lythronax-argestes-the-gore-king asked:

If you need any help figuring out which dinosaurs probably had more feathering than others, fezraptor did a cladogram showing which dinosaurs have either preserved feathers or scales. Also, remember that pennaceous feathers are typically restricted to maniraptorans (dromaeosaurs, troodontids, avialans!)

Thanks for the advice! Fezraptor is an excellent resource (as is A Dinosaur a Day).  I have gotten a little crazy with overfeathering before and added vaned feathers where they didn’t belong (which in retrospect is really kind of embarrassing, when I look at my older dinosaur drawings), so it’s good to have a well researched list to keep myself grounded.

I would also like to add that there is some speculation on ornithomimids having complex feathers, but of course that’s really up in the air right now (I only bring this up because I am drawing an ornithomimid with speculative, wing-like feathers for this week’s pride dinosaur…but of course, that could just be me overfeathering stuff again). 

Sort of unrelated to this ask, but I thought I’d link fezraptor’s cladogram here, in case any of my followers would like to use this resource: