mankind is disgusting

This isn’t about race. This is about humanity as a whole.

Mankind is the most evil, disgusting species on the planet.

Black, white, etc. It doesn’t matter.

There is only one race: The human race. And the human race is pathetic.


Ilima: I’ll make sure to wake you up when we arrive the Isabelle

Rae: Have you ever been to Kalos Hau?

Hau: Nope!

Isabelle: You’re kidding me right? That’s not the truth right Hau?

Hau: What do you mean? It’s pure truth!

Isabelle: *dramatic expression* How tragic! *grabs Hau’s hands and looks into his eyes* This is one of the worst sins ever known to mankind. How disgusting.

"What are you so mad about, Eren?": Why Eren Yeager has a lot of good reasons to be mad

“What are you so mad about, Eren?”

This is like the biggest fandom joke ever and I honestly do not understand it. It seems pretty obvious to me why Eren is mad! When Reiner says that fateful line to Eren, it’s supposed to make the reader laugh not because they think - ‘wow, Reiner is right, Eren has no reason to be mad’ - but because the reader will look at the situation Reiner says this line in and go 'what the actual fuck, Reiner, Eren has so much to be mad about’.

That’s the entire manga. 

The entire manga presents this world fucked up beyond belief in all sorts of different ways, and then presents us with a protagonist that is all of the fucked up aspects of this world fucking over this one kid. And we expected this character to, what… NOT be mad? 

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