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Anime Gifs of the Day #90

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the above pictures. The credit goes to the original creators of each and thus will be considered theirs. Enjoy the gifs!

My drill will pierce the heavens!

See ya Space Corgis!

93. Involving a Hooker

Hook up

Word Count: 1,985
Written by: @dragonsrequiem
A/N: Well, no. 90 is about a hooker, so I sort of included it? But I couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of praise kink, because the thought of Bucky singing your praises while you’re in the sack just sounded too good to pass up. Warnings: Smut. Duh

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When the night began, you expected another night undercover, helping Natasha. You’d been told that a familiar face would be approaching you, and no matter what you were not to drop the prostitute persona this evening; if you dropped the act, the mission would be a failure. Well, you’d spent enough time with the Avengers to know that mission failure could be a major problem for the world, so you guessed you were stuck helping.

So now you stood on this stupid street corner, wearing a dress that left little to the imagination while you wished you could be back in your nice quiet room, curled up in front of the fake fireplace in comfy pjs with the latest book you couldn’t put down. There was a character who rather reminded you of Steve’s friend, Bucky, and unlike you the character was fixing to get some from the guy she liked. Your mind started wondering, but your “Wanna play?” smile flashed absently at any guy who approached. After all, how could they know that the twinkle in your eyes was because you were thinking of the things you’d like to do to your longtime crush?

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Preferred hair products for the chocobros!
  • Noctis: A hand, he just slicks his own hand through his hair and bam! Insta-luscious locks!
  • Prompto: EVERY HAIR PRODUCT IMAGINABLE!!! Looks great, but smells like gasoline.
  • Gladiolus: Mud, dirt, "manly" hair products. Combines them together, forming the "Gladio Mix, The Ultimate Smell Experience"
  • Ignis: Simple mixture of one or two hair products bought before the fall. They kind of hold sentimental value to him.
A story about love //Chapter 3// (Vatya/Trixya) - Polly

Author’s note: I don’t know what to tell you my dudes, but this is 4.4k which has to count for something. Leave comments and the such if you feel up for it! I hope you enjoy rollercoasters. xx

Song: Friends - Ed Sheeran (Katya)

(NON AU; Katya, Violet, Trixie; she/her)

Summary: ‘They had done it all. Staying up until the sun rises just to talk. Learning how much milk belonged into the other ones perfect coffee.

And Violet had known every time. Violet had thought about saying it every time. But Violet had never told Katya that she loved her.

She looks at Trixie smiling at Katya while Katya’s arm is around her waist and wonders if things would be different if she would have.’

This is not a love story. This is a story about love.

Catch up: Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 //

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anonymous asked:

hey Mel! this is going to sound sooooooo stupid but I noticed you have a IMDbPro. Can you tell us how tall each of the guys are? Because Google lies and I really want to know! thanks babe xoxoxoxo

oh hiiiii! there are no stupid questions at all, and i am happy to be the facilitator of any and all additional extraness that you may want to have about things.

Please keep in mind that I’m 185% sure this is how tall some of 1D wishes they were, like how I tell people that I have hazel eyes, but really you know, and i know, and the whole world knows they are brown with shades of more brown put in there for interest.


Let’s start with Liam “Daddy Trash Can Lid Hands” Payne, the love of my life and facilitator of my future death:

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Caption: Liam, as he waves goodbye to my lifeless corpse after one of his spirited vocal runs. Photo credit: My fantasies.

Height: 5’ 9½”, with the 9½” being the actual height of his dick. IM KIDDING, IM KIDDING, OHMYGOD IM KIDDING. He’s probably that tall. I’m too distracted by how he is the perfect combination of manly lumberjack who built this very log cabin you’re standing in an afternoon on a whim because a meadow of wildflowers moved him to create with his hands more and disinterested billionaire playboy who has a garage full of high-end sports cars he uses to drive over my heart. 

Harry “Magical Light-filled Dancing Cupcake of Happiness” Styles:

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Caption: Harry dancing whitely as I make fond cooing noises in between crying. Photo credit: My womb. 

Height: 5’ 11" . My analysis based on no proof whatsoever is that he’s probably really that tall. Either that or he’s putting shoe lifts made of woven kale into his glitter boots for extra height. Either way, I support him because we both like sparkly things, being nice to people and to show off our boobs. 

Zayn “Beautiful Lab Created Hologram of My Eventual Doom” Malik:

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Caption: There isn’t one because I temporarily passed out after looking at this gif. Photo credit: POORLY SPELLED CPAS LCK SCRMEAING

Height: 5’ 9". If imdbPro is telling me this is true, then my whole life has been a lie and we probably didn’t even land on the moon. I once saw Zayn, beautiful hologram, precious dippin’ dot of unsurpassed beauty, outside of a super trendy restaurant in my neighborhood. So you can be proud of me, I can absolutely report that I pretended to be cool even though as I write this I am wearing fleece pajamas with dancing polar bears on them. He is so SMOL, you guyz. A  mere wisp, a far off, razor-scooter riding star in the brightest of galaxies. My tiniest of sons and #1 Liam Payne stan.  I look forward to them sprinkling my ashes on his Vevo channel this year. 

Louis “I don’t have a nickname for him because I can’t eat fruit snacks and think at the same time” Tomlinson:

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Caption: Louis judging me for the fact I just missed my mouth entirely while eating this snack. Photo credit: My inner consciousness. 

Height: 5’ 7¾". My grinch heart grew 3 sizes just now because tiny thimble sized Lewis wanted to make sure they recorded those ¾". I want to swaddle him in Adidas hoodies and tuck him into a race car bed with a soccer mobile above it. I am also fully aware this post will come back to haunt me and Louis himself will probably roast me until my eyebrows are singed off for it. SUCH A TINY ANGRY KITTEH.

Neill “I don’t have a nickname because i want to savor the taste of this Capri Sun I’ve got” Horan:

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Caption: Niall, after discovering that I once tried to sext someone by typing out the lyrics to an LFO song.  Photo credit: My low key humiliation.

Height: 5’ 8". MellyGrant Analysis: He’s probably that tall. I don’t really know that much about Neill (WHO EVEN DOES, HE’S LIKE THE WIND), other than he seems really happy and sometimes likes to dress like a newsboy from The Great Depression. Sometimes I think, if I went to his address and asked for him, an old man would answer the door and go “Niall Horan? There’s no Niall Horan here. He died in 1862.”

I hope this super long, great American novel length answer helps. Thanks for stopping by, anon friend. ::thumbs up because im tired and gifs require thinking::

a sample

Imagine Person A, walking back into their room and finding out that Person B as apparently found pictures of them when they were young (being a baby, being a kid), and they’re currently gushing over them. This obviously embarrases Person A very, very much.

“Hoooly shit, that’s a big box.”

“Told you my mama goes overboard with the packages!”

The new house was a mess. They didn’t need more boxes. But Pewds’ family were ever so insistent of mailing a housewarming gift for the two newlyweds. And to be fair, Pewds did warn Cry of potentially back breaking packages to be arriving at their doorstep soon.

But, come on, this was nothing what he had expected. This box wasn’t just a big box. It was at least 3 big boxes morphed into one gigantic box. The Giga Box.

“Mind helping me get this shit inside?” Pewds called over, trying to slip his fingers under the parsel to lift it up. Cry could see that Pewds’ fingers were too delicate to take on the task alone.

“On it, princess.”

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look look I did a thing

when u combine all of exo-k members u will get this handsome flower boy shit

u think that’s nice but look at this impossibly manly crap courtesy of combined exo-m members

and if u r not satisfied yet here’s what u will get when u combine all of exo members


TippiTV #Supernatural recap: "Stairway to Heaven"

Previously on Supernatural:

A bunch of stuff happened that the show is just going to explain again in the episode.

Currently on Supernatural:

We spend kind of a lot of time at a froyo shop where an uptight lady places her fat-free, joy-free order and then berates a little girl for enjoying a sinful sundae. That little girl turns out to be an angel in disguise who basically tells her to make like Michael Jackson and beat it. (Ethical aside: How can little kids give proper consent to angels? I know they did it in Jimmy’s backstory, and the show plays fast and loose with the whole concept of consent anyway, but still.) Another angel comes in – this one in a grown-ass body – and confronts the girl. A moment later, the shops window’s all blow out in a blast of angelic death-light.

After that scene of destruction, the action moves to Sam’s sleeping booty, over which the words “Stairway to Heaven” are laid like a sign over a freeway off-ramp.

Dean startles him awake to say Castiel needs their help again. Dean reminisces about what a “weird, dorky little guy” Castiel is.

They argue a bit about whether or not Dean should take the First Blade. Shouldn’t they just have it handy in case they get their shot at Metatron? And also in case I need to make lewd references to Dean’s bone? Dean reluctantly agrees to leave it behind, but you know he went and grabbed it the instant Sam wasn’t looking.


They get to the froyo shop where a sheriff greets them as Agents Spears and Aguilera because that’s what their “partner” told her with his newfound knowledge of pop culture. The sheriff even points to each of them as she utters their names, like Castiel described them to her so she’d know which was which. (“Aguilera will be the one with long hair, and Spears will be the one you might enjoy seeing in a naughty schoolgirl uniform.”) Castiel shows them all the humans who died in the crossfire, their eyes burned out of their sockets. One of Castiel’s angels – the guy who confronted the little girl – was also killed. “I knew Metatron wanted war,” he says, “but this is abhorrent, even for him!”

Cut to Metatron, in his study, trying on a tan overcoat in front of a mirror.

He hurries to shed the coat when Gadreel barges in, embarrassed like he’d been caught poring over somebody’s porn stash. Gadreel is upset because they’re losing followers to Castiel. Metatron can’t understand it, either. “I mean, sure, he’s cute…” For someone who fancies himself a writer, he doesn’t seem to understand the definitions of some simple words.


Castiel takes Sam and Dean back to the Electric Company and introduces them to Hannah the Palindrome. “The Winchesters – I’ve heard so much about you,” she says.

Hieronymus Borscht snatches from Sam a box of evidence from the froyo crime scene. Hannah mentions that an angel named Josiah is missing. Sam does his computer thing and traces his vessel’s credit card history. Ugh. It’s bad enough these angels use human vessels, but now they’re probably ruining people’s credit scores, too!

Hieronymus comes across a victim’s camera that handily captured the froyo shop attack. The grown-ass angel rips open his coat to expose Enochian symbols sliced into his skin. He shouts, “I do this for Castiel!” and then stabs himself with an angel blade.

Hannah recognizes the little girl – the target of the attack – as one of Metatron’s minions. The whole thing makes Castiel queasy. He proclaims his innocence, but Dean has doubts. He lays into Castiel about his past failings until Sam finally breaks it up.

They take the exposition to Castiel’s office. The self-destructive angel was named Oren, he was a new recruit, he worked at the hospital performing minor miracles, and the symbols served to focus his explosive energy. Dean and Castiel exchange some pretty explosive energy themselves, what with all their hot, angry glaring at each other.


Under Dean’s orders, Sam and Castiel head to Colorado to find Josiah. En route, they talk about how angry Dean seems lately. Like, even more than usual. It’s hot, but also worrisome.


Metatron and Gadreel meet at a bowling alley with angel named Tyrus. Metatron tries – and fails – to get Tyrus and his followers to join him. That he doesn’t just kill all of them on the spot is a sure sign that he’s up to something. Gadreel makes some intensely disapproving faces in the background.

As they’re leaving, a cute angel stops them, rips open his shirt and cries, “I do this for Castiel!” Dude, lots of people probably take off their shirts for Castiel. You have to be more specific! So he then stabs himself and kablooeys half the bowling alley.


Meanwhile, Dean meets with an angel posing as a doctor. She has nothing useful to tell him about Oren, but she has plenty to say about Dean.

Dean knocks her to the floor and points an angel blade at her throat. Pleading for her life, she blabs that Oren was friends with Tessa the reaper.


Sam and Castiel follow Josiah’s trail to – what else? – a decrepit warehouse in Montana. The whole place is radiating Heavenly power, but the two of them fail to breach its doors, even with their combined manly manliness.

As the night wears on, Castiel discovers that there’s a hidden riddle on the outside of the building. “Why is six afraid of seven?” he reads. “It’s because seven eight/ate nine,” Sam answers before Castiel can blather on too long about the nature of prime numbers. The door swings open. “It’s like the Doors of Durin in Lord of the Rings,” Castiel nerdifies.


Dean confronts Tessa before she can get into a high school’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He brings her back to the Electric Company, where Doctor Angel is telling the others about Dean’s rough treatment of her. “I know he’s the Commander’s friend and we’re supposed to pretend we like him,” she starts, but then the Commander’s special friend interrupts. Dean shows them the bomb symbols cut into Tessa’s chest, which he’s defused with a little dermal graffiti.

Sit-and-Chat. I wish they would have used some of this interrogation time to explain why reapers are angels now, but pfft. Instead, Tessa talks about how Castiel personally asked her to carry out this mission.


Sam and Castiel find other traps from pop culture when they explore the warehouse’s interior. This should probably clue them in to the fact that it’s one of Metatron’s tricks, but Castiel is drawn to a door that he believes leads to Heaven.

It actually leads to prom.

The room is decked out with balloons and a disco ball, tinsel and punch bowls. Maybe Metatron thought it would be Dean accompanying Castiel. Somewhat less decoratively, a barbecued Josiah lies slumped in one corner. Castiel attempts to heal him, but Josiah refuses. “I would rather die than owe my life to you,” he says. “You play at being noble, you play at being one of us… but I look into your eyes and I don’t see an angel staring back at me.” Huh. Dean kind of got the same speech from Doctor Angel.


Dean asks why Tessa would be willing to kill herself. “I mean, I’ve been in bad shape, but I’ve never been that low,” he says. Is he saying he’s never been suicidal? Because I would argue otherwise.

She finally confesses that she can hear all the screams of the souls trapped on Earth and can’t take it anymore. Using herself as a suicide bomber to take out some of Metatron’s minions would give her a purpose again, she says. When she refuses to tell him the names of the other angel bombs, he brings out the First Blade he’s been hiding in one of his many layers.

He means to intimidate her, or maybe even torture her, but what does a suicidal person have to lose? She grabs him and skewers herself on the Blade. “Thank you,” she says. At first he’s stunned, horrified when she drops dead at his feet. But then his face does this scary thing:

Of course, it’s while he’s making this “mm, yeah” face that Hannah and Hieronymus burst into the room and see him. So long, Tessa. The show’s just about out of female characters to kill off now.


Castiel and Sam return to find Dean chained up in the interrogation room. Sam’s upset that Dean lied about leaving the Blade behind, and now, without Tessa’s info, they have no leads.

Just when it seems like things couldn’t get much worse, Metatron Skypes in to the Electric Company for chatsies with Castiel. Castiel makes the mistake of having this call in the open, where all his followers can hear Metatron accuse him of setting up the angel bombs. He says nearly dying has made him reevaluate his past methods, and proceeds to offer all of Castiel’s followers amnesty if they switch teams.

At first, Hannah and the others scoff, but then Metatron blah blahs about what a big lying liar Castiel is. “Have you told them about your stolen grace, Castiel?” he asks. “How it’s fading away, and when it burns out, so will you!” Castiel, unfamiliar with how to participate in an online flamewar, has no response.

Because angels are fickle little butthole puppets, they find themselves swayed by Metatron’s blathering. Hannah gives Castiel one last chance to prove that he’s on the side of the angels, by demanding he kill Dean. “We gave you our trust! Don’t lose it over one man!”

The soundtrack goes, “BUM! BUM! BUMMMM!” The suspense isn’t that Castiel would kill Dean, because duh, it’s not even the finale yet. Also: love! But is he going to make some compromise with the angels? Lock the big, bad hunter away? Maybe at least stop telling them they have to pretend to like him? He won’t do what the angels want, so they all flock to Metatron.


Metatron is thrilled, because this is what he’s been planning all along. He can’t resist bragging to Gadreel that he set the whole thing up. He brainwashed the angel bombs into thinking they were doing Castiel’s bidding. He pretended to be losing to God’s Dreamiest Angel. “It’s an old writer’s trick – it’s called flipping the script!” All he had to do was expose Castiel’s weakness: “He’s in love! […several eons of pause go by…] With humanity!”

Gadreel looks like he wants to vomit, or punch Metatron in the face. Or maybe do both at the same time.


The Winchesters drive home in silence, with Castiel in the back seat.

They wait until they get home to start talking. “Yeah, I lied, but you were being an infant,” Dean says. “Wow, even for you that apology sucked,” Sam says.

Dean says he’s calling the shots from here on out. “Until I jam that blade in that douchebag’s heart, we are not a team – this is a dictatorship.” Oh no, Dean is standing up for himself and not walking on eggshells anymore! Surely that’s a sign that he’s truly evil now!

Without waiting to see how Sam feels about that, he heads off to the library to talk with Castiel. Castiel is much more concerned with Dean’s opinion of him than he is of his own impending battery failure. “Those bombers… you don’t think that I –” Dean cuts him off: “You just gave up your army for one guy. There’s no way you blew those people away.” They sit there just sort of… gazing at each other until Gadreel suddenly waltzes into the Lair O’ Letters. Did they leave a spare key under the doormat? 

He wants to help them stop Metatron. He asks them to give him a chance to prove his trustworthy. Everybody thinks about it for a long time. Then Dean extends his hand – his left hand, which should have tipped Gadreel off. Dean produces the First Blade from behind his back and slashes Gadreel across the chest. Castiel and Sam grab Dean while he growls in slow motion.

And that’s how the episode ends.

On the one hand, it’s cool that Dean gets to do something other than Striving to Save Sammy. On the other hand, it’s annoying that the show relies too often on “darkening” characters through exterior means. Why can’t they just do stuff of their own volition? Why do they have to be soulless, or possessed, or hopped up on demon blood, or addicted to a biblical bone? It just means that the character will later have an “out,” where their actions can be blamed on something that was affecting them. Even though it’ll never happen, I’d kind of like it to be revealed next season that it’s not the Mark of Cain or the First Blade that’s messing with Dean. It’s just Dean finally not taking crap from anyone anymore.

I give this episode…

3.7 Hellhounds, plus…

1 dictionary and 1 thesaurus, so Metatron can expand his vocabulary.

By Tippi Blevins

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They’re gonna combine?

They’re gonna combine?

They’re gonna combine?

They’re gonna combine?

Gurren Combines With Lagann (by captainspanky101