She looked better than merely pretty. She looked vibrant and intelligent, as though she had a life of her own. Her manner was expansive, she didn’t look shyly around for approval when she spoke or acted.
—  Manju Kapur, Difficult Daughters
"You think anything not material is worthless"
  • Ananda:You have everything, and still you sulk and behave like one of those heroine in the novels you are always reading.
  • Nina:What novel are you referring to? They are not all the same- or maybe you wouldn't know.
  • Ananda:No, I wouldn't. I live in the real world.
  • Nina:And I in the unreal?
  • Ananda:You said it, not I.
  • Nina:You think anything not material is worthless. What kind of value system is that?

A Married Woman
Manju Kapur
ISBN 0571215661

Astha has everything an educated, middle-class Delhi woman could ask for - a loving husband and affluent surroundings - and yet is consumed with a sense of dissatisfaction. She begins an extra-marital affair with a younger woman, the widow of a political activist and jeopardizes everything.