manly hae

Our narrow-minded yet cute and manly Donghae~ㅋㅋ


Hyukjae: The next question… Who is the most narrow-minded member in the group?

Kangin: Donghae!!

Shindong: Hahahaha, ok!

Hyukjae: To be honest, do we have to live under Donghae’s attitude and at his disposal?

Kangin: The dorm in not under Donghae’s name…

Hyukjae: Since we have to do things at Donghae’s disposal, we can’t even do whatever we want in the dorm.

Kangin: Normaly among hyungs and friends, we have some very manly and some with good leadership, but when they become norrow-minded at times then it is difficult…

Hyukjae: Yes, just criticizing him a little then he wil…

Kangin: I don’t know how to deal with him anymore… Too easy to get angry…

Sungmin: Love to get mad…

Shindong: All of us don’t like to speak when we are angry, but Donghae will shout, “That’s enough! I am already angry! O am furious! Don’t talk anymore! Enough! I am so mad!”

Sungmin: “Don’t say anything anymore!”

Shindong: “I am very narrow-minded! Don’t say anymore! Enough”

Kangin: Then he will continue to shout what he wants to say!

Shindong: He will say he is narrow-minded, “Enough, I am mad, enough!” What can we do now?

Kangin: It would be good if he can change a little, but I still love very much this narrow-minded yet cute and manly Donghae!

Shindong: Super Junior can’t be without Donghae!

Kangin: Love you!  (c)


Hyukkie can’t handle the sexy Hae muscles <3 | Video by Chiharudon


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hae shoving his fingers in hyuk’s ass [cr. 日本菲菲]


Look at this gentleman baby.. he wants Hyukjae to walk out the door firstly~
[D-322] waiting for my ☾[D-324] waiting for my ☼


Wook kept throwing towels to the fans so papa haehae pulled him away XD