why the symbol of the spade is known as the death card, the spade of the grave-digger, and the symbol of death. If you concentrate all your energies in the sacral regions of the spinal cord, you are essentially living like an animal controlled by your sexual pleasures and animal passions such as sex, food, alcoholism, drugs, sports etc. You have essentially killed your own Christ at Golgotha (place of the skull) within because you have not raised your energies 33 degrees to your higher self. You are not truly illuminated or enlightened, and your souls evolution has met with death in this life, symbolized by the spade or death card.

Manly Hall; “This point has been beautifully symbolized by the grave digger’s spade, which has been used by the brothers of many mystic organizations for ages. The currents and forces working through these lower spinal nerves must be transmuted and lifted upward to feed the altar fire at the positive or upper end of the spine.”

~G.N - Manly Hall

drabble | valentine’s kiss

Summary: Whether it was due to the season or just Riley’s thoughts about their new defined relationship, a second kiss was bound to happen sooner or later. [AO3] 

She remembered wanting to kiss him again after their date at the movies, once they were officially together, but she didn’t do it; still too conscious of the idea of kissing him.

But she did keep on thinking about it until Valentine ’s Day arrived.

Being the fuzzy goof ball she was, she had organized a secret friend exchange, and after the trades had been made, she announced to Lucas she had gotten something specifically for him.

She ignored the responses she got from her friends at her request, and extended her arm to Lucas so she could lead them both to a more private place. For a moment, Lucas stared at her before drifting his gaze to her extended hand, only briefly, then taking it and make his way out alongside with her.

They were in the benches outside Topanga’s. Surprisingly, it was a slow night so there was no one outside, perhaps it had something to do with the chill air; but it came to be helpful since what they wanted was privacy.

Riley motioned Lucas to sit, so he did, still curious as to what his girlfriend was about to tell him. He waited, but she kept on fidgeting and avoiding his gaze…

She was biting her lip and her hand still held his, so he let her; just waiting for a moment as he took her in.

“I’ve got a present for you” she finally broke the silence, calling the texan’s attention back to reality.

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Hi! Can request that class 1-A reacts to Deku actually being really muscular, thinking he would be the thinner one of the bunch? ❤

This precious and HUNKY cinnamon roll needs all the loves! ❤ ❤

 I hope you like what I came up with!  (*´σ з < ) ~ ❤

Midoriya, Izuku

“Bakugo, my boy! You didn’t have to go that far!!” All Might gasped out, taken back by all the smoke the boy’s last explosion had produced, their teacher thinking putting Midoriya and Bakugo against one another again a good idea. Bakugo would do anything to win and that need to win would only multiply when Midoriya was involved. He had to beat stupid Deku! So, of course, the second the hothead found an opening he took that opportunity instantly and sent his fists sparking into the other making contact wherever. Midoriya knew that each fight he had with Kacchan, he would only increase in strength but still he faced the other head on, One For All flowing throughout his body. But against someone who had many years to train and enhance their quirk, Midoriya still had a long way to go.

The smoke began to clear and the green haired boy was lifting up off the floor, rubbing at the back of his fluffy, messy head. “Jeez Kacchan…. I gotta get another uniform—!!” Midoriya muttered while dusting himself off, his back towards his classmates.The second he turned around to face the other who attacked him with a powerful blast, his shirt practically crumbled to dust, leaving his upper body exposed entirely. Midoriya was thin but his clothes hid his incredibly toned, ripped body. Defined pecks and rippling abs. He had been focusing more on his arms over the summer and it was surely paying off, all thanks to the strict training All Might gave him.

Uraraka’s face slowly became red hot, she always liked Deku but getting to see this part of him was too much! “Oh wow… I didn’t think he looked like THAT!” Mina gasped out, her already pink cheeks darkening, pointing over at Midoriya but looking over to the quiet blushing girls, Asui and Jiro, who were not sure what to say to this situation. Momo averted her eyes, but the blush still bright on her cheeks, she thought he was impressive but how could she say so?

“He has so moved up on the boyfriend list…” Hagakure admitted and Ojiro laughed at her remark. Aoyama went off on how much more dazzling he was then Deku, making Koda smile quietly to himself, happy about everyone’s great spirits. Even if it was over such a topic.

“WOW! MIDORIYA IS ACTUALLY HELLA MANLY!” Kirishima pointed out, the manliness of his classmates making him proud, Sero agreed with his usual wide smile on his face. Kaminari and Mineta sulked under a gloomy aura behind the chatty class, how could they fall so far behind Midoriya! Sato, Shoji, and Tokoyami just watched everyone chatter with one another, they already knew their classmate was great with no need to see his body.

Bakugo glared, he had seen the weakling be a stick he could easily snap his whole life and now he was this. “Tch!” He scoffed loudly stomping out of the arena, “I’m still way bigger and stronger than that shitty nerd!”

“Bakugo! Refrain from destroying school property and tarnishing our class’s good name!!” Iida went off once Bakugo was close enough, he was used to his friend’s appearance, actually training with him on occasion. Along side Todoroki who would also join the two other boys for work out sessions, stayed quiet. He was confused about everyone’s sudden interest, Midoriya had been like this the whole time, why were they just noticing now.

All Might watched his class with a proud smirk before giving the confused blushing freckled boy a thumbs up. ‘Izuku…..when did you become so coooooool!?’

link, whose hands shook for every particular reason (and yes, especially that one), skin stretched tight against an abstract skeleton, a golden band running anxiously up and down and around the fourth of his digits (sharp and attractive things you’d want to weave into your own), deft and delicate, halting at elegant points – less “manly,” more man.

link, whose lips bore the product of a painter who’d never bothered to blend the spaces between the colors, a sharp V that attracted any complimenting pair, most often pursed in confusion or yanked up by strings to play a fleshy border for commercial-white canines – the perfect puppeteers for competitive coyness, pretty and pink-lemonade-sweet.

link, whose hair glossed up and down and around again, framing and then revealing smooth, airbrushed skin which tanned respectfully beneath its soft dark-chocolate border, rarely changing, never seeking risk, slick and similar every passing day, soft at the graces of a sweet-intentioned brush of a hand –  contemporary and part of him.

link, whose eyes refuged deep and shadowed beneath his brow, and yet did not care to be modest in their brilliance, hue a distinct beryl sea, flashing whenever they wanted to, twinkling as they smirked, shimmering amongst the glare of square caramel frames – frames which often admitted to housing dust or standing on the verge of compromise, frames which provided him a label, frames which distinguished him in comparison to his companion.

link, who belonged to his companion in every way, a metallic moonshine at the risk of an aurelian, curling sun. link, who resembled the gray tide, a cliche flirt against the plush and twinkling shore. link, who could be sour and sweet in the same bite, twirling sticks of orange rock candy between his fingers. link, who’d leave a room’s air electrically conducted and a spool of blond thread tangled, altering the chemistry of the space. link, who’d be shaking later, plucking a dirt-yellow strand from between a golden band and the fourth of his digits.

link, who’d never felt like that before.

link, who couldn’t possibly feel anything but like that ever again.

link, who would now belong to his companion in every way.

link, whose hands shook for every particular reason.

(and, inevitably, this one.)

It says on Kirishima’s Bio that he likes everything that’s manly, He’s always pointing how manly kacchan is THEREFORE by my calculations, this must be his situation right now

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Do you like Lasswell and Charlotte as a couple? After playing her sidequest, I think they might be cute together!

Hmm… not as a romantically involved couple, no.

For me, their sidequest came out of nowhere and only sort of made sense. I think I would have liked it more if they’d continued focusing on that bond Lasswell and Charlotte have as fellow warriors and close friends before really trying to introduce her as his love interest. I also felt it was a little rushed in because at that point, the player was supposed to clue in that Fina Definitely Has Feelings for Rain (which I personally find a little creepy in some ways) and so apparently “Lasswell Needs Someone Too” had to come up. Maybe I would have warmed up to the idea of her being a romantic interest for him if 1, she were to join the party for their adventure and 2, I didn’t already get the strong feeling that Lasswell is kinda gay (he makes a few comments here and there, especially in that first mission with Siren and then in a conversation during the Shiva quest).

His apparent cluelessness does not help bc like… she clearly likes him, but he seemed like he was being sincere and polite and not at all purposefully flirting. That kind of thing needs to be cleared up quickly. Have like.. Lid come and whap him upside the head, yelling “you idiot, she’s iNTO YOU. SHE’S GOT A CRUSH.” otherwise there’ll be Problems.

And finally, I think Lasswell needs to really sort out his feelings for Rain (be they romantic or otherwise) before we start to delve into a romantic plot.

Game of Hearts / Taehyung angst

Genre: angst 

Type: Drabble

Prompt: He was going to propose to her.

She was going to break up with him. 

Word count: 691 

Authors note: So finally! I wrote something. This is just a short drabble inspired by the prompt above. I hope you enjoy it (also I apologise for any mistakes since this is unedited)

Taehyung swayed on his feet as the pair of you walked into the extravagant restaurant, the gentle, soothing melody of the violin swimming in the air. He relished the sight of you whilst settling at the table that was reserved for the both of you. You wore a tight fitting black dress that accentuated every curve and inch of your body. Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes of off you; 3 years had passed by since he first met you, yet somehow at this very moment, Taehyung still felt the same sensation he stumbled across that day 3 years ago. Your gaze met his from across the table.

“Tae… is there something on my face?” He reached over and laced his fingers through yours.

“No it’s just that you look ravishing.” your head angled away at his comment. Your hands were raging hot and clammy beneath his and you squirmed uncomfortably in your seat. Taehyung seemed to notice the ever so slight aversion of your eyes and the occasional lick of your lips, yet they were disregarded as butterflies of his own danced through his body.

“Welcome to ’lights and candles’! My name is Jungkook and I will be your waiter for tonight. Here are your menus, take your time  with choosing, then call me over. I will be over there in that corner.” The waiter had dark brown hair with front bangs which seemed to suit him very well. His large doe eyes were alight with a youthfulness similar to Taehyungs, although much like Taehyung, Jungkook emanated manliness. He pointed  a long, slender finger towards a dark corner through the dim lighting before gracefully shuffling away.

“What will you be having tonight?” Taehyung asked, his voice light and airy. “I think i’ll be getting a consommé.” Your eyebrows slightly rose at his choice. ‘He usually picks something simple’ you thought, nonetheless you chuckled softly and questioned him.

“What is consommé?” You mimicked his posh french with your own poorly developed one, making him childishly chortle in delight.

“Oh how I love it when you speak French and consommé,” Taehyung corrected, “is a French soup with rich stock melted into it.” You wanted to laugh at his description but the lump in your throat seemed to restrict you.

“I think i’ll just get a ravioli.” You said.

Taehyung lifted a hand in the air and motioned that he was ready to order. In an instant, Jungkook appeared with a clean and crisp notepad and pen.

“Can we order one consommé and one ravioli please?” The young man nodded.

“Right your dishes should be ready in 10 minutes.”

Taehyung was fiddling with his fingers and his eyes held faint excitement. His heart thumped against his ribcage in painful strikes; he didn’t want them to be painful but they were. His adams apple bobbed up and down as his plate was set in front of him.

“Thank you.” Both you and Taehyung mumbled, awfully in sync. Taehyung had started eating, but his fingers were itching to run to his pockets. It was a brief, solid second later when his cutlery fell onto his plate with a clink; there was too much adrenaline rushing through him.

“Y/N I need to ask you something.” You gulped some water in a vain attempt to hydrate your dry throat.

“Taehyung can I tell you something first?” Wrinkles were painting itself onto his forehead.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” Taehyung muttered, genuine worry trailing his words.

“Actually, i-it’s nothing Tae.” You lied easily, shoving the thoughts in your mind far, far away.

“Y/N,” You gave him a faux smile. “We have been through so much together. You know that right? And you know that I love you more than words can describe? I know that the bond we share is unbreakable and that there’s something so special about us. I want to spend my entire life with you Y/N. Will you marry me?” He was on one knee, in his hand sat a red velvet case with the most beautiful ring in it.

“Taehyung,” You whispered, warm salty tears threatening to pour down in streams, “I can’t do this anymore.”

Your fave is problematic...and so is everyone else.

     Before social media, the only definition that I knew of for the word “problematic” was ‘posing a problem or difficulty’. Now, the definition seems to be a bit clear, ranging from “highly offensive” to “I don’t like what this person has said”.

     There are several Tumblr accounts dedicated to problematic celebrities (“Your Fave is Problematic” is one of them”) and I’m just like…well, aren’t we all?

     Let me not generalize. I’m sure that there are some people on Earth who have never said ANYTHING remotely racist, sexist/misogynistic, ableist, ageist, transphobic, homophobic, or anything that disparages any set of people anywhere.  I haven’t met that person yet.

     I pride myself on being a fairly decent person. I try not to be casually offensive. If I do say something offensive, I make it clear that it’s purely in jest. But, like many people, there have been a few times where I’ve said something that I wasn’t even AWARE was offensive. For instance, for years, I’ve made fun of Wendy Williams. I’ve called her the Cowardly Lion, Michael Strahan, Wendell Williams, etc. I’ve also made jokes about her looking manly. Someone pointed out that that’s transphobic. Now, even though they explained to me why they felt that way, I STILL don’t get how it’s transphobic, but I stopped joking about that because, it’s not a big deal. I’d rather just end the jokes than to offend someone to prove a point.

     My point is a LOT of us are “problematic”. We’re all human, we all make mistakes. Hell, we may not even be making a mistake. Sometimes offensive shit is just funny. I’ve laughed at things that made me want to run for the nearest Bible or set of rosary beads. We’re not innocent.

     This isn’t to excuse hate speech or violent words. But to dedicate entire blogs, Twitter accounts, thinkpieces to whine about the fact that a celebrity isn’t 100% PC 24/7, is a bit pointless and ridiculous. And DIGGING up old tweets from celebrities to whine about stuff that they’ve said in the past is even more ridiculous, and a bit bizarre.