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a few people requested that i do a regular montage of dipper, so here you all are!

And thus began Bulk Biceps’s feud with Mr. Fish…

Fan art for coelasquid’s Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Hubby-dearest and I have both agreed that if we end up with a son somehow (considering neither of us wants kids, not likely), his name should be Rock Lobster. I totally would get a kick out of yelling out “COMMANDER BADASS! DINNER TIME!” in the playground. 

Patent office* might have issues with that plan, tho.

*) In Sweden, non-standard names have to be approved by the patent office. Pretty sure “Rock Lobster” would fall under the header of non-standard, and probably not be acceptable.

simplisticdesireasked you:  

My boyfriends birthday is coming up, any cute diy gift ideas you could suggest? 

Since I don’t know your boyfriend’s age or likes and dislikes here a wide range of DIY gift possibilities: 
  1. Updated 52 Reasons I Like You from Little Gray Fox here.
  2. Roundup of Five DIY Map Based Romantic Crafts here.
  3. DIY Interlocking LEGO Heart Pendants here.
  4. DIY 101 Handmade Gifts For Men by Everything Etsy here.
  5. Three Masculine Bracelets from Thanks, I Made It here.
  6. If he’s creative and writes or sketches this Anthro Knockoff with the Ernest Hemingway quote is good by Radical Possibilities is good here.
  7. I was just looking through my food tag (lava cake here), and my most popular food post is theNo Bake Easy Peppermint Candy Hearts here.
  8. Lego Key Holder from minieco here (you could use any character you wanted).
  9. Rocks Paper Scissors Decision Making Kit here (poster by Sirin Thada, poster come to life by erikaglover). Also mini Altoids Tin Toolbox here, Altoids Tin Pool Table here, Altoids Tin Survival Kit here.
  10. Not Pictured: Cardstock Deer Head with Free Templates from Know and Tell Crafts here.
  11. Not pictured: Huge Cheap Engineering Print Poster and Free Camera Image Download from Design Editor here. This huge cheap poster could be of anything.
Go to this post here for other suggestions when someone else asked me this question.   
What to DIY for Men - from my other blog. Lots and lots of links and suggestions

rainbowelbows asked: Any gift ideas for Grandpas? I’m 16, so I can’t do a footprint casting or artwork on a mug and still have it be cute… Functional or food probably, not like the manly jewelry you have posted. Thanks!

Totally get it. Did you go through the “manly gift” tag? It’s not all bracelets and manly jewelry on my “manly gifts” tag here - and not a handprint/footprint in sight!

For example, on that tag you will find:  

  • rosemary shaving cream (if he doesn’t use an electric razor)
  • cool cheap smart phone gloves
  • suede fleece blanket
  • DIY 101 Handmade Gifts For Men by Everything Etsy (inlcuding food and condiments)
  • easiest cufflinks ever (if he ever wears French cuff shirts)
  • Altoids Tin Survival Kit (with many variations)

Go to my text post here with hundreds of links and suggestions on other blogs:

*I can’t stress enough the gifts I remember my father (and mother) loving the most: I listed the things I loved about them - from funny (you whistle when you listen to music), to small (you cut my pizza with scissors when I was little), to the huge moments. This meant more to them than any bought or handmade present and was read aloud and cherished :)

You could do this with a great font and on parchment paper (available at Staples), roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a pretty ribbon, or do it with a deck of cards like this post here: 

Hope this helps! 

rudegirl44  asked:

i want to make something sweet for my hubby. his birthday is coming up soon. is there any advice you could give? love your blog btw :)

Thanks! DIY Handmade Gift Suggestions for Men:

  • I still like the card deck with “52 Reasons I Like You” post here. 
  • If your husband likes “manly jewelry”, Thanks, I Made It made masculine versions of three of her bracelets that I posted here.
  • There is always wall art: the We Met, We Married, We Life here and another version here. 
  • There is the “man bouquet of booze” here that I liked and never posted, but think lots of men of drinking age would love.
  • From Small Notebook: Men Don’t Want Ribbon Gifts here (go to the comments for tons of suggestions) .
  • Lots of suggestions at Everything Etsy “25 Handmade Gifts for Men” here.
  • Martha Stewarts List of 33 handmade gift ideas for men here.