I’ve always wanted a sphinx character but I didn’t want her to look like a conventional sphinx. She could keep my naked hedgehog manticore company.
I’m writing her in a short story illustration with centipede guy and Myriot since they are all very philosophical creatures, they might meet up, and have somewhat book-club like discussions amongst themselves :) I imagine, like most sphinx, she is a clever creature, but she has one serious pet peeve: rudeness or insincerity.


{Been Feelin really skecthie lately

Two of the few WIPs I’m working on. I have been inspired by the threads im currently holding with clearlygreatfireball. They are both set in a Percy Jackson AU and I’m really enjoying them both.

The top is a concept I had for Darren Walker, a manticore from our flee thread and our current baddie.

The second one is probably my favorite though. I mean whats better then being chased down the mountain side by a hoard of hell hounds? ((Fun Fact-The entire time I was drawing this, I was constantly humming: Come on, it’s lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you.))}