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One drunk night with all the champions? How does everyone react on alcohol?

We’re going on our old age headcanons to make sure we don’t accidentally make an underage champion drunk!

Makoa: He chugs all the alcohol down to no effect or doesn’t drink at all. No in betweens.

Fernando: Can’t handle his drinks, but he tries to act like he can. Will say he’s just fine and then pass out on the floor.

Barik: He chugs. A funny, manly drunk.

Torvald: Rarely drinks at all and can hardly take it. Often avoids drinking. WHen he does, He only drinks the weakest of alcohol. He becomes super giggly when he does so.

Ruckus: Underage.

Inara: Only drinks the fanciest of drinks. A movie lady when it comes to drinking. She takes it a tad light and always knows when to stop. 

Drogoz: He gets COMPLETELY WASTED, but is an expert at hiding it. Has drinking competitions with Bomb King to see who lasts the longest.

Bomb King: Not really alive, but drinks anyways. He has no idea when to stop drinking, but it doesn’t matter. He literally can’t get drunk. Wins the drinking competitions with Drogoz every time. Risky for him to drink at all, due to his fire. Fire + Alcohol is not good.

Cassie: The know-it-all drunk. She acts like a genius when drunk, and swears she isn’t drunk. 

Kinessa: Shots! (No pun intended.)(Pun totally intended - Mod Ying) When drunk, instantly starts becoming more open than she is stone cold.

Sha Lin: He’s a very ‘cool’ drunk. Any bars are like a 4th home to him. He used to get kicked out of places for hitting on literally all of the women there.

Viktor: Drinks and nearly blacks out from drinking, but literally nobody notices. Very, very small hangover after. Once again nobody sees.

Tyra: When drunk, constantly brags and boasts about her hunting victories.

Evie: VERY boastful drunk. Even more boastful than Tyra. Won’t stop talking about herself. At all.

Skye: Sad drunk. She drinks a lot, maybe too much. Cries about her problems. Grabs the closest person and complains endlessly.

Androxus: He doesn’t drink at all. He prefers laughing at the antics of the other drunk champions.

Buck: ONLY hard drinks. Passes out and wakes up feeling like he took a sledgehammer to the face.

Maeve: Underage.

Mal’Damba: No drinking. Only spiritual drinks. If he did drink alcohol, Wekono would be furious with him.

Pip: Underage.

Grover: DO trees get drunk..? His leaves get a bit wilted if he drinks too much.

Grohk: Angry drunk. Very aggressive. He’s mad at everyone. Don’t touch him. 

Ying:  Her and Torvald just hang out in the corner. laughing at everything and everyone. They’re both very giggly when drunk. Also turns into an existentialism nightmare. 

BTS- You’re just trying too hard to act masculine (male reader)(Reaction)

✥ JIN: When you suddendly decided to walk in a cheesy manly way (and fails to do that)  to the kitchen, the boy could not hide his confusion. “Y/N what the hell are you trying to do?”

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Thor, the arbiter of manliness

Tony convinced Thor that appletinis are the most manly of Midgardian beverages. Thor was delighted by this because, after all, they are delicious. After Thor was seen downing appletinis in several NYC bars and clubs, they eventually became the preferred drink of manly men everywhere, because who’s going to argue with Thor? Midwestern biker bars seem to have become particularly enamored of the apple green goodness. 

So far Tony has been silent on whether or not he had this result in mind the whole time. 

Imagine: Getting Dean hooked on “Girly” Drinks

“Stop being a tough guy, just try it,” you shove your brightly colored drink towards Dean.
“Fine, fine,” he grabbed the glass from you, eyeing the straw oddly.
“What’s wrong now?”
“There’s no manly way to drink out of a straw…”
“Then take a sip from the side of it, whatever makes you feel better, macho-man.”
Reluctantly, he took a small sip of the fruity drink, an instantly look of surprise on his face.
“So there’s no alcohol in this?”
“Actually Dean, there’s like 3 kinds of alcohol in that bright little drink.”
He took another sip, “this is really good, what is it?”
“Midtown Muse.”
“Why with the girly names? You know that’s the only reason men don’t drink these, the names are embarrassing.”
“Sex on the beach.”
“Sounds hot, but not a drink I’d ever ask for.”
“Fuzzy Navels.”
“That’s just weird.”
“Slippery Nipple.”
“Are… are you flirting with me?”
“Nope these are all drinks, lets see, red headed slut, liquid viagra, the leg spreader.”
“You’ve got to be joking…”
The waitress walked over and Dean quickly slid your drink back to you.
“You all set here?” The blooming redheaded waitress asked as she ogled at Dean.
“Actually, can I get a red headed slut?” You quickly ask, “Oh never mind, I’ve already found one.”
She shot you a look of disgust and you matched it with a glare that could’ve froze hell over. Silently, she walked away. You smirked and looked back at Dean.
“Son of a bitch,” he let out a breathy chuckle, “Remind me not to piss you off.”
“So what do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well let’s start you with sex on the beach, and go from there.”
“I’m not ordering that, I’ll get mugged. Will you go order it for me?”
“And what’s going to happen when I get it back to the table?”
“I don’t know, just leave it in front of you and I’ll steal it once in a while.”
“Nope, you want a ‘girly drink’,” you threw up quotes, “then you go get it.”
He walked to the bar, ordered a sex on the beach 'for his girl’ and got a beer. As he walked back to the table he set the beer in front of himself and the brightly colored mixed drink in front of you.
“Thank you, but I thought you were drinking this?”
“I am, just, keep it in front of you,” he took a small sip and set it back down in front of you.
You grabbed the beer and took a large swallow of it, then set it in front of you. He watched as you slid the fruity drink in his direction.
“Y/n, come on.”
“What? It’s not like you’re going to score with me sitting across from you anyways, you might as well just embrace it.”


Girly Drinks vs Manly Drinks.