manly men being manly

imagine next family day at samwell, and let’s say bitty still hasn’t come out to his parents, so you have both bittles visiting the haus, and bitty made the team swear they wouldn’t out him-

but the team is feeling pretty uncharitable towards those people who make their beloved captain so nervous. 

imagine, if you will, nursey and dex, who in reality are not dating, but spend the day cuddling, calling each other pet names and kissing, where the bittle parents can see them. and all the other players being supportive,

what can the bittles say about those giant manly sport men being gay and accepted by other giant manly sport men?? well whatever they have to say, tango is about to discover it because he doesn’t stop with the questions ‘is it true what they say about georgia being intolerant? you’re not like that, are you, right, mr and mrs bittle? bitty is so nice and kind and accepting, you must be lovely people!’

and of course, they brought up the big guns. they brought up shitty.

imagine, if you will, the bittle parents watching the SMH hockey match, sitting next to a lawyer bro explaining homophobia and toxic masculinity at them. 


I have a feeling Kurogane and Kusanagi on a trip together being manly manly men would kill you Nick. Just think of all the flexing arms.

I am fine with this

If I had to pick a way to go, I DON’T SEE A DOWNSIDE TO THIS SCENARIO

anonymous asked:

Is Oikawa popular all around at his school or is it just with his fangirls? Is Iwaizumi more popular with the guys than Oikawa is?

i think (until you get to know him) oikawa comes off as just a fairly likeable, chill guy, so i think people like him, but i doubt guys are half as interested in oikawa as his fangirls. i think he’s really popular with girls in his school, even the ones who aren’t crazy about him, because he’s very polite and enjoys talking to them, but i think guys are either like “oh, that guy, with the fangirls” and roll their eyes at him, OR they’re just kinda like “yeah, whatever, oikawa is oikawa”

but i think iwa kind of is a… idk, a symbol of masculinity? or at least he comes off that way. i, personally, headcanon him as having a lot of traits that aren’t stereotypically masculine and i feel like he’s certainly not invested in being overly masculine, but the fact is, he really is. you have characters like hanamaki and kyoutani trying to prove themselves by beating him, so he’s like… the golden standard of strength and manliness. probably for a lot of people. i’ve always liked the thought that iwa is amazing at most sports, so sometime other teams will ask him to fill in during casual practices or if the volleyball team is taking a break that day.

so i think a lot of guys would try to prove themselves just by being friends with iwa, making him insanely popular with guys. of course, i don’t think he’d always notice - being manly isn’t exactly at the forefront of his mind and i doubt he’d notice guys trying to buddy up to him for it, so he’d just be kind of friendly but also really dismissive, so everyone’s both afraid of him and wants to be his friend. 

also i feel like in college he’d bring pretty much every gay/bi guy out of the woodwork. he knows them all and they all have a crush on him. oikawa would be so mad, even though his crowd of fangirls would probably still be there.


I’m laughing too hard to fall asleep, but this is still a really high quality, relaxing video. 

There’s probably gonna be some people out there who think I’m some kinda misoganist, but I can tell you for a fact, I’m not. I never even went to medical school.


Manly Monday Physiques

Gavin Dacey  Fits The Bill At Merthyr RFC, Something We Knew All Along As  He Sauntered The Sheds At Pontypridd RFC With Mates Simon Humberstone And Dafydd Lockyer.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Random Hot Guys

The Sexiest Guys Are Often Regular Joes Who Keep Themselves Fit, But Do Not Make A Fetish Of It. The Four Guys Here Fit The Bill. I’m Not Perfect. I Never Expect The Guy I’m With To Be Either!

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Manly Monday

Rotherham Titans Posting Selfies…

I’ll Take Real Men…Especially Ruckers…Over Porn Stars Any Day!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!