Hey im just wondering

Yo know how Nanu in Pokemon Sun/Moon lives with like 12 meowths? And also there’s a lady on one of the routes in… Akala, I think, who lives with like 8 stufful?

Reblog this and put in the tags which single pokemon you’d adopt like 10 of and contentedly live with. Bonus points if you say why and what you’d do with them. I’m curious…

bosswooper  asked:

Hey, it's me with the Mimikyu (Migu) again. Things have been getting MUCH better, and I'm planning to build a semi-competitive team and start travelling with Migu. However, someone told me Mimikyu don't get along with the pikachu line, and it got me wondering if there's certain pokémon I should avoid having on the same team. I'd like for Migu to be the "alpha pokémon" of the team, but is that a bad idea? I really hope you can help me!

The “alpha Pokémon” concept is mostly a myth caused by faulty studies. True, every team will have individual Pokémon that are more dominant than others. However, if Pokémon A is dominant to Pokémon B and Pokémon B is dominant to Pokémon C, Pokémon A will not necessarily be dominant to Pokémon C. Much like humans, relationships are a little more complicated than labels.

That said, it’s a good idea to make sure your team is not going to gang up on one Pokémon or vice-versa. While Mimikyu are notorious for not cooperating with the Pikachu line, other rivalries, such as the Arcanine/Mankey, Zangoose/Seviper, and Corsula/Mareanie exist. When you start looking at building your team, just do your research. Along with dietary, exercise, and social needs, most resources will list Pokémon that may clash with your potential teammates.