• What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent. What was the jury thinking? Why did the prosecution change their location of the murder from the trailer to the garage? There was no evidence of Teresa's DNA in Steven's garage, bed, or room. Why didn't they test all 6 samples of Steven's blood they found in the RAV4? Why did the judge allow the bullet to be used as valid evidence even though it had been contaminated by the lab tech? Why didn't they investigate the shady ass boyfriend or the creepy brother? Why did the search take more than 2 days? Why did the courts allow the police to go back 4 months after the crime was committed to search Steven's property again? Why was the key to the RAV4 not found in the first or second or even third search? And for gods sake, Brendan Dassey! That poor child is intellectually hindered, he never stood a chance! It was CRIMINAL to interrogate him with no parent or lawyer present! Why couldn't they find any DNA evidence linking Dassey to the crime? Why didn't they call his mother up to testify? Why couldn't they corroborate his alibi of being at home during the time of the murder? Why was Brendan not given a retrial after his confession tapes PROVED the police coerced a confession from him? The US justice system is grotesquely corrupt, and the Manitowoc County can go suck a big bag of dicks.


Nikon F4 w/ Nikkor 24mm f/2.8

Ilford HP5 Pushed to 3200

Self Developed

Making A Murderer: Every Single Phone Conversation with the Avery Family
  • Steven: Yeah?
  • Dolores: Yeah?
  • Steven: So?
  • Dolores: So what?
  • Steven: Whadda ya mean so what?
  • Dolores: I don't know.
  • Steven: You don't know?
  • Dolores: What?
  • Steven: I'm in jail.
  • Dolores: Yeah.
  • Steven: I shouldn't be in here.
  • Dolores: No.
  • Steven: I ain't done nothin.
  • Dolores: It ain't right.
  • Steven: It's wrong. Cops framed me.
  • Dolores: They should be the ones in jail.
  • Steven: What?
  • Dolores: I says those cops is the ones should be in jail.
  • Steven: I'm innocent.
  • Dolores: Yeah.
  • Steven: Yeah.
  • Dolores: I'm puttin' your father on.
  • Steven: Okay.
  • Allan: Yeah?
  • Steven: Yeah?
  • Allan: Yeah.
  • Steven: Yeah.
  • Repeat for 10 episodes.