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I wrote this as a response to a request by @gcintia to write a Sherlolly ficlet on the song
“I was made for loving you” by Tori Kelly. Hopefully you like it. Thank you for your kind support.

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The Choice

Victorian London, a mortuary-13.30 hrs.

Sherlock was disappointed, very disappointed. He had hoped to see Molly Hooper at the morgue but she was not there. He was certain that he had already sent an errand boy in advance to tell her that he needed her to help wheeling a victim out.

Sherlock: Hooper! (mumbled under his breath) Why isn’t she here?

Anderson: Afternoon, Mr. Holmes.

Sherlock swiftly turned and saw Anderson standing too closely in front of him. The consulting detective arched his brows, signaling the man to step back.

Sherlock: Where is Moll (paused).. Hooper?

Anderson: Hasn’t he told you? (Sneered) I thought you, two gentlemen, were “tight”.

Sherlock: (Frowned deeply) Told me what?

Anderson: It’s his wedding day today. He is to marry a widow from York. It’s weird though since he has never mentioned anything about her before. I always thought he would be tying the knots with his works and these corpses.

Sherlock: Wedding? (Grunted) What were you thinking, woman?!!

Anderson was still rumbling on when Sherlock rushed out the mortuary with his coat billowing behind him.

Anderson: Wo…man??? Hooper? (Shook his head) It’s not possible…(Shrugged) must be my ears.


Victorian London, a church-14.30 hrs.

Hooper with the mustache stood at the altar in a black tuxedo with a bride in her white dress. A few guests attended the wedding, all of them were from the bride’s side. A clergyman was performing the ceremony.

The clergyman: If any man can show just cause, why they may not lawfully be joined together, let him now speak…

Sherlock raised up his hand and grumpily barked.

Sherlock: I have many good reasons for this woman not be married today. Aside from the fact that a wedding is nothing short of a celebration of all that is false and specious and irrational and sentimental in this ailing and morally compromised world, I do have a serious unfinished business with her. (Pointed at the bride and groom in front of him)

The bride: How dare you barging into my wedding and say such horrible thing?! I don’t even know you! (Turned to Hooper) I swear to you, darling, I don’t know him.

Sherlock: I do not know you either.

The guests murmured loudly and looked more than uncomfortable in the situation.

Sherlock: I am talking to her…(pointed more specifically at the groom instead)

The bride: Her…? Who again?

Sherlock: (Still pointed at the groom) Her….

Hooper: Holmes…quit your nonsense at once!

Sherlock: Can’t do, Mo….(saw her angry glare)!I mean…Hooper. You still have so many unresolved matters with me.

Hooper: Are you out of your mind, Holmes?! (To the guests) He is out of his mind. Come here, you!!

The groom then manly grabbed Sherlock’s coat by its collars and dragged him outside.

Outside the church-14.35 hrs.

Molly: Are you mad?! You are putting us in the jeopardizing situation here, Sherlock. They might think that we are having an unGod affairs.

Sherlock: (Smirked) You are to marry to a lady, Molly. Everything about your matrimony today is even more unorthodox. I cannot imagine how joyful your wedding night will be once your bride finds out about your true ‘status’.

Molly: (Blushed deep red then sighed heavily) I have no choice. I came this far, trying to survive in this men’s world. If I gave up now, what would be left for me?

Sherlock opened his mouth to answer but she cut him off.

Molly: Nothing! Once they know that I am a woman, they will force me to marry and become the bloody husband’s possession. I will lose my rights as a person and my family’s properties even. I would rather die than letting that happen, Sherlock.

Sherlock: You do have a choice, Molly.

Molly: (Sarcastically) I do? Trust me, I have thought of everything.

Sherlock: No, not everything.

Sherlock took hold of her wrist and caressed it gently.

Sherlock: Marry me…

Molly: What??!

Sherlock: (grinned faintly) I am no prize, Molly, quite a bad bargain for a husband actually. But throughout the years we have reconciled our differences and came out good friends. You have gained my complete trust and we are each other’s confidants.

Molly: (Stared at him with wide eyes) Sherlock…

Sherlock: I don’t care about your money or your family’s properties. I promise not to treat you as a possession. And with all my power, I shall protect you and your rights as a person. (Paused and frowned)
Although…I can be and certainly will be quite a territorial husband, hopefully you do not mind so. (Looked her in the eyes) What do you say?

Molly: (Inhaled sharply) What about love? Do you love me, Sherlock?

Sherlock: Ah…Love, sentiment….it has always been beyond my comprehension. All I know is, my dear, you were made for loving me…

Molly opened her mouth to argue.

Sherlock: And against all odds….I was made for loving you.