manly legs


I am slowly learning to love my legs. I have girls at school telling me to shave them, society telling me that hairy legs are “manly,” and my own mum saying that body hair is “gross.” Thanks gender rolls. I stopped shaving my legs a year ago and frankly, I feel more me for doing so. So if you want to embrace the hair that God gave us, you go on and do it! Don’t let anyone tell you how to have your body! Then in addition, my legs and arms are covered in spots. They aren’t acne-type spots but I think it’s called ‘chicken legs’ or something. But over time I’ve learnt to embrace them too, as I cannot get rid of them. And, to overcome one of my insecurities, I’ve decided I quite like wearing skirts and I’m going to wear them more! ❤️

Wings [Part 7] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - The number two, slowly turns to three, as you find specific men around you impeccable. And they see this as a particularly fascinating way to compete rather roguishly.

Prologue ; Pt 6

‘How does that go again?’ Jungkook asked Namjoon as he cleaned the table next to his, Jimin giggling across him.

'Pardon. Say Par-don.’ Namjoon said, holding two fingers in front of Jungkook.

'Par-don. Pardon. Pardon!’ Jungkook exclaimed as he ran up to you.

'Noona! Look, Namjoon Hyung taught me a new English word!’ He caught your hand, making you look up at his face. You laughed at his childishness and nodded your head to let him continue.

'Okay, let me hear it,’ You said as you stood up, crossing your arms in front of your chest.

'Pardon!’ He said, before laughing and scrunching his nose in the process.

'Wow, Kookie, that’s awesome,’ You giggled and looked at Namjoon who was already looking at you and Jungkook, smiling.

'Nice job,’ You mouthed to him, showing him a thumbs up. Namjoon laughed silently as he let you know it wasn’t a big deal. When Jungkook reached his table, Namjoon reached out and ruffled his hair, showing him a smile. Your attention was pulled away from the brotherly affection that was being displayed when you heard a familiar jingling of the bell at the door.

You turned towards the door, seeing the familiar Chanel coat, the gorgeous golden locks and the crescent eyes that were beginning to form as he saw you as well.

'Hello, Y/N,’ He said as he approached you.

'Hello,’ You replied with a shy smile. How you were not used to the furry feeling in your heart already, you didn’t know. You stared at him like he was some angel who lost his way to heaven.

'How have you been keeping?’ He asked you, as he took your hand and placed a very delicate kiss on the back of it, making you turn red as a tomato.

'I’ve been well, Taehyung. What about you?’ You questioned, your hand still in his, his gaze sweeping you off your feet.

'Thought the day would never get better, until now.’ He said, flashing you a wink before letting your hand go, a strange coldness wrapping it as it left his embrace.

'Would you like something before we leave?’ You asked, your voice very squeaky, like the day before.

'I see you’re looking forward to our date just as much as I am. Although, I believe, I’m more excited about it,’ He mused as he sat down at a table across Jimin and Jungkook’s. You noticed Jimin’s mouth agape as he stared, exchanging glances between you and Taehyung. You sent a sly smirk towards his direction before smiling at Taehyung.

I doubt that, Taehyung. You thought, before going behind the counter.

Taehyung couldn’t help but smile at your voice that sounded in his head.

'Hello, sir, may I- Oh.’ Namjoon stopped as Taehyung looked up at him.

“Kim Taehyung, we meet again.” Namjoon spoke telepathically, as he eyed Taehyung in distaste.

Taehyung stole a glance of you, who was busy taking other’s orders. He discreetly looked at the young boys beside him and once he found the coast clear he looked back at Namjoon.

“Why, hello, brother. Been following Min Yoongi, I suppose?” He smiled at Namjoon, which didn’t reach his eyes.

“Don’t call me 'brother’, Taehyung. You’re a disgrace to all of the Sinners and Red Bloods. What were you thinking, running away from Kronell like that? Kimroe’s furious with you. And it’s you, who’s being followed by me and Min Yoongi Hyung.” Namjoon said, his upper lip lifting a little in disgust.

“So it’s Min Yoongi hyung now, huh? Not bleach-face anymore?” Taehyung jested, signalling Namjoon to sit on the empty chair across him. Namjoon rolled his eyes as he took the seat, scooting away a little with a slight push of his legs against the tiled floor.

“I can hear you both, you know. And Namjoon, you have explaining to do,” Both the men heard Yoongi’s voice, who was sitting at one isolated corner of the café eyeing them murderously.

“Hyung, don’t listen to him. I-”

'Hello, sir. Would you like to place an order?’ You asked the black haired man, who was coincidentally Min Yoongi. Not knowing you had interrupted a very 'serious’ conversation, you smiled at him, as he looked up at you. He took a second glance as he saw your face. He squinted his eyes, a familiar face flashing across his eyes - like he had seen you elsewhere.

“Woah~” Yoongi said, as he eyed your features. He was finding himself more attracted to your looks than to the delicious coffee you make all the time. He knew he had seen you somewhere other than at the cafe, you had been in Kronell. Or maybe, it was just the trick of his eyes.

“Yah! Min Yoongi! Don’t 'woah’ her. She’s mine.” Taehyung almost shouted across the café at him as his eyes kept a keen watch on both of you.

'Sir?’ You asked again, snapping Yoongi out of his thoughts.

'Y-yes. Uhm.. One large Mocha please.’ He stuttered, as he desperately looked somewhere else to concentrate on. How had he not noticed you completely before? Was it because you had never approached him?

'Anything to eat, sir?’ You asked, intervening in his thoughts yet again.

'Anything special today?’ He asked, suddenly feeling every cell in brain waking up, the confidence slowly building in him.

'Well, our baker’s been kind enough to cook his famous Lava cake today. Would you like some?’ You asked, smiling, still oblivious to Yoongi’s approach.

Behind you, Taehyung was fuming and Namjoon was quite enjoying the show. Jimin and Jungkook had already left by then, having bade goodbyes to Namjoon.

'If you’re being such a sweetheart, why not then?’ Yoongi replied, and although it sounded extremely cheesy, you couldn’t help but blush at his words.

What’s with cute guys in our café these days? Even our new staff is cute. You thought, not knowing the fact that all of the three men in the cafe had clearly heard it. While Taehyung looked like he was ready to throw a chair at Namjoon for the cocky smile that appeared on his face, Yoongi stayed calm as you were still standing in front of him.

“DID YOU HEAR THAT? SHE SAID I’M CUTE!” Namjoon yelled, his hand raising into the air with a fist, catching the attention of the customers around him. Taehyung immediately shutting him off, began his leg kicking in the air under the table in an attempt to strike at his shin.

“You’re embarrassing me. Stop that.” Taehyung said, clearly annoyed, waving his hand at Namjoon.

'Will be back in a moment,’ You told Yoongi before scurrying off to behind the counter.

“I can see why you’ve fallen for her, Taehyung. But I’m sticking to what I said before. I take no interest in finding mates, especially humans.” Yoongi smirked at Taheyung, who held the most frightening frown on his face, but clearly it didn’t make Yoongi sweat under his collar.

“You better not even think of it!” Taehyung huffed, before crossing his arms and leaning back into his seat.

'Here you go, sir,’ You said as you approached Yoongi with a slice of delicious Lava cake and a cup of Mocha.

'Thank you so much, Y/N.’ Yoongi said, but instantly bit his tongue as he noticed he had called you by your name.

'Oh, how did you know my name?’ You asked, astonished.

'Um- well, your name tag!’ He said, silently thankful that you had one, pointing to it shyly.

'Ah..’ You replied, looking down at it sheepishly as you forgot about it yourself.

'Why? Can’t I call you by your name, Y/N?’ Yoongi said, a small smirk on his lips as he sipped on his Mocha. You felt your heart beat faster as he stared at you.

You and Taehyung, sir, are definitely different. You thought, dramatically imagining yourself swoon over both of the beautiful specimen.

'Of- of course you can, sir.’ You laughed awkwardly before he brought up a hand, stopping you.

'Call me Yoongi, it’ll be better for both us that way.’ He said, giving you a proper smile this time.

This is the most adorable smile I’ve seen. Help me. You thought as you counted on your heart and brain not to cease functioning. His gummy smile brought the wake of fluttering feelings inside your stomach while you smiled back at him.

“She’s not even your soul mate!” Taehyung argued, pouting this time, very annoyed. It took every ounce of will power to not walk over to you and pull you out of the building.

“Like I said. It’s fun teasing you, Kim Taehyung.” He said, taking a bite of the Lava cake.

“Yeah, well, it’s fun calling you bleach face, bleach face.” He retorted, sticking a tongue out towards his direction. Namjoon was long gone, helping out with the orders while you collected your coat and bag.

'Taehyung?’ You asked as you noticed him sitting in a very un-manly poise, his legs spread out under the table, looking like he was about to fall off the chair if he didn’t bring himself back up on the seat.

'Oh, Y/N,’ He smiled, straightening up, his legs pushing against the floor as he turned to you.

'My shift’s over. So, shall we?’ You fiddled with your thumbs, as you looked at him.

His heart swelled in happiness and content, completely forgetting about all activities that took place before your approach. He stood up, and held a bent hand towards you, silently asking you to wrap yours around it.

'We shall,’ He said, as you wrapped your hand, him smirking at Yoongi before leaving out the door.

“She still thinks I’m cute though.”

“Shut up, Namjoon!” Taehyung and Yoongi exclaimed in chorus.

[Part 8 on Sunday]

Lemon Curds Anytime -- Thirty Minutes and  A Lemon Curd Part 003

Here it is! I was dipping my toes into other things and mulling over if there was enough for a true third part, and although I think it, like the third part in the It’s About Balance trilogy sequence thing, is the weakest… there’s some good stuff hidden in the muck. x. 

P.S. There’s going to be definitely one if not several blurbs spun off this. Because I love this Harry. 

Part 001

Part 002

You’re a bit groggy when you open your eyes and they immediately fall closed again from the effort it takes to keep them open. Sleep, however, fails to pull you under, and the longer you’re awake the more aware you become of your surroundings. 

You’re in your room in student housing and your roommate is gone for a long weekend back home. Her absence is precisely why there’s one long, lean, manly and muscled leg tangled up simultaneously in your sheets and your legs, and an equally manly and tattooed arm is thrown around you while the face of the owner of said arm and leg is burrowed into the back of your neck. You wriggle a bit and when it tightens you know Harry’s awake.

“G’back t’sleep,” he mumbles. “We’re good righ’ here.”

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150422 SJ-D&E FUKUOKA SaturdayNight,Talk

As A Boyfriend; Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster.

First meeting;

• Him commenting on your dress style
• Talking about music
• Shyness
• Blushing
• Deep dimples
• Complements
• Realising that he shows more facial expressions than words
• Asking you about converse
• Showing you his lyrics
• Philosophical briefly been discussed

First date;

• Fashion to die for
• Kisses your hand
• Always reminding you on how beautiful you look
• Admiration on his face when he looks at you
• Softy spoken for a deep voiced man
• Talks fondly of his passions
• Listens intently to what you have to say
• Captured by your voice
• Simplistic places for a first date, showing you that having little is as good as having it all
• Spontaneous lyrics being wrote on a napkin
• Him writing down a load of different books or songs for you to try.
• Truthful
• Pays for the date
• Not scared to constantly remind you that he had enjoyed the night and would love to do a second date


• Wears all black since he look gorgeous in all black.
• Choker
• Constantly touching you
• Using experience of ‘porn’ to make sly innuendos
• Half smirks
• Lip biting
• Plays with your finger so you can see his 20cm long hands
• Hair porn
• Sexy flirting
• Hand on the lower back
• Guiding you
• Laughter like smoke, thick

First Kiss;

• Soft
• Gentle
• Caring
• Kind
• Elegant
• Hand on the back of the neck to hold you in place lightly
• Lingering
• Soft breathing
• Foreheads pressed together


• Passionate af
• Hot
• Sexy
• Hands in hair
• Waist grabbing
• Wall pinning
• Gentle caresses on your back
First week;
• Still a little shy
• Constantly wants to be around you
• You’re his muse
• Couch cuddling in front of the boys
• Dinner dates
• More spontaneous lyrics
• He shows you his passions
• Hand holding
• Cheek kissing
• Hair stroking
• Texting all the time
• Texting song lyrics to each other
• Snap videos of each other singing and dancing
• Shy smiles and giggles


• Innuendos
• Sexy
• Very manly walk
• Long legs for you sit on
• Skinship, a lot of skinship
• Any, LITERALLY ANY excuse to touch you
• Showing off his muscular body  
• Leader skills are more prominent
• Always spoiling you
• Finding comfortability with him  
• Butt touching
• Running his hands down your arms, thighs and more
First Month;
• He writes songs for you
• Writes poems for you
• You wear his shirts
• You dye his hair for him
• Cooking for him
• Visiting him at practice and he cuddles you
• He shows you his work in the studio
• Sneaks you into the dorm so you can stay there
• Game night
• Knowledge competitions
• He starts to pick out your clothes for you
• Making you breakfast in bed
• Small road trips
• He sometimes ditches practice to stay in bed with you
• Talk of the future


• Uses experiences from his porn watching days to tease you
• Only lets you wear his shirt and no pants
• Dirty talk
• More skinship than necessary
• Heavy make out sessions
• Slapping your butt when you walk away from him
• Takes you to practice so you can see him dance all sweaty
• Biting your lip
• Feeds you
• Possessive
• Always touching you
• Everywhere you go when around the boys, he goes
First time;
• Soft
• Sweet
• Innocent
• Gentle
• Hickeys
• Removing your underwear with his teeth
• Teasing
• Possible kinks

First year;

• Your own home together
• Being the top partner of bangtan
• Movie nights
• Going to cafés for date or leisure
• Enjoying the simplistic things in life.
• Future talks
• Mix tapes
• Being the no.1 cheerleader
• Role play as a cheerleader
• Personal library
• Walks on the beach
• Going on holiday together
• Deep, philosophical conversations
• Late night dance parties
• Late night walks
• Converse collection
• Sex everywhere

On the ground.

Could you write a Daryl/reader where the group is at Hershel’s farm and she goes out to his tent to talk to him but he’s just mean to her because he has feelings for her so he keeps trying to push her away? He upsets her and then feels bad later on. Maybe tent smut?? Only if you write smut though, haha.

This is my first smutty thing, so I really hope you like it!

The warm sunlight was peeking out through the trees’ leaves and into her tent. For a second she forgot about the world, about the walkers, about the people… but mostly about that gross redneck. He had been avoiding her for the past three weeks, almost since they found shelter at a modest little farm. He didn’t talk to her, he didin’t return the smiles, it was almost like he condemned her for a crime she just didn’t commit.

(Y/N) was a sweet girl, not the sweetest (she had her moments)but she sure didn’t deserve to be treated like that, not by that guy who may or may not be inside (Y/N)’s head a little to often. What the hell is she thinking? No. “He hates me.” she thought to herself, getting rid of the idea that feelings were in the middle.

It was time to get up, it was always hard for her leave her little uncomfortable tent, as undelightful as it sounds, she enjoyed it, but the part of being alone didn’t suit her well.

-Morning, darling! —Dale said to her as she layed a foot outside her new home.
-Morning. —the sunlight in her eyes didn’t allow her to see clearly Dale’s figure, and surely didn’t let her see Daryl walking towards her, not stopping, and bumping to her throwing her to the ground. It wasn’t a dramatic fall, but sure as hell was hurtful.

-What the hell? —her voice was high-pitched, and all her blood went swimming to her face.

Daryl turned around quickly to find her standing up, he got closer to get, face to face and only a few inches apart.
-You should'a see where ya standing, girl. —he loudly said. He was angry, you could tell, his face was also burning red and his hands were moving towards (Y/N).
-But I… —before she could even finish her sentence, he turned his back and left. As always.
-He’s not an asshole. —a sweet and calming voice entered her ears. —He’s just afraid.
-Afraid of what? —(Y/N) sarcastically asked. What could he be afraid of? Honestly, he was so tall and strong, his arms could hold anything and his manly legs could run as fast as the wind; he always had that crossbow with him, that weapon could save her from anything, and his eyes… Wait, she’s not actually thinking that, is she? Two seconds ago she hated him.
-Of what he might be feeling. —Carol spoke.
(Y/N)’s job was to keep the earth prepared to sow, to harvest, and all of that. She was working her ass off under the bright sun until Lori interrupted her arduous task.
-Hey, (Y/N) —Lori said as she aproached her.
-Hello. —she was taking the sweat out of her face with her arm.
-I need you to do something for me, please.
-I don’t know where Carl is. I told him to saty at the house and now he’s gone. —you could hear she was worried. —Please, tell Daryl to go into the woods and look for him.
That was not the task for her, she was pretty sure he wouldn’t even listen to her, but Lori relied in her to help, so she would.
-Yeah, sure.
-Thank you so much. —she said with relief.
(Y/N) let go of the rake she was holding and prepared to go and talk to Daryl. She found her way to his tent and saw the shadow of someone inside. She knocked on the floorourside his tent before saying anything.
-What? —he asked with a little annoyance as he opened his door.
-Uhm. —she was kneeling and he was kneeling, they were face to face now, and somehow that made her nervous. —Lori asked if you could…
He interrupted her.
-I don’t give a shit what she asks. —he layed on his back. She couldn’t let him be suck a jerk so she got her knee inside the tent and started talking again.
-But Carl is lost, maybe you could help. —she said with sweetness. He suddenly got up, to face her again.
-Is there a moment Carl ain’t lost? —he was angry, again. —Get the hell outta my tent, I don’t need lil girls telling me what to do.
-Why won’t you… —she couldn’t finish when Daryl kicked her right foot and made her fall on her back outside the tent, he immediately closed his door. That was the second time in the day Daryl made her fall to the ground, and both times had been painful, but only this one caused her to bleed a little. Se went to the well to clean her wounds.

After it was dark and everyone was probably sleeping, she was still by the well, just looking to the sky and wondering if everything would be the same again. The answer was probably not so she went back to her tent. She almost screamed when she opened to door and there was already someone inside. It was that dumb redneck. She got inside, expect for him to leave the moment he realized that wasn’t his tent.
-What are you doing here? —she coldly asked.
-I know I was an asshole back there. —Daryl said, and his words were almost whispers pronounced by his harsh voice.
-Yeah, you were.
-I wanted to tell ya that it ain’t because I am like that. —he had a little leave on his hands and was playing with it, suddenly that became more interesting than her face, he couldn’t take his eyes away from the dry little thing. —It’s because I… feel something weird.
(Y/N)’s eyes were still on his face, wondering how did the whole badass cover slipped.
-Like what? —(Y/N) asked with a calm voice.
-I dunno, just —he made a pause. —I think I… like ya or somethin’.
She was quiet for a few second, looking how honest he was and how she wanted him so bad. (Y/N) took the hair off his face and kissed him. It was not the kind of sweet kiss you would expect from that sweet girl, it was wild and needy. He didn’t know what to do, he even looked at her with his two confused eyes. But the heat of the moment was stronger than every cell in his body so he gave in.

(Y/N) made him lie his back on the ground and she got on top of him, unbuttoning his dirty shirt. Daryl didn’t know where his hand should go, so he placed them on her butt.
She took her tank top off and threw it away, she couldn’t wait to have Daryl inside her, to finally make up for the idiot he had been to her.
She took off his pants and his boxers, uncovering his now hard member, waiting for her. Daryl unbuttoned her pants and kindly took them off along with her panties, but that was not what she wanted, she needed him to be hard and strong on her. 

Now it was about to happen, they were both naked, their bodies were shining and their loins were burning. 

-Just take me. —she said as she touched him. That was the moment, she couldn’t be more excited and he couldn’t be more scared. Maybe to disappoint her or to show her he was clumsy in bed. But something about her made him want to <just take her> and make her his.

Daryl grabbed her by her ass and rolled on top of her. Their breaths were synchronized. (Y/N) took Daryl’s member and started rubbing it, he was moaning loudly, she was afraid to wake the others up but at this point she didn’t even care. She rolled her tongue down his neck as she held his dick inside her hand.

-I want to fuck you so bad. —she whispered in his ear. Her wish was his command, he grabbed her waist and pushed himself inside of her. (Y/N) moaned with pleasure over and over again as Daryl finds his way inside her wet entrance over and over again.

He took her neck as firmly as he can and kisses her, her hands go from his hair to his back, scratching his tough skin.

-I think I’m gonna come. —(Y/N) said quietly between each moan.

-Go ahead then. —he was also moaning and enjoying her wrapped around him, her fresh tongue on his neck, on his chest. She was also enjoying that, his cold hair on her warm skin, his hands playing with her breasts and his member inside of her.

Every move was art, it was perfect and they couldn’t believe it took that long to find each other like that, but none of that mattered in that moment.
They both came, and Daryl fell on his back beside her. She rolled on her side, resting her weight on her elbow, facing him. 

-You know, this is the third time today I’m in the ground because of you. —she playfully said. He smiled, grabbed her by her waist and pushed him against him.

-And it sure ain’t the last. —he said against her mouth as he kissed her.

Exo on the beach (ot12)
  • Tao- wears Gucci swimming trunks and sunglasses. Screams like a bitch when he sees a fish in the sea. 'KRIS IT'S CHASING ME'
  • Suho- helps Sehun build sand castles. Buys everyone an ice cream. Watches his sons play in the sea. Feels proud.
  • Kris- ignores Suho's efforts to talk to him. Ends up standing on the sandcastles that Sehun took two hours to make. Curses for being a clumsy giant.
  • Sehun- splashes salt water in Tao's eyes until he cries. Laughs when suho tells him off. Says he won't do it again. Runs off to find his next victim. Takes advantage of Lay's confusion and talks him into helping him.
  • Xiumin- hires a peddle boat for him and Luhan. Gets angry when Kris decides to join them. Secretly thinks about pushing Kris off but acts like an innocent baozi.
  • Luhan- takes it upon himself to push Kris into the sea. Laughs. Screams when Kris threatens to do the same to him. Peddles as fast as he can with his manly legs.
  • Kai- buys an ice cream and stares at it to express his love. Dances in the sea. Smirks when he sees girls checking him out.
  • Baekhyun- plays ping pong with Chanyeol. 'Accidentally' hits a girl in the eye with the ball. Claims that he won even though he clearly didn't. Laughs when d.o gets sun burnt. Hides once he does his death glare at him.
  • D.O.- 'Hey Baekhyun let's see who can hold their breath the longest under water'.
  • Chen- plays with an inflatable beach ball in the sea. Laughs at Tao running away from the fish. Imitates him. Gets told off by suho.
  • Chanyeol- thinks that the crabs in the rock pools are fascinating. 'Hey Baek doesn't this crab kinda look like Sehun?'
  • Lay- helps Sehun splash people with salt water because he's oblivious to suho's shouts. Finds a jellyfish on the shore and talks to it. 'Hello Mr Jelly. Where's Mrs Jelly? I'll help you find her.' Is highly offended when the jellyfish stings him.