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“I’m ready” - Finn Balor

You and Finn been together nearly 4 years, everything is perfect. Well nearly.

Since you been traveling with Finn, you two couldn’t get enough of each other. But hello? Have you seen him? Who wouldn’t.

You have been feeling quite unwell for a while, you figured you would buy a pregnancy test. You knew if you were pregnant he’ll be a fantastic father, he is a fantastic uncle with his nephews and nieces.

Also helps with Karl having his kids visiting when Finn is there. Like today we were in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tini, Karl’s wife was coming with the boys and his little favourite little Cruz.

Before the show started they came through backstage. You thought you would meet up with her before she meets Karl, Luke and Finn.

You saw her coming through the doors with the boys running around her. “Hey Tini, boys.” They turned, saw you walking down. The boys came running towards you.

“Y/N!” Crashing into you. With a ooft.

“Careful boys, not all at once.” Tini told them, they both said sorry at the same time, started to run off again.

“Have they had sugar?” Laughing at the way they are bouncing off the walls. She shook her head, “nope, just happy to be here and plus to see daddy. How are you? You look like you got a lot on your mind.” She asked.

“A little, can I ask you a question? No joking serious answer?” You asked.

She nodded her head, seeing how serious you were. “How did you know you were pregnant the first time?” You asked her.

She looked at you wide eyed. “You think your pregnant?” You shrugged your shoulders. “I think I am, being having some weird cravings. My boobs is starting to get sore also I’m wanting to have sex with Finn all the time, to be honest what’s new with wanting Finn all the time. Have you seen him?”

“Y/N! You’re getting off topic.” She laughed. You looked down sheepishly, “Sorry, but I have got a pregnancy test on me. I was thinking of taking one today.”

You decided to go and drop the kids off and get your bag. The boys ran in, they all run towards Karl, then they went to Luke started to wrestle with him. You went up to Finn to let him know where you were going. “Babe, I’m just going to the women’s, okay?” He nodded, gave you a quick kiss. You saw why the kids saw their uncle Finn.

In the toilet you did your business. You put the tests on the counter, you were pacing, Tini grabbed your hand to keep you still and for comfort. “Y/N, you’re going to be fine. Finn is going to be over the moon. You know what he was like when he found out I was having Cruz. He was happy for us even though it wasn’t his.” You both laughing, because that it is Finn all over.

The 3 minutes were up. ‘POSITIVE – 6 WEEKS’. You looked at Tini wide eyed, tearing up but tears not falling. “I’m pregnant.” That’s all you had to say. She gave you a massive hug.

“Let’s go and tell Finn he’s going to be daddy.” She smiled and grabbed your hand towards the locker room.

You were nervous, you don’t know why. You knew Finn was going to happy but it just one of those things. You saw him taking a photo with The Club and the boys that Tini was taking. You had a massive smile looking at them together, one massive family. More coming.

He had Cruz in his arms. “Hey babe.” He smiled, gave you hug with Cruz between you. Cruz was laughing, “Finn, I’m stuck.” He was laughing.

“Sorry bud,” he laughed. “Y/N, can you take a photo for me please?” You nodded, grabbed his phone out of his hands and took the photo. “Cute,” he let Cruz out his arms and run towards Luke and Karl.

“Finn, I got something to tell you.” You told Finn. He turned to you, saw how scared but serious you are. He held you in his arms.

He looked down at you, “you okay?” You nodded your head. “I just want to know something, seeing you with the boys, your nieces and nephews. I’m just wondering if you are you ready to have one of our own?”

He thought about it, with your hair, his eyes, him building Lego with your child and getting them into wrestling like you both are. He looked at you after thinking about it. “I’m ready. Are you?”

You went into your bag where you kept the pregnancy test. You grabbed it and showed him, “I think we are. Don’t you.” With a massive smile. He looked at you with tears in his eyes.

He lifted you up, you screeched. You were both laughing, with your foreheads against each other. He put you down gave you a passionate kiss. Everyone was watching confused, except Tini.

“What’s going on?” Both Club members asked. Finn looked at them with the biggest smile they ever seen him. He looked at you for permission. “You don’t need to ask, they are your family.”

He gave you a kiss again. “We’re pregnant!” The room went loud quiet quickly. All I could hear is the boys. Giving Finn a manly hug and congratulations. They came to you gave you a hug and smiles. Finn came to you with your arms around you from behind and on your still flat stomach.

Everything now was in place. So was the baby.

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someone requested a colourpalette sufin on my other blog, since that blog is fandom blog, I didn’t post it there, so here is the sufin they asked for! (but when I reblogged colour palettes here, I didn’t get any request…. and no, don’t take requests here now, maybe an other time…..)

Sufin cuddling

I can’t see Sufin like many people does I guess, I don’t like sufin other way then cute sufin with a shy swede and manly finn, where the swede is comfortably hiding his face in the chubby finn’s chest.

Its still like 5 months away but u gotta get ready for anime expo
  • Anime expp is so far but so close and i wanna start getting ready. I know i will wanma do manly finn again thos year. Gotta lose some weight finger injury from exercising for a few months till like a month ago. I also want to cosplay as my pathfinder character stenric the half elf pirate. Aggh so excited for ax. If i get my pirate outfit done early id be able to wear it to the ren fair as well. TO THE DRAWING BOARD
A Slip Of The Wrist

Thanks again to all the lovelies that liked or commented on my last offering.  

I’d like to thank the lovely ililypop not only for her encouraging words but also for wanting to be permanently tagged.  Don’t worry Lily you can opt out at any time.

So this ficlet inlcudes some mild un-erotic smut, and self harm.  If those subjects are a trigger for you, you might not want to read on:-

A Slip of the Wrist

From the moment that Finn learned the girl of his dreams thought about him more than she thought about other boys, he was an excited mess of raging hormones.  Having just dropped Rae off at home he was a little disappointed with himself as he was too nervous to attempt to snog her (again).  They did end the evening on a high though.  They had a very long clinch, which blew Finn away; she felt so soft and her fragrance was delicious; it was fruity and sweet.  As he pulled out of her embrace he remembered she’s not like other girls; she’s special, he can’t just grind himself into her like he would do with any old girl.  He’s going to do this properly, so he thanked her for a lovely evening, said he would call her and tenderly kissed her on the cheek goodbye.  

The short walk back to his car was a tad uncomfortable as he was sporting a semi that was chafing against his pants.  He was also worried that Rae might see.  Finn thought about their bowling date for the whole drive home. She was such a cheeky minx pretending she couldn’t bowl, but it turned out she was brilliant and had given him a thorough whooping. The thought of this made him smile like the Cheshire Cat; everything about her makes him delirious. Each time she bent down to collect her ball he was treated to a tremendous view of her bottom; it was pert and round.  He was so aroused by her that he had to physically stop himself from grabbing that arse and dry humping her like a randy old dog on a post man’s leg.  On a few occasions when she leaned forward he could see right down the front of her dress and caught a glimpse of her glorious bosom.  Finn imagined burying his face down in the valley of those 2 mountains and was safely storing these memories in his wank bank for later.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Going On? - Part 4

Thanks again for all the lovely comments, reblogs and likes.  This is the final part.

Here’s the previous parts:-


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Part 4

As they descend the stairs outside the shop, Rae feels less confident, she hadn’t really formed a strategy; she just wanted to delay this bloke for a bit so she could contrive a plan of action.  No ideas were forming and she opted for getting him pissed in the hope he would make a dick out of himself.  She could have something over him; give him a pseudonym!

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