manly finn

I wish people would stop acting like Finn is just cute and cuddly and adorable… this is literally their own constructed headcanon of him, leaving out all of his fighting scenes, his anger, his will to take action….. And if they then portray Kylo Ren as the manly, strong guy opposite to cute sweet little Finn I wanna honest to God empty a bucket of fish remains over their heads …. *urghs*

someone requested a colourpalette sufin on my other blog, since that blog is fandom blog, I didn’t post it there, so here is the sufin they asked for! (but when I reblogged colour palettes here, I didn’t get any request…. and no, don’t take requests here now, maybe an other time…..)

Sufin cuddling

I can’t see Sufin like many people does I guess, I don’t like sufin other way then cute sufin with a shy swede and manly finn, where the swede is comfortably hiding his face in the chubby finn’s chest.

Its still like 5 months away but u gotta get ready for anime expo
  • Anime expp is so far but so close and i wanna start getting ready. I know i will wanma do manly finn again thos year. Gotta lose some weight finger injury from exercising for a few months till like a month ago. I also want to cosplay as my pathfinder character stenric the half elf pirate. Aggh so excited for ax. If i get my pirate outfit done early id be able to wear it to the ren fair as well. TO THE DRAWING BOARD
A Slip Of The Wrist

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So this ficlet inlcudes some mild un-erotic smut, and self harm.  If those subjects are a trigger for you, you might not want to read on:-

A Slip of the Wrist

From the moment that Finn learned the girl of his dreams thought about him more than she thought about other boys, he was an excited mess of raging hormones.  Having just dropped Rae off at home he was a little disappointed with himself as he was too nervous to attempt to snog her (again).  They did end the evening on a high though.  They had a very long clinch, which blew Finn away; she felt so soft and her fragrance was delicious; it was fruity and sweet.  As he pulled out of her embrace he remembered she’s not like other girls; she’s special, he can’t just grind himself into her like he would do with any old girl.  He’s going to do this properly, so he thanked her for a lovely evening, said he would call her and tenderly kissed her on the cheek goodbye.  

The short walk back to his car was a tad uncomfortable as he was sporting a semi that was chafing against his pants.  He was also worried that Rae might see.  Finn thought about their bowling date for the whole drive home. She was such a cheeky minx pretending she couldn’t bowl, but it turned out she was brilliant and had given him a thorough whooping. The thought of this made him smile like the Cheshire Cat; everything about her makes him delirious. Each time she bent down to collect her ball he was treated to a tremendous view of her bottom; it was pert and round.  He was so aroused by her that he had to physically stop himself from grabbing that arse and dry humping her like a randy old dog on a post man’s leg.  On a few occasions when she leaned forward he could see right down the front of her dress and caught a glimpse of her glorious bosom.  Finn imagined burying his face down in the valley of those 2 mountains and was safely storing these memories in his wank bank for later.

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What The Bloody Hell Is Going On? - Part 4

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Part 4

As they descend the stairs outside the shop, Rae feels less confident, she hadn’t really formed a strategy; she just wanted to delay this bloke for a bit so she could contrive a plan of action.  No ideas were forming and she opted for getting him pissed in the hope he would make a dick out of himself.  She could have something over him; give him a pseudonym!

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