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3 Fantastic Post Grad Books

You can’t look for all the answers in a book. Most of what you’ll learn will come from living, but reading these helped plant some seeds of wisdom along the way.

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Meg Jay, who writes primarily based on her experiences with twentysomething patients, attempts to help Gen Y sort out their priorities in this book. A few gems I took away (this was the book I read most recently) are these:

  • It’s good to have close friends, but acquaintances are the ones who are going to get you some plum opportunities. Try to stay friendly with people who you don’t see all the time.
  • You can’t choose your family, but you can marry into a good one. Consider your future in-laws and extended fam when you think you’ve found “the one.”
  • Everyone else makes their life look better on Facebook. Don’t buy the ruse.
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This really, really made me wish I’d discovered it before I graduated. While many of the advice was too late for me (party > internships was my college philosophy), Pollak steers job seekers in the right direction.

She gets real about how Craigslist is not as ripe a job source as most people believe and emphasizes that networking with people who have the jobs you want is the better way to go. You can join networks like PRSA (just an example) to find out about events.

This book inspired me to go out and get my own free business cards on Vistaprint to give out. You do not need a job to have business cards. If you take yourself seriously, people are more likely to take you seriously. If you want to be a professional, act like it and the opportunities will be more likely to come. Fake it till you make it!

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Math was always my least favorite subject (science wasn’t far behind), but when it comes to money we’re all willing to step up our game. It’s because of this book that I know what index funds are.

This book teaches girls that, like life, your finances are a matter of priority. If you can’t live without a mani/pedi you’re gonna have to pack your lunches, and if you’re willing to buy your clothes used you’ll be able to splurge on margaritas. It’s easier to understand than a lot of finance books, and you may even want to buy a copy for the dudes in your life.