I have a headcanon now that Gale finds Jan in his hibernation cave and she is this half-grown Manitcore that has COMPLETELY taken it over. After a harrowing day of her trying to eat him he gets sick of it and nearly splits her skull with his staff.

Then she reveals herself to be a terrified adolescent. Gale has to adopt her and he has to teach her language because apparently Manticore don’t have a language, but she’s also really stupid because she doesn’t know or understand anything but eat and sleep.

And she’s sort of the reason Gale has so much patience. Nothing he’s been through since compares.

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This is probably dumb but you asked for distractions SO... Do you have a headcanon for Fiddleford and Bill-possessing-Ford interactions? Like, did Bill mess with him at all... I don't know how to word this, I'm sorry, this is stupid...

It’s not stupid!

My general thought when writing for Bill is “think of the most asshole thing to do, then do it” so I can think of a lot of rude things he’d do to the poor banjo-playing cinnamon roll.

Fidds canonically has a low tolerance for weirdness, and that alone would probably make Bill want to fuck with him a lot. I also headcanon that although Fidds could tell something was wrong with Ford, Ford never told him about Bill or let him in on his secret “possession” thing, Fidds attributed everything Bill did in Ford’s body to Ford, which put a great strain on their friendship.

So Bill probably had Ford toss Fidds into as many freaky situations as possible, hid monsters in his bed or told him creepy and ominous secrets about the multiverse. If Ford confronted Bill about scaring Fidds, Bill could always claim he was just trying to be friendly and act like he didn’t understand how humans worked. 

And even if Bill’s behavior seemed more malicious, Fidds unfortunately found it very easy to believe Mr. “just chill while I draw this Gremloblin, it’s not going to wake up” would leave a severed manitcore head in the cereal cabinet just because he didn’t see a problem with it.

I’ve always wanted a sphinx character but I didn’t want her to look like a conventional sphinx. She could keep my naked hedgehog manticore company.
I’m writing her in a short story illustration with centipede guy and Myriot since they are all very philosophical creatures, they might meet up, and have somewhat book-club like discussions amongst themselves :) I imagine, like most sphinx, she is a clever creature, but she has one serious pet peeve: rudeness or insincerity.


{Been Feelin really skecthie lately

Two of the few WIPs I’m working on. I have been inspired by the threads im currently holding with clearlygreatfireball. They are both set in a Percy Jackson AU and I’m really enjoying them both.

The top is a concept I had for Darren Walker, a manticore from our flee thread and our current baddie.

The second one is probably my favorite though. I mean whats better then being chased down the mountain side by a hoard of hell hounds? ((Fun Fact-The entire time I was drawing this, I was constantly humming: Come on, it’s lovely weather For a sleigh ride together with you.))}