What Phichit Chulanont's role in Yuri!!! On Ice means to a Thai fan

Disclaimer: this is my personal feelings and some research materials I have done. I DO NOT speak for the entiety of Thai fanbase.

As a Thai long-time anime fan, and casual sports fan/athelte, watching Phichit in YOI is definitely uplifting. To make this post a bit easier to read, I’ll comply a list of things I have learned about Phichit, fan theories, and his possible influences. 

Phichit Chulanont’s name and meaning 

As written in Thai, พิชิต จุฬานนท์, is quite a manly first name, like a warrior. พิชิต (sounds like Pi-chit) means “to win/to conquer”. จุฬานนท์ (sounds like Ju-la-naon) roughly means “utmost happiness/delight”. Ofcourse like any other Thai people’s first and last names, these Thai words are not to be used in normal everyday speaking language as they are words like those used in very old Thai literatures. Putting the meaning of his name together, it’s something like, “To win the utmost happiness” or, “The greatest delight of victory”. This naming sense is not a coincidence seeing that Yuuri Katsuki also has the word about winning in his name (Katsu = to win).

Figure and ice skating in Thailand

Ice skating is still very new as a hobby or sport in Thailand. The first ice skate rink was built in 1975 by people from Japan who wanted to bring ice skating to Thailand. As many may know, Thailand is a tropical country with extremely hot weather. Winter in the capital city is like warm California spring at best. No snow, and no ice skate rinks at public parks like in the US. It was very difficult to maintain an ice skate rink when it was first built that the rink caused fire and burned down only a year after. Later on, more ice skate rinks were built and more foreigners were teaching the people of Thailand to ice skate. “Figure & Speed Skating Association of Thailand” was formed in 1995 and that was when figure skating really took off as a sport in Thailand. Check out their social media: They do know of Phichit and seem to like him, from recent Yuri On Ice repost. You can also see various videos of their atheletes at the same ice skate rink Phichit usually practices at, Imperial World Ice Skating in Bangkok. Phichit is clearly a member of FSAT, you can see their logo on his black jacket in YOI promo group photo. If we go by Phichit’s age in the show, that means he was born in 1996. Only a year after FSAT was officially founded. Being a young organization, this may be why FSAT mostly succeeds in the youth category for international competitions. From my knowledge, Thailand have yet to place in Grand Prix Final for top 6 qualifiers. So, Phichit’s accomplishment of advancing to Grand Prix Final (although fictional), is a big deal for Thailand’s figure skating. For the record, only 3 Asian countries have won medals from Grand Prix Final; Japan, China, and Korea. I do hope the young figure skaters in Thailand get to watch YOI and feel inspired by Phichit to become “Thailand’s future”!

“The King and His Skater” performance

Western YOI fans are probably familiar with this title as it undoubtedly is a parody of “The King and I”, a widely popular musical that tells a fictional story of Anna, a British governess, and her time during the court of the King Rama IV of Siam (now Thailand). Believe it or not, I had only heard of The King and I when I moved from Thailand to the US 14 years ago. The King and I franchise and its movies are banned in Thailand for the reason that it depicted inaccurate portrayal of the highest institution of our country, the king. Lèse majesté laws are very strict in Thailand and any materials regarding this fictional work is not allowed in Thailand. I have watched Anna and the King movie (1999) in the US on DVD and enjoyed it as a film. And while it is a well-done movie and the producer took time to consult with Thailand’s higher ups at the time, it was still banned and never permitted to be filmed in any Thailand’s ground. (See article Knowing this, the fact that Phichit may be influenced by the popularity of The King and I in America during his time in Detriot makes sense. His red and gold skating outfit during his performance of “Shall We Skate” has a striking resemblance to King Rama IV’s attire from the musical. My personal theory is that Phichit chose to skate to songs from “The King and His Skater” in YOI-verse with an intent to bring out a different side of the story. He would play the role of a king who brings Thailand hope and bright future. His red and gold outfit also reminds me of old outfit of Thai warriors who had fought to protect the country in the past. 

Phichit took Thai social media by storm

A Thai character in a sport anime?? And he’s not a Thai boxing/Muay Thai master or is there for comical relief?? This is new alright. No surprise that so many Thai anime fans were talking about Phichit. A hashtag for Phichit and his love for food selfies was number one trending hashtag for Twitter in Thailand right after YOI episode one aired. The hashtag, “#พิชิตบริโภค”, translated to “Phichit’s eats” was created by @dc9spot on Twitter and had since then become very popular. Try searching on Twitter and Instagram for hilarious fan-edited pictures of Phichit and his many food items! (See article ) Many Thais have expressed their love for Phichit and praised the anime team for doing research on Thailand’s food and social media culture. We do love taking selfies and eat lots of food! I also participated in this craze and went around in Phichit cosplay when I was in Thailand for a vacation and take all the food selfies in one day. (See )

In conclusion

This is the first time I have ever been so invested in an anime character, emotionally. Yuri!!! on ice is already changing the anime history and I cannot wait to see what else this series will bring us. Although I know that since Phichit is not a main character, he will probably not win the gold medal at the Grand Prix Final. But I still want to see his journey, his performances, and his interactions with his friends. I’m very proud of him as a fellow Thai, and very happy to see how well-loved he is among YOI fans around the world. I hope you continue to support and love him! 

Benny x Arthur S Support

There haven’t been any implemented Arthur convos until now, for shame, me. At least I picked a cute one to start out with. ;p   Here’s an adorable S Support for Arthur and Benny written by @thirsty4vidyagem with edits and revisions made by @dingzhu! These two manly men in an ocean of beautiful boys actually work really well together. 

This convo will be available in a future update of my gay Fates hack! You can watch a video directly below or read the full thing under the “Keep Reading!”

…After, of course, we see their sons!

Keep reading

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RFA reacting to MC spin kicking the guy behind them in line to see a movie after he tried flipping MC's skirt up? Preferably MC and the RFA member she's with haven't started dating but there's obvious mutual feelings between the two.

This is gonna be fun


  • Yoosung heard MC shriek and then a loud THUMP noise behind him
  • When he turned around he saw a guy knocked out on the floor and MC pulling her skirt down
  • “What happened?” He gasped, looking down at the guy
  • “He tried to flip my skirt, so I kicked him in the face” 
  • He would be like “Wow so cool! But are you okay?”
  • Then they’d just get some popcorn and enjoy the movie like nothing ever happened


  • “KYAHH!!!” was all Zen heard before another more manly scream
  • “W-What’s wrong?!” “PERVERT” 
  • MC kicked the man in the stomach, but he was still standing
  • “W-Wait wait. Stop right there” He pushed her behind him 
  • “Wait Zen-” “I got this.”
  • Zen almost killed that poor man, with a black eye, broken nose, and a huge cut on his forehead
  • “Jesus Christ Zen, I just wanted to kick him in the face”
  • He was almost arrested, before the cops realized what happened and assumed they were dating
  • Zen thought it wasn’t such a bad idea tho


  • He’d take her to this private movie theater for rich people tbh
  • When he hard a guy scream for his life he thought a commoner snuck in before he saw you murdering this rich guy who wanted some ass
  • He called his body guards to escort the passed out man off the premises
  • He asked if she was okay and what happened and that was the end of it…. until he actually realized he was trying to look at your butt
  • He told security to make his boss lower his pay to 2 dollars a hour and make sure his own company didn’t have any costumers like ever 
  • That man was broke the next day


  • When Jaehee heard a loud noise from behind her in line to see one of Zen’s plays, it scared the shit out of her
  • Then she turned around and saw that the guy behind MC screaming “PLEASE HAVE MERCY”
  • “What did you do MC?” She asked, bewildered “He tried to flip my skirt!”
  • “Oh. Oh.” She walked behind MC and kicked that man HARD
  • He was already hurting on the floor but now he was dying
  • “Come on MC, let’s get some popcorn!” She said, excited to see the movie and it was so cute omgomg


  • When he heard her scream he turned around fast until he saw you had it taken care of
  • “WHOA! MC you’re amazing!!” He shouted, watching her K.O. that man
  • “I know.” She smirked “You didn’t drop the honey buddha chips we’re burgling, did you?” “No, but he tried to look at them.”
  • Seven walked over to the man and grabbed his wallet
  • “Okay!” He said excitedly as he used the man’s wallet to pay for the rest of the snacks and movie tickets

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Mom. How do I feel more manly when I clearly look feminine :(

Work out. Build some muscle mass and make yourself a big strong handsome young man. Wear board shorts, they hide feminine hips really well.

Out of context quotes (pt. 2)



“Ya feel me?”

“If every pork chop were perfec- WE WOULD STILL HAVE HOT DOGS”


“Monster racism”

“I’m a goblin”

“If I ever need  a lenny face ref, I’ll look to Luke”


“M A N L Y”

“You’ll always  be my little seven year old with a manly voice~”

“Just to Sprite you.”


“Dic sord”

“ear your spaghetti”


“Oh, no, Speechie’s in timeout”



“Exotic butters, erratic nutters”


“Not the FEDORA!”




tbh i always just get amused by any hypermasculine insult that’s like “your man card is revoked”.  even before i was like out to myself as a transgirl i despised manliness and didn’t understand why one would brag about it, much less be insulted by a lack of it - at best it was just sexist as far as i was concerned.  but these days i’m outright like “oh sweet its that easy to lose manhood?  thank fucking god, bro.  if i knew carrying this handbag was all it took to lose all doubt as to my gender as a woman, even as i trapse around in a hoodie and jeans, I’d have taken up accessorising much earlier.  Y’know, the medical bar of ‘real trans’ is so high and gatekept with unnecessary stalling, and people doubt you all their lives about you really being what you are, but since edgelords tell me one day that there’s only two genders, and then the next that [doing innocuous thing] invalidates your manliness, logically doing that makes me a woman so i guess i’ll just do that, thank you for a having your sex prescriptivisim leave easy room for trans interpretation.”

i guess it basically comes down to “cis people misgendering each other as an insult” but that shit reflects naturally off of me lol

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Heyooooo. Snow here ready to ask 👌🏻 could you do me the honor of doing those fantastic headcanons about my trouble-hubby (also known as jacob frye)? Oh and also Y U NO SLEEPING

Yo, Snow! Thank you for the ask! And no, sleep is for the weak 😂


What he smells like:

I imagine him to have a citrusy manly scent, the kind that’s neither overwhelming nor intense. It’s classy with a hint of erotic. With hints of gunpowder, sweat, warm wind, mahogany, musk, teas, and warm moss.

How he sleeps:

On his back, sprawled out a bit. He’d sleep late and then regrets it when he strugggles to get up in the morning. He’ll fumble out of bed with difficulty, prompting Evie to splash cold water on him if she has to.

What music he enjoys:

I can picture him playing Ludacris’ Move Bitch on a boombox placed on his shoulders while swag-walking with The Rooks. He has no specific genre in preference. Some artists I handpicked are: The Chainsmokers, The Maine, Avicii, We The Kings, Zedd, DJ Khaled, Panic! At The Disco, David Guetta, Foster The People, Two Door Cinema Club, and The 1975.

How much time he spends getting ready in the morning:

More or less 15 minutes. He’ll have trouble getting up, either he’ll fight the temptation of sleeping again or Evie will have to wake him up forcibly.

His favorite thing to collect:

Weapons. Different kinds of blades and brass knuckles.

Left or right-handed:

Ambidextrous but casually right-handed.


None. As he prefers action over philosophical thought. Same probably goes for faith.

Favorite sport:

Boxing and mixed martial arts!

Touristy activities on travels:

He’d probably go to museums to make funny comments of the art and he’ll get himself thrown out of the establishment by touching things he isn’t supposed to. Aside from that, he loves sightseeing and observing the locals.

Favourite weather:

Sunny and fall, perfect for shenanigans and whatnot.

A weird/obscure fear he has:

An aversion for arguments and a fear of being inadequate.

Carnival/Arcade game:

He’s smack the lights out of the whack-a-mole and raise buckets of money in his own kissing booth (I see all of you in line, by the way). He’s also up for target shooting games and plate break! For the arcade, he’d head over to the Xbox station and play Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V!

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nat... nat... i, i had a genius idea for a new ship. and it's a crack ship. yui's dad x karl heinz. it's perfect. OR! yui's dad x richter. like i said before, it's perfect! (i am tired and please shoot me with a nerf gun)

I cant believe this anon just singlehandedly saved diabolik lovers…

-seiji finally tracking down the vampire king only to find out that he’s beautiful
-karl heinz being a cocky asshole by inviting seiji, his assassin, for tea
-karl heinz praising seiji for being a person so devoted to his family
-seiji fighting people who are making attempts on karl heinz’s life and then being like “dont get me wrong. it’s because you’re MY target”
-the reason karl heinz hasnt been happy with any of his wives is because he doesnt 👏 like 👏 women
-meanwhile seiji is all manly and serious and karl heinz thinks it’s cute. also maybe he sorta kinda has a priest kink
-“just for one night, let’s forget about being predator and prey”
-yui has 2 dads


Someone pointed out that Mukuro is actually glancing at Ryoko&Matsuda pair, because her eye irises are too cornered to be looking at Maizono&Naegi. (Thus keeping the relevance with her sister love)

However, from my point of view, what we can get at the best is Mukuro staring at Naegi. Maybe for not recognizing her? She’s not looking at Maizono for sure. Or maybe she’s thinking “Tch! That’s the place where I could’ve been!” Or “How dare he for not choosing me!!”

Other than that, I find this picture entertaining because Naegi is at least a foot taller than Maizono with very manly face and Maizono is embracing him in public which is practically impossible and so ooc. I’m quite excited to see how absurd this Komaeda’s utopia will get and how Kodaka will shatter this into pieces lol. Shatter our dreams gently please.

@wizphobe there’s a lot of fanart that draws nursey as rly dark nd it irritates me as a black person bc if you’re lightskinned and a woman you’re seen as more feminine and more sexy bc you’re closer to european standards of beauty and if you’re lightskinned and a man you’re seen as less manly/masc, weaker, and less likely to be committed to a relationship to the point where if my dad politely says hi to a woman she’ll assume he’s trying to hit on her despite the fact that he’s married with four kids so when ppl draw nursey as darker than he is it pisses me off bc 1) there aren’t a lot of ppl my color in media and 2) there aren’t a lot of male characters my color who have the positive traits that nursey does

tl;dr : i need ppl to stop darkwashing nursey bc the only thing worse than that is whitewashing him and it’s racist

It’s time to redefine “masculinity” for myself by letting my old notions of it go. Society’s definition of manliness does not define me.

It’s time to realize that fighting for control and clinging to my comfort zone will only ever bring heartbreak. I cannot handpick the contents of every moment, nor should I try to do so.

Luck - change - flow, these are things that only come to patient minds and open hearts. No one gets from sea to shore without moving. No one rides the wave without getting wet. The lesson is not in the destination - but in the currents that guide us there.

i painted two (he allowed only two) of my dad’s nails last night and he said “you know it’s funny because i really don’t care” and then, “i can’t wait to get made fun of tomorrow” about 12 times afterward. i also painted all 10 of my brother’s nails and he said the exact same things but with the addition of “i’ll just tell them i have a sister and i love her more than i care about being manly.” ???

like i didn’t prompt any of those comments or make them feel weird about it straight men are like really so strange

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m scared to listen to new tunes. I find an artist to obsess over and my life is over. For the following three months it’ll be all I listen to. It doesn’t matter if it goes against my tastes. A few summers ago it was - and I’ll embarrass myself now - Taylor Swift. A two months Mumford & Sons session happened at some point and now I might be about to fall into James Blunt’s trap. Someone please take the internet away from me. This isn’t manly at all. I’m Liam, the sensitive guy with shit music taste.