list of things to do that are awesome and you should try to include at least one a day ok

1. dance crazy when people are watching
2. pudding
3. dinosaurs (nearest museum, 1 2 3 GO!)
4. good old vanilla pudding in the mayonnaise jar trick
5. actually eat mayonnaise out of the mayonnaise jar.
6. art
7. try a new instrument
8. classical music. it’s worth checking out.
9. find your weird personal talent and show it off as much as possible. i can do the wave with my eyebrows. what can you do? 
10. laugh as much as possible
11. if you try hard to smile for like five whole minutes it’ll become a real smile just try it ok
12. kick everything EVERYTHING
13. you are doge
14. if you have a doge don’t ignore him like i am right now oops ily charlie don’t hate me
15. i’m so bad at this ha h jaj jaj ja
16. read about things on wikipedia. everything!
17. start making an adventurer’s bucket list. “skydiving” doesn’t count.
“skydiving into the green lake in summer, scuba-diving in it in winter” is better.
“sword fight while skydiving” is preferable.
18. watch every movie you’ve ever wanted to watch. there’s probably quite a few.
19. plan disney trips seriously so fun
20. i’m tired and have to start my homework b ye