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Everything's Gonna be Alright

The TV was on, open to some news channel, and students were strewn about the room. Midoriya sat on the couch, discussing the pros and cons of highly defensive costumes with Kaminari and Kirishima. Ashido was on her phone, trying to ignore Mineta, who was pulling balls out of his head and tossing them at people around the room lazily. Jirou leaned against the coffee table and started flipping through channels, but stopped on another news channel when nothing interested her, until another report came in.

“Next up, an interview with Miss Mizu Kanada. Mizu Kanada will be the first transgender woman to play a leading role in a film by a major film company. Her quirk, Self-Hydro, allows her to manipulate the water contents of her body, making her an ideal actress for emotionally charged dramas. The film, One Small Step, is set to air on Ja-

“Agh, turn it off, will you, Jirou? I don’t wanna hear a story about some tranny.”

The room froze, and everyone slowly turned to look at Mineta. Even Todoroki couldn’t have made the room colder.

“Wh-what did you say?” Midoriya choked out the words, and Jirou could sense his anxiety rising.

“I said, I don’t wanna hear a story about some tranny,” Mineta repeated. “Those people are messed up in the head, thinking they’re some gender they aren’t.”

“What the hell, dude?! You can’t go saying that about people,” Kirishima stood up defensively, and Jirou soon did too, though she remained silent. She was fuming, but her throat had closed up from rage.

“Calm down, Kirishima, I’m saying the truth,” Mineta replied, too oblivious to realize no one was taking his side. “Men like that are just trying trick guys like us, you know? Who would want to go on a date only realize that she’s actually a he?”

The room exploded, people shouting at Mineta for his idiocy. The carpet beneath Todoroki’s feet began to smolder, and Dark Shadow had grown bigger than Jirou had ever seen it in the light. The couch was slowly dissolving under Ashido’s tight grip, and Yaoyorozu was already giving a lecture on the western construct of the gender binary, with Iida right behind her, nodding and corroborating her every word. But despite the loud bombardment of criticism around her, the only person Jirou had her eyes on was Midoriya. He was curled up in the corner of the couch, arms tightly wrapped around himself, as though trying to hide inside of himself. Tears streamed silently down his face, and Jirou could tell this wasn’t the first time he’d been in this position. Jirou had an idea growing in her head from his reaction, but refused to let her guesses cloud her judgement of him, whether she was right or not. She glanced at Kirishima, who had also been watching him, and they nodded as they slowly approached him.

Jirou kneeled down to his level, and in a soft voice said “Hey, Midoriya, wanna come to my room and get away from this?”

The boy gulped and nodded, slowly unwrapping himself from his self-imposed prison. Kirishima took his hand and pulled him to his feet, shielding him from the ferocious crowd as Jirou led the way to her room.

Jirou closed the door softly behind and let out a quiet sigh, thankful to be away from the noise, though she was glad it was there as well. Despite her quirk and penchant for hard rock, she wasn’t one for noisy crowds. But she’d put up with this for hours if it meant Mineta got what was coming to him. Kirishima led Midoriya, still shaking with his arms wrapped tight around himself, to her bed as he sat beside him, and Jirou turned her chair from her desk and faced the two. Midoriya’s breaths were shuddery, and she could here him muttering to himself, trying to control his breathing. Though he was still shaking a bit, Midoriya gave them a wavering smile.

“Th-thanks a lot, g-guys. I really needed to g-get out of there.”

“It’s no problem, bro. Anything to help out a friend,” Kirishima gave him his signature shark-tooth grin, and his smile grew just a bit wider. But Jirou was still concerned. Midoriya’s breathing still hadn’t returned to normal, and his hands seemed to be grabbing at something on his chest.

“Midoriya, is we can do to help right now? Play music, find a teacher…”

“Actually, could you get me something to drink?”

“Yeah, sure,” Jirou hopped to her feet and went to her mini fridge. “Any requests?”

“No, anything is fine,” He gave her a smile, but she knew there was something else he wanted to say. She grabbed a seltzer and handed it to him, but he didn’t open it right away. Instead, he stared at his hands, going numb from the cold can. “Actually, guys, there’s something I wanna tell you.”

Midoriya took a deep breath, and said, “I’m… trans. I’m a trans guy.”

Kirishima grabbed his shoulder, surprising Midoriya. “Thanks for telling us, man. I’m glad you trust us.”

Jirou sent him her warmest smile, one she saved for moments like these. “Same here. And know we’ve always got your back.”

Midoriya stared in wide-eyed astonishment, as if he wasn’t expecting such calm understanding and support. Then began to cry. “Thank you guys so much! I was so scared to come out to the class, I was worried Kacchan would out me before I was ready or no one would support me or they’d make me stay in a girl’s dorm or I’d ha-”

“Woah, calm down there, buddy,” Kirishima patted him lightly on the back. “Nothing to worry about. We won’t say a word till you’re ready.”

How sweet, thought Jirou, but she began to remember what brought them to her room in the first place. “Midoriya, is there anything you want us to do about Mineta? I don’t wanna out you to a teacher or anything, but someone’s gotta hear about this.”

Midoriya’s smile didn’t fade at her question, and Jirou was glad he was calm enough to take the next step. “I… think I’ll tell Mr. Aizawa. Or All Might. They both know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to Mineta, but honestly… knowing he thinks that about me, I don’t feel safe living a few doors down from someone who thinks I’m in the wrong dorm.”

“Do you want me to get one of them now?”

“No, I’ll find one of them later. Thank you. But,” he turned to Kirishima. “There is something I want to ask. You were the first person to stand up, or say something. Even when you weren’t sure if someone was gonna agree with Mineta, even when you didn’t know there was a trans person in the room, you still stood up for what was right. Why?”

Kirishima blushed, humbled by the compliment. “Ah, well… I gotta little sister who’s trans, see? And she’s like, the most important person in my life. There are things that she’s done to live as herself that I could probably never do. So, when he said that, it was like a punch to the gut. My sister is a real girl, no matter what fuckwads like Mineta say.” Then, as an afterthought, “Excuse my language.”

Midoriya nodded, happy to hear he had experience as an ally. At least he didn’t have to worry about him asking invasive questions. And seeing as Jirou was a rather private person herself, he didn’t feel like he would have to worry about her either. Bakugou already knew, of course, and he was forever thankful it was the one thing about him Bakugou never beat him up over. Of course, he knew Mineta would never let him see the end of it if he ever found out, which Midoriya did not plan on letting happen. That left 15 classmates to worry about.

Jirou could see the fear hadn’t completely left his face yet, lines of worry creasing around his eyes. She desperately reached for something to say, but she knew this was new to her, and she didn’t want to mess up. “Uh, Midoriya… I’ve never really had experience with this kinda thing, but, I just wanna know that I will always back you up on this, no matter what you want to do. I’m sure Kirishima agrees.” He nodded vigorously in agreement. “If anyone in our class gives you a problem, just let us know, and we can deal with them. Even Bakugou. And especially Mineta.” She punched her palm for emphasis.

Midoriya shook his head with a small chuckle. “Thank you, Jirou, but don’t don’t think that will be necessary. I hope it won’t be. Everyone was so pissed at Mineta, at least I know they don’t hate trans people. I just hope they don’t mind their classmate being trans. But let’s forget this for now. I’ll let them deal with Mineta out there. For now, I’m just happy to know I have some friends on my side. Could I… do you guys mind if I ask for a hug?” He asked shyly.

Kirishima’s eyes sparkled like he’d gotten his hero license. He swung his arm around Midoriya, pulling him close, and grabbed Jirou’s sleeve and dragged her to her bed, squeezing the pair with all his might. “I’m always here if you need a hug Midoriya!” Was he… crying?

Jirou was so baffled by her classmate’s tears, she couldn’t help but laugh. “So much for your ‘manly’ image, eh, Kirishima?”

“Hey, what’s unmanly about crying? Midoriya cries all the time, and he’s the manliest guy I know!”

Midoriya was so stunned by the comment, he began to laugh through the joyful tears springing from his eyes, and soon, the three friends were laughing their heads off, not a care in the world. And Midoriya knew, somehow, everything would be okay.

(Translation) Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~ tokuten

Tokuten title: ポヨポヨのお料理教室ぽよ

T/N: Commissioned! This only has 1 track and it is safe for work. mezurashii isn’t it? lmao. It’s from an otome game called Period Cube. I originally intended to keep it private since there’s only 1 track, but the commissioner wanted everyone who loves this game to enjoy this translation as well, so let’s thank their kind soul! :>

Excluding the MC, there are 3 characters involved, which is Zain, Hiroya, and Poyopoyo. There’s actually another character called Domina, but they don’t have an active dialogue in this tokuten. I like Hiroya ok…. I just… do. You’ll understand why when you listen.

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The Boys from 105 (Part II)

(Part I)

Prompt: Bucky and reader get closer by a bad incident. Part II is much fluffier than I expected.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: physical fighting and man tries to have his way with the reader

Word Count: 1215


The Boys from 105

At night neither you or y/f/n could sleep with all the banging that was happening around you guys. The people from 103 were getting it so hard you were debating if the screams from the woman were actually from pleasure or was it just full on screams for help. There were times where you’d pull out your phone ready to call the police but y/f/n would say it was just a couple of crazy seniors.

“I swear if this is how they’re going to be every night, I’m complaining. Heck, there shouldn’t even be girls in guy’s dorms.” You groaned getting up from your bed and reheating the now cold black coffee. “We shouldn’t even be here.”

“I’m not complaining, our neighbors are H O T T I E S.” Y/f/n said in a sing-along voice.

The timer on the microwave went off, “God no, Steve reminds me of a big marshmallow.” You pulled out the mug from the microwave, taking a sip of the bitter drink.

“So you like the other one?”

“Hell no, he’s an asshole.” You went back to bed placing the mug back on the nightstand. “Plus they’re all probably fuckboys. I mean it hasn’t even been a day since we got here and the guys are already having their fun.”

“Yeah but those are the guys from 103.” Y/f/n took a sip of your coffee.

“Hey!” You took the mug out of her hands. “Anyways all guys are the same.”

“Y/n, they seem like nice guys. We should get to know them better.”

“The only nice guys in the world are the guys in Scott’s pack. Now shh Stiles is speaking.” The two of you went quiet enjoying season 5 of teen wolf.

It was a good 2 hours of teen wolf when the wifi went off. “NOOOO! SCOTT WAS ABOUT TO KISS KIRA!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. “OH MY GOD.” Y/f/n screamed back because you screamed. And then you screamed back because she did.

It took a few seconds before the two of you realized there was no danger and busted out laughing. “Oh god, you scared me.” You would say in between laughs.

There was a sudden knock at the door, “Is everything alright in there?” Both you and y/f/n looked at each other not recognizing the voice. You got up on your feet and went towards the door looking through the peephole and saw a hot older guy wearing no shirt and his jeans were way below his waist. Without the shirt, you noticed a well defined 8 pack.

You opened the door, “Hello,” you said as you awkwardly waved “sorry about the commotion. The wifi went off on a good part of the tv show. I’m Y/n by the way.”

The guy chuckled, “I’m John, your next door neighbor.”
“Here if I can step outside.” The guy made way for you as you shut the door behind you. “My friend and I were about to check on how to connect the wifi but now that you’re here, do you mind checking it out?”

“If I can check other things out.” He checked your body, as you noticed you were wearing your sleeping gown that cut way above your knee and showed much of your breasts.

“Uh….” You saw him getting closer to you and the next thing you knew was that your back hit the door leaving you trapped.

In the distance, you heard Steve’s laughter and Bucky’s voice. “Uh…..” You repeated to yourself. “Come on just one night, you and me. I’ll give you the best sex you’ll ever have.”

“I uh…” All you wanted was for one of the two to at least help you but they were still far away to see you. John’s hand was on your thigh making circled with his thumb as his other hand massaged your breast. His lips found way to your sensitive spot on your neck. His body was pressed against yours as you wiggled trying to get away but failed.

“Hey, buddy stop. I’m no-” Someone interrupted you.

“You heard her, fuck off John.” You heard Bucky’s voice yell as he made way up to you guys. John looked up at his name was called finally pulling away from your neck, knowing damn well there were hickeys.

“And if I don’t sophomore?” John went back kissing your neck as you tried getting away from him. “Stop it!” You yelled.

Bucky had seen enough and charged his way up to John peeling him off of you and throwing him against the wall. “How do you feel about that?” He punched John on his nose multiple times and then proceeded to punch his face. “Now not so manly, eh?” You looked at Steve who simply shrugged and took a sip of his Slurpee.

John didn’t go down without a fight and started getting the upper hand when he pushed Bucky and fell down with him punching Bucky’s stomach. “This is where it gets fun.” Steve came up to you.

The fight went on for a few more minutes, both very bruised when Bucky gave the last punch on John’s cheek. “Okay! Okay! I’m done. She’s not even pretty.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that.” Bucky let his fist collide with John’s ribs noticing he had knocked John to unconscious. Steve took on the role to put John  back in his apartment.

Now alone, Bucky came up to you caressing your cheeks, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, thank you.” You frowned staring at his bruise that covered his face and arms. “Oh god Bu-”

“What’s all the commotion?” Y/f/n peeked from the door and looked at you and then at Bucky. “Damn y/n, I knew you could fight but I didn’t know you could look as good as when you started and leave the man like this.” She pointed at Bucky.

“I’ll explain later.” You laughed giving her the look to leave the two of you alone, and so she did  “You look like shit.” You touched one of his bruises in which he flinched at the pain. “Sorry,” You lightly smiled at him. “here come on in and let me help you.”

Bucky didn’t protest as you led him inside carefully not wanting to trip on the empty boxes. “Take a seat.” You pointed at the chair near your desk. He sat down, “Y/f/n where is the first aid kit?”

“In the cabinet.”
You made way towards the bathroom opening the cupboard and instantly finding it. “Here it is.” You went back to where you left Bucky and nursed his wounds.

“God, don’t you think that was a little overboard?” You asked when he hissed for the 100th time without saying a single word.

“He tried raping you. He got what he deserved.” That was pretty much all he said while he was there.

“Wait what!” Y/f/n asked but you ignored her, tending to his wounds.

You went towards the ‘kitchen’ and grabbed a bottle of pills. “Here are some painkillers.” You handed him 2 pills and a glass of water.

“Thank you.”

An hour or so passed by as you tended his wounds before you walked him to his dorm helping him walk by placing his arm above your shoulder giving him support. You knocked on the door and Steve took it from there as you said your farewells.

You opened the door back to your dorm, “So what was that all about?”


Part 3 should be put in a few days

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Exo reaction on you, when you sit alone at the bar.
External image

D.o: should I go to her or maybe not…?

External image

ChanYeol: Hey Girl are you alone? 

External image

Chen: *sit next to you* two drinks, please. I don’t understand why such a pretty Girl like you being alone at a bar.

External image

Kai: wanna dance?

External image

Suho: She looks poor. And alone too…. maybe I spend her a drink.

External image

Xiumin: Hay Cutie! I’m Xiumin. Why is a pretty Girl like you alone at the bar? 

External image

Luhan: *so shy but tries to be manly. but failed* hey… eh… nice hair style…

External image

Healin Unicorn <3 Lay: Why I’m at the club? *sit next to you and smile at you*

External image

Kris: Hey Beauty, wanna come with me to Galaxy ?

External image

Sehun: She sit alone. so that means she has no friends? 

External image

TAO: *sooooo shy* eh… I… hay… *can’t say anything*

External image

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Luhan is manly, eh? >_<

He says he is manly with a serious face but he is not:

he is that kinda cute little kid <3 





But then… i saw a tag “#SexyLuhan” and i was like: “there aint sexy one, only cute little deer <3”

i clicked it and saw these:

that look… *dies 1000099854 times*

i didn´t make it alive. I WAS DEAD WRONG, he is manly, he is sexy *.*

even his belt has an M what means MANLY.

i tought lulu was our little cute baby deer, but naahh, he is the sexiest beast alive. 

Hi, bye

//Sini Exotic