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Lemon Curds Anytime -- Thirty Minutes and  A Lemon Curd Part 003

Here it is! I was dipping my toes into other things and mulling over if there was enough for a true third part, and although I think it, like the third part in the It’s About Balance trilogy sequence thing, is the weakest… there’s some good stuff hidden in the muck. x. 

P.S. There’s going to be definitely one if not several blurbs spun off this. Because I love this Harry. 

Part 001

Part 002

You’re a bit groggy when you open your eyes and they immediately fall closed again from the effort it takes to keep them open. Sleep, however, fails to pull you under, and the longer you’re awake the more aware you become of your surroundings. 

You’re in your room in student housing and your roommate is gone for a long weekend back home. Her absence is precisely why there’s one long, lean, manly and muscled leg tangled up simultaneously in your sheets and your legs, and an equally manly and tattooed arm is thrown around you while the face of the owner of said arm and leg is burrowed into the back of your neck. You wriggle a bit and when it tightens you know Harry’s awake.

“G’back t’sleep,” he mumbles. “We’re good righ’ here.”

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