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34 with taemin?

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(lee taemin will be the death of me like stop it) Here you have it, thank you for requesting!

Lee Taemin+ “Cheek kisses.”

Stop doing that!

Doing what?!

So, Taemin is pretty honest with himself and he’s absolutely right when he confirms that he likes playing the victim sometimes, much more when he was just too busy playing his video game to ever care about anything else. But this time, he’s sure he hasn’t done anything in the past two days to ever get his girlfriend mad. Only a few seconds before they were sitting on the couch, his fingers moving against the controller as her feet rested over his legs, moving her toes lightly under her socks as she looked at his boyfriend. Now Taemin was more worried at looking at her with a frown as the words ‘game over’ appeared on the screen.

That.” She leans over to where he was as she takes him by the cheeks, making his plump lips pucker up as he looks at her with confusion in his dark eyes, his eyebrows frowned and his lips moving, trying to form words but dying down with the pressure she was applying. “You’re doing it un purpose.”

“If I knew what you were talking about then I’d tell you if I am.” Taemin says after he swats away her hand, picking up his can of soda before placing it over his plump lips, taking a long swing as his Adam’s apple bobs with each swallow and his plump lips wrapped around the edge of the can, looking wetter and rosier and way more attractive something. “But, babe, I can promise you something and that is that I’m not plotting anything against you.”

“Oh, really?” She asks sarcastically before crossing her arms and Taemin only nods his head, muttering a small ‘yes’ before hearing her scoff. “If you weren’t doing anything on purpose then you wouldn’t have worn my favorite shirt of yours for our hang around date.” She takes the material of his shirt by the chest and Taemin only smirks, lifting one eyebrow after catching on with what she was saying. Seriously, he didn’t even think about what she liked or not, he only picked up his favorite black button up and jeans and went out, nothing less and nothing more. “I know you, Taemin, I know that you just love it when I tell you how handsome you look.”

“Well, thank you for saying that, I love when you acknowledge realities.” He says those words and she can’t help but groan, rolling her eyes as she releases his shirt. “But I really didn’t try anything, I came from a meeting and I had to wear something nice, so I wore this.”

“Really?” This time her tone is more amused and Taemin nods his head, leaving his controller over the table in front of him before stretching and wrapping his arms around her, bringing her closer to his chest as he looks down at her. “Holy shit, here I was blaming you about trying to tease the hell out of me when you just tried to look cute.”

“Ah, I don’t blame you; everyone thinks I’m just that hot.” Taemin jokes and she hits him in the cheek lightly, making him chuckle as he shakes his head. “If it works for you, I’ll take my shirt off.”

“If it works for you, then I’ll kick your ass out of my apartment.” She says and Taemin laughs, patting her head lightly before snuggling his face on her neck. Then, she smells the delicious scent of his cologne, manly and faint enough to have her sniffing and smiling soon after. “God, are you on mission looking and smelling like a god or what?” Taemin blushes lightly before pulling apart, his eyes shining brightly and that usual smile of his playing on his lips. Taemin could act like he was all that just to tease her, and he really was an amazing person both physically and mentally, but he adored it when she said those things to him, much more when he knew that he was the only one she looked at that way. Her hands reach for his black, soft locks before placing her hand on his cheek and give a kiss to the other, pecking it several times before hearing Taemin’s giggle, as if his heart was warming with each touch.

“Goddamn, woman, you’re head over heels for me.” Taemin jokes and she pulls away, lifting one of her eyebrows before releasing him lightly, a mischievous smirk on her face.

“Alright, I’ll stop kissing you then.” However, she feels his grip tighten around her and suddenly she felt a series of kisses being pressed to her cheek, his lips cold against the flesh before he gave her a big smooch. “Guess who’s head over heels for me now.”

“Don’t be mean.” He pouts slightly and she reaches for the other controller that was next to his, picking it up before leaning against his chest. “What are you doing?”

“Whoever wins this game will have to shower the other with kisses, deal?”

Game on, loser.

And maybe Taemin pretended he didn’t like kisses so much, but damn, was he a sucker for hers.

Okay Folks, Let’s Talk about SGA1:03 “Hide and Seek”

Look at this smiling asshole.  Clearly nothing wrong can happen to this man.  He’s just too cheerful for hardship to visit him in this here episode.

Er, except maybe a shot?  But that’s still only what 0.5/10 on the whump scale.  It isn’t even part of any sort of torture or anything.

Look, they didn’t even hurt him when his boyfriend  friend threw him off a tower thingy.  “Hide and Seek” I’m not sure you’re even taking this thing seriously.

Okay, I take that back.  As someone that had to recently give up coffee for good, cold turkey I can officially tell you that this is inhumane torture.

A manly faint.  This is how I too reacted to life without coffee.

Let’s all mock the dying man.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled McKay whump for this breaking news: Teyle is a beautiful person with a stunning smile.  

Now back to our program.

Do it for the vine expedition Rodney.

Sexy man down.  Notice who got there first.  Already with the touching too.

Everyone cares about Rodney.  Much touching, all the concern. Much better, episode: Whump rating 8/10

This just in…Teyla’s still a goddess.  Sorry folks, this was supposed to be all about Rodney whump but Teyla just too damn beautiful in this episode.

Yay!  Rodney’s better!  Kinda…maybe…I won’t turn down an episode tag.

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Hello! Your blog is so beautiful !Like a candy for the eyes.Ok enough sweet talk, let's speak business ! RFA HC about MC being a sassy smart-ass, puns at every occasion and call them by nicknames...I do that all the time, try to guess 'em : "Ambiguous Flirting Narcissist", "Sleeping Coffee", "Slave 2.0", "50 shades of Han" (I also like to go by "Sebastian" if you get the reference lol), and my little fav "Absolutely any number from 1 to 99 excluding every 7" I hope you have fun with this, love !

LOL thanks, you’re funny!!!

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung was deeply focused on LOLOL
  • lazer focused
  • he had his headset on and everything
  • but MC wanted attention
  • “Yoosungieee”
  • they whined, watching him play at his desk from the bed
  • he doesn’t even flinch
  • MC crosses their arms in frustration
  • “Yoosung! gimmie attention!”
  • the only thing coming out of Yoosung is murmured curse words as he struggles to pick up his guild members slack
  • “geez…”
  • MC rolls their eyes
  • they raise their voice a bit
  • “hey, blondy!”
  • Yoosung moves one side of his headset off his ear
  • “sup?”
  • they scoot to the edge of the bed so they can wrap their arms around Yoosungs neck
  • “stop playing League of Losers of Life and pay attention to me”
  • “League of Loneliness of Life”
  • Yoosung corrects MC, still staring at his computer
  • as if that’s really any better….
  • “yea, yea. League of Lousy of Lame-os”
  • Yoosung rips his headset off and turns around to face MC, a menacing smile on his face
  • “you want attention that bad, do you?”
  • oh boy, they’ve really done it now
  • MC tries to scramble away from Yoosung, but he climbs onto the bed and grabs them, pulling them into his lap and squeezing them
  • “call me a lame-o again, MC! i dare you!” 
  • MC, still struggling against Yoosung, decides to play along spitefully
  • “lame-o! loser! forever-alone!”
  • Yoosung spins MC around and kisses them
  • “yea, but i’m your loser”


  • MC visits Zen at work often
  • and they just live to embarrass him
  • they would lean over the set railing frantically, waving their arms and taking photos
  • “Zen oppa!!!”
  • “Zenny please look over here!! i love you, Zen oppa!!!”
  • MC could see Zen start to blush
  • he walked over to them, happy to see MC there despite the fact that they insist on acting like a crazed fangirl
  • “i’m glad you came to visit, babe”
  • he smiles sweetly at MC and grabs their hands
  • oh, Zenny! you finally noticed me! your hands are so manly!! i’m feeling faint!”
  • MC lets their knees collapse, forcing Zen to catch them
  • he laughs a bit at their antics
  • “I fell in love with you because you were able to look through Zen the actor and see Zen the man…”
  • he pulls MC close to him, whispering in their ear
  • “but i must admit, seeing you fawn over me is a little exciting”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up, but they refuse to drop the joke
  • “oh, how scandalous! dont get so close to a fan or the papers will post our affair for the whole world to see! you career will be ruined!”
  • Zen kisses MC, still laughing a bit
  • “why do you insist on fueling my ego?”
  • MC breaks out of their fake fangirl voice for a moment
  • “because we both know you’re God’s ultimate mistake”
  • they immediately bring the voice back
  • “too perfect for this world! Zen oppa, you outshine the morning sun! you outshine all the stars in the sky!”
  • “baby, you’re just too much”


  • “did someone order a trenta soy milk mocha latte with two pumps of caramel and three shots of espresso?”
  • Jaehee looks up from the pile of documents she was sifting through to see MC standing in the doorway of her office with two giant starbucks coffees
  • “MC, you’re a total life saver”
  • Jaehee grabs the coffee and immediately takes six giant sips in a row
  • “so, Jaehee, your blood is pretty much just coffee by now, right?”
  • “i dont really think thats how it works-”
  • “cause i was thinking, if you drink enough coffee maybe eventually you’ll just become part-coffee. kind of like how spiderman is part spider”
  • Jaehee keeps quiet, curious to see how far MC is going to take this
  • “so, naturally, i’ve been coming up with some super hero names for you”
  • “like coffee girl”
  • she shakes her head
  • “it’s so unoriginal! you can do better than that, MC”
  • “Java Jaehee?”
  • “not…super enough”
  • “Americano avenger?”
  • “americano isn’t my favorite”
  • “Decaf defender?”
  • “MC, when have i ever had decaf coffee? ever?”
  • “okay, i got it now”
  • Jaehee sips her drink, waiting for the big reveal
  • MC stands on their chair, gesturing grandly
  • “Captain Cappuccino!”
  • Jaehee starts laughing so hard she nearly spits out her soy milk mocha
  • “and how does ‘captain cappuccino’ fight crime?”
  • “with her intelligence and diligence, of course”
  • Jaehee giggles again
  • there was never a boring moment with MC


  • Jumin was still getting used to MC’s sense of humor
  • “Jumin, come look at this thing I made”
  • MC was sitting in bed with their laptop, waving Jumin toward them excitedly
  • he sat beside them in bed, putting an arm around them and looking at the laptop screen
  • on the screen was a photo set of two pictures
  • one was a picture MC took of Jumin in their room, he was a little blurry and looked like he had just come into the room
  • it was labeled “Jumin”
  • the next photo was a picture of him, still blurry, halfway out of the doorway to the same room
  • it was labeled “Jumout”
  • he stared at the photos, trying to understand them
  • as he examined the screen, MC suddenly burst into laughter, startling him
  • he jumped a little as they giggled uncontrollably and clapped their hands together
  • they leaned on Jumin, laughing too hard to even be able to sit up
  • after laughing for a few more minutes, they noticed Jumin wasnt
  • MC wipes a tear away from their eye
  • “get it? like you’re jumIN the room? and then when you leave it’s like you’re jumOUT? in? out? get it?”
  • Jumin stared at the images for a few more seconds
  • he started to smile a little, and it grew into a giggle
  • Jumin’s genuine laugh was so cute, and something MC didnt hear very often
  • “you’re quite clever, my love”
  • “Seven said you’d never get it, but i just knew you’d love it!”
  • Jumin continued to giggle, hugging MC


  • Seven was working
  • when, as per usual, MC decided to bother him
  • they pulled up a chair to his desk and munched on a bag of honey buddah chips nonchalantly
  • “so, Seven”
  • he was used to them “bothering” him while he worked
  • “yes, MC?”
  • bother is in quotations bc he lowkey loves it
  • “is it true that you ate nine?”
  • he turns away from his computer, tilting his head at MC
  • “what?”
  • “yknow. why was six afraid of seven? cause Seven ate nine. you’re Seven, right?”
  • “no. my full name is Seven Zero Seven. man, MC, i thought we were close enough for you to know that”
  • “whatever. i still think you ate nine”
  • Seven rolls his eyes playfully and turns back to his monitor
  • MC wasnt done with the conversation yet, though
  • “but why 707? why not 611, like your birthday?”
  • “name myself after my birthday and practically hand my identity to these hackers on a silver platter? as if.”
  • MC eats a few more chips thoughtfully
  • “well if your nickname has no real meaning than i might as well just call you whatever i want”
  • Seven pauses
  • this sounds like trouble
  • “anyway, i’m gonna make lunch. you want anything, Eight?”
  • “really, MC? eight? thats the best you can do?”
  • he shakes his head in disappointment
  • “sorry, i shouldve known. i wont make a joke that lame ever again, Six-hundred and Sixty-Six”
  • a smile creeps onto Seven’s face
  • “maybe you should stick to Seven. it’s a lucky number, after all”
  • “really? my lucky number is sixty-nine. anyway, ill catch ya later, agent Four Twenty”
  • the smirk on Seven’s face grows as he returns to typing


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Could you do the veteran boys reactions to their S/o's unexpected pregnancy announcement? Thanks and keep up the amazing work :)

Erwin: He probably faints, but it’s manly fainting! When he wakes up though he would jump for joy and give his s/o a billion kisses. He would ask a bunch of questions like “when did you find out? how far along are you? do you know the gender” etc etc.

Levi: His eyes would widen and he might choke on his tea. He might say something like. “pregnant? like….like with a baby? are you sure it’s mine?” After things get cleared up and the sting from his slapped cheek wore off he would quietly be happy about it and hug his s/o for like 3 hours straight.

Mike: He could already smell it (idk) He probably had an inkling that something had changed about his partner but he couldn’t really tell what it was. When he heard the news he would be so happy, he’d pick up his s/o and twirl them around. 

Hanji: She probably planned it out the whole time, so she would be happy that her plans were effective. Or she could have no idea and be really stunned. A baby!? Someone to teach all her titan-knowledge to!? How joyous!

JJBA Stone Ocean, Vol. 3 Impressions

I Like How Jolyne’s Lawyer Is Marked As “Evil Lawyer” On This Handy-Dandy Chart

But Is The Amulet Alright

Jolyne Has Some Criticisms Of Your Dadding

Shots Fired!

Maybe You Had Prophetic Dreams

I’ve… What Did You…?


“What Came Out Of You Is All Mine Now”


Go On Without Me

Jolyne Does Not Have Time For Your Shit Right Now, Sniper

(Manly Fainting Noise)

Prisoners Of Love. Blue Skies Above. Can’t Keep Our Hearts In Jail.

Jolyne Is CPR Certified



But Why Do You Have Baseball Gear, Jail Child?

Bring. Him. Back.

That’s Not Employee Loyalty, Man

You Bootlegged His Stand

Stealing Hearts From Behind Bars

A Thief!

Many Band-Aids

(Screams At Own Hand)

Urine Trouble

Sticker Shock

Discs Popping Out Of Faces Is Contagious

CD Of Memories


Janitors Aren’t Supposed To Wear Codpieces

And Why Are Your Pants Hairy

And How Did You Get That “M” In Your Hair

M-manful Tears?

What The Fuck

What The Fuuuuuck??


Suicide Is Painful

New Nose


Fancy Meeting You Here, Baseball Boy

Why Are You Flat Now???

Hermes Is Not Having A Very Relaxing Day

Um. Hi.

So. In This Crack In The Wall, We Have A Piano, Three People, And A Lichtenstein Print.

“I Just Sleep In The Piano”

Put Down The Gun!

“Right Now You’re In A House Ghost”

Disc 1, Disc 2

Oops! Still In Range!


At Least Just Pick ONE Method

You’re Bleeding Copiously From The Forearm. That Might Lead To Some Questions.


I’m Not Sure If Underwear Can Cure Suicidal Thoughts

I’m Really Uncomfortable With The Phrase “Piping Hot Pair Of Panties”

Think Of Someone Else JEEZ


I’m Seeing Double

Get The Money. Get The Revenge.

“Those Aren’t My Arms, Bro!”

Charlotte Has Troubling News

I’m So Sorry. I Called Charlotte A Crocodile When She’s Actually An Alligator.

Look Who Got Out Of Solitary

Need Some Ointment For That Burn, Guess?

Why Is It Called A “Like A Virgin?”

“If You Lose Your Wrist, Even Just Going To The Bathroom Will Become An Ordeal!”

You Can’t Just Speed Off Like That!

Press Any Key To Install Stand

Such A Large Collection

More Douche Guards

Nobody Makes My Friend Fall Into Crocodile Shit

You Shouldn’t Try To Deal Drugs Right In Front Of The Guard


Find The Body If You Value Your Hands!

#933: Reaching for you in the dark.
  • Louis: Vibrant dreams cloud his thoughts while he slumbers beneath the darkness. Swirls of colors and playbacks of pictures create a movie in his head (and there's something that has to do with Spiderman and Zayn, but he's not going to admit that -- ever). Things have been stressful lately with the closing of the TMH tour and promotions for the new products and whathaveyou's. It's been hard to smile lately, or focus on himself or what goes on outside of the music industry, but when he dreams... it's like the gloominess melts away and the rain turns into a mist on a hot summer day. It's when he reaches for you in the dark, dreaming of superheros and fighting crime, that he actually smiles -- a genuine, although not quite lucid, smile. He smiles against your shoulder where he curls up and smiles at you in the morning with a, "Dreamt of you."
  • Niall: At three a.m., it is far too cold and it's hard for him to fall back asleep when you've hogged all the covers. (Except, when he does flicker on the light for just a moment and finds you wrapped up in the nice quilt that his mother gave you two for your new flat, he does think you're quite cute -- and might have snapped a mental image for the next time he's on tour and is too impossibly frigid because he doesn't have you to curl up with. Harry might work, but he's no you.) "Babe," he mumbles moments later, encased in the darkness once more. He unravels one end of the blanket from your body and slowly rolls you out of your cocoon. When he touches the skin of your arm, it dawns on him that you're warmer than a lot of things -- a late night snack in the oven, and even the thickest blanket. He reaches for you and wraps himself around you, the quilt on the floor.
  • Liam: It's more in a metaphorical sense. It's not dark, nor is it possible for him to reach you in a condition like this, but you're both aware of each other. He can sniff out your scent almost immediately because he bought you that perfume for your most recent birthday (and spent half of the night licking from your inner thighs to your neck and growling in your ear that you smelt of cupcakes and very sweet things, although you had been very naughty) and recognizes it whenever you walk into the room. You're aware of his presence -- the manliness to him, the faint scent of his cologne, the way everyone else seems to be at ease with him around. It only takes you a few moments to find each other throughout the crowd again, his arm protectively wrapped around your middle. "Got you," he murmurs, blocking out the screaming, "It's like I always find you."
  • Zayn: He's a very particular sleeper; he needs a certain side of the bed and a specific temperature to be radiating throughout the bedroom, but you -- you're like an electric pull -- an invisible silver line -- that creeps into his mind well after midnight and has him clinging back onto the soft slopes of your body. His hands slide down the sides of your sleep shirt (his, really; you went through his closet again and stole the first nice-smelling thing you could find) and soon firmly grasp at your hips, connecting your back to his chest once more. He's not aware that he does this until early morning when he squints his bleary eyes at you and finds you draped over his chest. "You sleep well?" you ask with a smirk, brushing your lips over the faint shadow of his facial hair. He doesn't reply, but nods, and thinks to himself that he'll always be able to find you, even in the dark.
  • Harry: Scorching heat races down your neck when you feel him slide into bed next to you, his hand finding the familiar spot on your lower back. "Don't be mad at me," he murmurs, "I didn't mean what I said." There's a silence that follows his words and you gulp in a breath, knowing that you'll have to reply or else this will blow over uneasily and you really don't want that to happen; "I'm not mad," you whisper back in the dark, letting him pull you in and kiss the bone of your collar. He chuckles faintly at your words, squeezing your hip and letting his hand fall from your back in order to slip it around to your abdomen. (His fingers are always very warm, pressing and tending to the uneasy muscles of your stomach.) "You are mad at me. And that's okay." He pauses, kissing your neck. "I'll fix it 'fore morning even comes around." His hand slips up your shirt and you give in.

AN: Sasuke with tattoos gives Kia life!


Hinata would not - could not take another moment listening to the blasting music next door. She had snapped three pencils because when a new song started it scared her half to death.

The petite woman got up and prepared herself mentally. “Hinata,” she coached herself. “All you can do is a-ask politely and…” She trailed off. Whoever her neighbor was…he or she could be a murderer and had been waiting on the day when she got fed up and went over so it was an easy kill.

Hinata grounded herself. At least if she was dead then she could live without that noise.

With her mind made up, Hinata walked out of her apartment and knocked on the very next door. She knew her little knock wasn’t loud enough for them to hear over that trash so she waited until the sound ended.

It seemed like forever but it finally ended and she finally knocked. There was the sound of footsteps from the other side. Hinata clenched her fist just in case she had to hit them before they hit her.

The door swung open and a man maybe her age, maybe a head taller and completely shirtless stood in front of her. “What?” His voice was just as dark as his eyes and messy hair.

“Ano… I-I… I,” she fumbled and took comforted in pointing her index fingers together. Strange tattoos started at the crook of his neck and went down both arms, his chest and sides. “Y-you-”

“Spit it out.”

She looked up at him. “Can you please turn down y-your music!” She squeaked. “Please…”

He leaned against the door frame. “You’re my neighbor, right?”

She nodded. “See… See, I h-have very-“

He raised a dismissive hand and spoke, “Fine.”


He nodded and grabbed the doorknob. “Fine.” With that he closed the door. Hinata smiled to herself and went back to her apartment-

-only to find it locked. “No, no, no.” She whispered. “No…” She pressed her forehead against the door and sighed. There was no way she could call anyone because her phone is sitting beside her keys, which was on the kitchen table.

Weighing her options and deciding that bothering that man was NOT one of them, she slid down the door and hugged her knees. “Karma…you w-work too fast,” she groaned.

The landlord would back in the morning! She just had to wait until eight! Thinking about the fact that it was barely pushing 9PM made her stomach hurt.

She rest her head on her knees and began to reflect on her neighbor. He wasn’t a killer…maybe? He had a crazy amount of tattoos so he might be addicted to them? He was pretty handsome if you look past all the black darkness.

He was the only neighbor that she has met, kind of. All of her other neighbors were always at work or about to leave for it. “Can’t get much worst,” she mumbled.

Then the heavy vent came on blowing out icy air. Hinata whimpered and rubbed her bare arms. That was her fault.

Suddenly her neighbors door opened. He was fully dressed now. Black hoodie and ripped jeans. Onyx eyes fell on her but that’s all. He closed his door and even made his keys jingle.

She buried her head further because maybe she’ll curl up and disappear. She gasped feeling something heavy fall on her head.

Honestly, she thought it was a trash bag and he was going to suffocate her but the fabric was cotton. Hinata grabbed the material from her head and looked for her neighbor. He was already walking down the hall.

He had on a simple blue shirt. Her eyes went back to the hoodie currently in her hands. It smelled good…manly despite the faint scent of smoke. She stared at it for a long time.

That was pretty nice of him…

Unless he wanted a favor in return! She squeezed the hoodie. “No…” She sighed and draped it over her freezing shoulders. After a few fail attempts, Hinata finally put it on and was engulfed in his scent.

It was way too big for her but it was warm. Hinata sighed sadly. “I never got his name…”

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Klaus is begrudgingly giving blood to the Red Cross, thanks to his annoying sister. He didn't expect to meet the beautiful, blonde nurse who is apparently immune to his charms...

I love this prompt, @misssophiachase, and I hope you like how it turned out! My alma mater consistently holds record-setting blood drives, so this drabble is based on those experiences. Stuffy gyms, hundreds of people, and dizzying blood loss…fond memories. Giving blood can save lives, and I highly encourage everyone to consider it!

Free Cookies || Klaroline

The line was long, the room was stuffy, and his phone had just died.

“Bekah, give me your phone,” Klaus demanded gruffly, shifting in his uncomfortable plastic chair.

“No, Nik,” his sister snapped. “I can see an empty bed, which means you’re probably up next. Quit being a baby.”

“You think you’d be nicer to me since I’m doing you a favor and all,” he groaned.

Rebekah scoffed as she flipped through her magazine. “It’s not my fault they won’t let me give blood because I don’t meet the weight requirements,” she said, not sounding proud in the slightest.

“It is your fault that you’re part of a sorority that requires you to give blood or find a replacement,” he pointed out.

Her retort is cut off by one of the blood drive workers calling Klaus’s name. “Mikaelson, we’re ready for you in bed eight,” he said, pointing to the empty lawn-chair contraption Rebekah had noticed earlier.

“I’m going to check in with my president and let her know that you’re covering my donation,” Rebekah said, already walking away. “I’ll get you an orange juice.”

Rolling his eyes, Klaus made his way over to his designated bed and situated himself upon it. He huffed in boredom, without even his phone to distract him. Looking around, he could find anyone paying him any attention. “Does the blood magically leave my body or what?”

“It can violently leave your body if you keep up that attitude,” a feminine voice said from behind him.

He turned, finding a beautiful blonde nurse raising an unimpressed eyebrow. “Sorry,” he said, attempting to appear contrite. “I’ve just been waiting for a long time, and I’m ready to get this over with.”

“Little tip,” the nurse said as she prepped his station with bandages and a stress ball. “Don’t get snippy with the nurses during blood drives. You’re my tenth donor today, and it’s barely noon. I don’t need the sass when we’re doing our best to keep the line moving.”

“Noted,” he said, properly abashed. “My phone died, so I’m less patient than I ought to be.”

She plopped a water bottle in his hands. “Get over it and drink,” she said, shrugging. “The more hydrated you are, the faster this whole thing will go.”

Klaus followed her orders as she finished her preparations. He took the stress ball she offered.

“If you squeeze that repeatedly,” she said, arranging his arm on her tray with the blood pressure cuff, “then it should help me find a vein.”

“Have you been doing this long,” Klaus asked. She looked young, though no less stunning in her pink scrubs.

“I’m actually a nursing student,” she answered without looking. “I think I found a winner.”

“Already? I don’t even know your name, love.”

She snorted at his lame pick-up, the smile brightening her entire face. “I was talking about the vein I’m about to stick a needle into,” she clarified. “Are you ready?”

Klaus chuckled, nodding. “Have at it, sweetheart.”

“My name is Caroline,” she insisted just as she broke the skin in his arm with the needle. “Enough with the pet names.”

“I’m Klaus,” he replied in kind, though trying not to look at the blood coursing through the tube. “So, you’re a nursing student here at Whitmore?”

“Yup,” she said, popping her lips. “What about you? You look a bit old to be undergrad.”

Klaus coughed out a laugh at her brash statement. “My sister’s a freshman here,” he admitted. “I own a gallery in Richmond.”

“Let me guess,” Caroline teased as she checked the progress of his blood bag. “She’s one of the sorority pledges too tiny to give blood?”

“Know something about that love,” Klaus asked with a smirk.

“Caroline,” she corrected with a playful glare. “And I may have done my own cajoling for replacement donors back in the day. You’re about halfway through, by the way.”

“Great,” Klaus answered faintly, leaning back to rest.

Caroline leaned forward, pushing the curls back from his forehead. He looked clammy and pale. “Klaus, are you okay?”

“Fine, sweetheart,” he flirted.

“Lightheaded,” she pushed. “Dizzy?”


His eyes rolled back as he fainted, and Caroline quickly maneuvered his chair back for him to lie flat.


A young blonde came bounding up, shaking the bottle of orange juice in her hand. “Is he okay,” she asked frantically.

“He’s just a little woozy,” Caroline assured her. “Can you help me prop his feet up?”

When he came to, Rebekah was the first person he saw.

“I’m so sorry, Nik,” she said, noticing he was waking up. Caroline had given her damp paper towels to put over his eyes, and she quickly removed them. “I didn’t think you’d pass out.”

“Don’t worry,” Caroline’s voice said from his other side. Luckily, she was smiling down at him. “It was a very manly fainting.”

Klaus huffed in amusement. “Small victories, I suppose,” he croaked. “Would this be a bad time to ask you out, then?”

Caroline opened her mouth to answer, only to shut it again. Flirting with an attractive man with a sexy accent was one thing, but she hadn’t expected to get a date from him. “I- You’re still suffering from blood loss.”

“Come on, love,” he teased, slowly sitting up. “I just swooned at your mere presence. That’s got to be worth at least a dinner.”

Smile twisting in flattered humor, Caroline bit her lip pensively. She looked at her watch before meeting his earnest eyes. “I’ve got a fifteen minute break now,” she finally said. “You’re definitely owed some cookies and juice. Who knows? You might just earn dinner after all.”

He did earn that dinner date, as well as the last first kiss he would ever have when he dropped her off at home.

Their “how we met” story was a little bloodier than most, but Rebekah took pride in technically arranging their introduction. It certainly made Klaus more inclined to grant her favors, since giving blood had turned out so well for him.

In the long run, anyway.