Alison Clues by Episode - “These Books Were Made for Stalking”

I couldn’t help but notice Alison’s expression when Spencer ensures Hanna that they’re all in this together. Not making eye contact, looking down and to the left, frowning…doesn’t really go along with the supportive message that Spencer is trying to get across.

Oh look, here we are right back with Alison playing the victim and Emily comforting her. Once again we see how easily she can manipulate Emily into doing whatever she wants, acting however she wants her to. This is yet another reminder that Ali’s behavior is anything but consistent, and that she still has the girls - or at least one of them - wrapped around her finger.

Hmm…so Alison has a spare key to Spencer’s barn, the exact same place where the board game from A.D. appeared. Interesting. Why did they feel the need to make it so clear that Alison has easy access to the barn? And while her insistence that Emily doesn’t go in there alone can come across as caring, it can also come across as suspicious…why doesn’t she want Emily playing the game without her there? And as a final point on this, notice that the game pieces are moved when they look at it next, like A.D. has been in there to change things around. And who did we just find out has an extremely easy way in and out of that same location? (Credit to @thebestplltheories for being the first to point this out!)

So now A.D. is all involved with the Addison situation, forcing Emily to get her into trouble? The only person besides Emily and Paige (both of whom are very unlikely suspects at this point) who knows anything about Addison and what she’s like…is Ali.

The way that the number 317 is emphasized is very odd and exaggerated. Should we be paying attention to that specific episode? Looking back, one of the biggest pieces of information in 3x17 is the reveal that Alison thought she was pregnant…and we later learn that she wasn’t.

To people who say Paige is only staying because Ali is pregnant. You are right.

So I got a lot of quotes and mentions and stuff from shippers of you-know-who telling me that Paige has only kissed Emily and only wants to stay because she discovered that Alison is pregnant. Well I think this is correct. But not because Paige is jealous and wants Emily for herself and wants Alison to die alone with the Emison baby (not my words). Not because she is manipulating Emily to fall for her or for whatever twisted reason. 

Let’s look into this.

Time code 17min into the episode:

First stop right there: As soon as Emily saw Paige again she thought they were going to get another chance. So that’s 7x08. And yeah they flirted like hell, you can’t deny that. And the scene where Em says she regrets being the reason they broke up tells all.

Emily: I was the reason we broke up.

Paige: Hey. As good as things were between us when they were right, it’s no guarantee it would have lasted. Something else could have just as easily come up.

Emily: Yeah?! Like what?

Then in 7x09 Emily called Paige at night to tell her about Noel. Then 7x10 happened and Emison kissed and Paige wasn’t going to get shit on again.

Let’s go back to 7x14.

Paige: You and Ali are still keeping secrets.

Em: I told you, it’s not what you think it is.

Second stop: Paige thinks something is going on between Emily and Alison and Emily talked to Paige about it, telling her that it’s not. (Erm hello? Lying much Emily?)

Paige: Maybe not, but when I see you two whispering in the hallways it takes me back to high school too. To feeling small, and insecure, and paranoid.

Third stop: Paige recognizes what it does to her seeing them together and she acknowledges that it makes her feel like shit, hence why she left when Emily was talking to her earlier in the ep and Alison showed up. She doesn’t want to interfere between them now.

Look how Alison is assessing Emily’s reaction to Paige leaving when she entered the room and as soon as Emily looks at her she looks away. God Sasha is so good.

But may I remind you what happened in high school?

Alison was bullying Paige. Paige had a crush on Emily, got manipulated by Alison to write Emily a letter about it and Alison kept it as blackmail.

There is no way Paige could have been 100% sure Emily wasn’t on it as well. She may have thought that both Emily and Alison had played her. And she then developed so much hate about herself because of her feelings for Emily that happened what happened (looking at you the head dunk).

Paige: I don’t wanna feel those things anymore.

Emily: You don’t have to.

Paige: I know I don’t. I can just go somewhere else.

Fourth stop: Emily told Paige she didn’t have to feel small and insecure and paranoid about her and Ali. (Seriously the writers are doing some reaaaal shit to both ships right there) and instead of getting sucked in by old habits (erm erm 7x10) Paige just offers to leave.

Let’s fast forward to 21min so AFTER the scene that just happened.

Yup, it was shitty for Paige to see the appointment. Really shitty (you know we can’t have nice things) but I doubt that Paige knew for sure that it was Ali’s bag, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have looked at the leaflet myself because of the bright colors and this post isn’t about that fact but to answer some shit I got.

So yeah. Paige found out Alison had an appointment to have an abortion. (And look at that screen and tell me she doesn’t feel shitty about that.)

50 shades of grey’s outfit.

And now let’s fast forward to 25.14min (can they stop englobing Paily scenes with Alison scenes? Try a little subtlety guys.)

Paige: I’m not the only one with demons. (…) This decision was a lot easier when the world seemed black or white.

And that dearies is the line I really wanna talk about.

Paige just said that Alison isn’t all evil. Despite everything that happened between them. She acknowledged (fuck this word is hard to write for a non-English speaker) that she isn’t everything to Emily by saying that basically, Alison having her own demons, she needs Emily. And that’s okay. Alison isn’t playing anymore, she got proof of that. It was easier for her to hate Alison and to see her all black and no white when she thought she was playing with Emily’s feelings again. But now she knows she isn’t. So she knows (well she thinks she knows) that what’s going on between Emily and Alison isn’t romantic so everything that was keeping her from being with Emily is gone.

For now because we know what happens in 7x15. So please just let us enjoy the break before you get your endgame.

Side note: I hope this post also “helped” people that say that Emily kissed Paige because she knows she can’t be with Alison at the moment. I’m not one to gloat or attack people, rubbing them Paily on their face, so please, a little civility.

Why couldn’t Marlene make any other PLL character bisexual? Why does it have to be the emotionally manipulative character who is the biggest damn bully on the show? The character who continues to manipulate everyone especially Emily to stay with her. 

Alison did not have a redemption arch. I can’t get over the bad writing and poor character development. 

I was excited at the prospect of emison but they never took the time to develop either Alison or Emily. They are almost the same as they were in Season 1. 

I want decent wlw ships. Not this toxic bullshit. 

The LGBTQIA+ deserve better representation than emison. 

You know what’s more disgusting? and i can’t believe i’m saying this

that for one time, Paily shippers are going to be right about Alison being “manipulative”.

Emily is only going to stay with her because of the babies now. The spoilers, everything makes that. Even if this was a straight couple, would be the same shitty thing. They will not be together because they finally will know they were mean to be together, they will be together because “they are going to be mothers”. Even if magically Emily turns and she realice she loves Alison, everything will be fucked up.

They don’t even know who is the father

those babies are literally the problem. Alison should have had an abortion. Even if that would have mean Emison is not official.

like…  ARGH

Alison Clues by Episode - “Playtime”

So first we didn’t actually see the positive pregnancy test, and now Alison’s blowing off Emily to go see the doctor and get the pregnancy confirmed by herself…hmm. Why is it that we’ve seen absolutely no proof that Ali really is pregnant, beyond her own words? I’m not saying she’s definitely faking it, but this is the second strange incidence in which they easily could have provided some kind of confirmation and chose not to…

The board game pieces for the Liars are interesting…once again, A seems to have a very keen focus on the time period before Alison disappeared, judging by the appearances of the figurines. Who would have such an obsession with this? Maybe the person who that entire time period revolved around: Alison. And notice also that her figurine’s stand is different than the others.

Why is Ali so against telling the other girls about her pregnancy? Just weeks ago she was all buddy-buddy, “cheers to our friendship” and acting like she has this super-tight bond with all of them, and yet now that she’s going through something serious she won’t even trust them with the secret? Is this more evidence that this pregnancy is fake, and just another way for her to manipulate and isolate Emily?

This line from Paige is very interesting. Sure, it could just be referring to Paige no longer holding a grudge against Alison. But could there be a double meaning here? Could Emily not be paying attention enough to notice that Alison isn’t the one who needs protecting because she’s the one people need to be protected from?

If this episode proved anything, it’s that Alison is still as manipulative as she ever was, with the undeserved cruelty toward Paige and the “poor me” victimized narrative when she’s called out. And I have to wonder…if she’s been able to keep this side of her hidden for so long, what else is she trying to hide?

What is this book that Jenna has been given, which apparently explains the “endgame”? It looks kind of like a manuscript…just like the one that Ezra wrote, seasons ago…about Alison.


Tell me one good reason why Emison is forced…don’t tell me that Ali was manipulative to Emily and is still the same bitch because SHE IS NOT…paily fans or who ever the fuck think that bullshit. Don’t come here and say that paige didn’t hurt Emily because that is NOT TRUE! and you will probably said that paige changed and she loves Emily now…SO if paige can change EXPLAIN ME WHY ALISON CAN’T? What you are looking right now in Ali is her past…and EVEN PAIGE PUSH EMILY AWAY AT SOME POINT WHEN SHE WAS SCARED TO ADMIT WHO SHE WAS…alison is just scared to be loved and believe me that can happen because I was so cold as her…I push people away when I knew my walls was down…SO EXPLAIN WHY ALISON DOESN’T DESERVE LOVE AFTER ALL SHE BEEN THROUGH…I’LL WAIT

So Paige dunked Emily’s head underwater for a few seconds to scare her, then proceeded to apologize and show genuine remorse, but she’s the devil and Emily never should have looked in her direction.

And yet Alison manipulated Emily almost to the point of emotional abuse for years, and has never shown sincere, legitimate remorse for leading her on and giving her major self-confidence issues by taunting her about her sexuality, but Emison is totally perfect and endgame goals.


HOW. DO. PEOPLE. STILL. THINK. ALI. IS. MANIPULATING. EMILY. I’m watching the 100th episode again and like look at her facial expressions even when Emily isn’t looking. They aren’t controlled, she’s obviously torn/pained/expressing genuine emotion.

anonymous asked:

The Paily kiss was unecessary because it seems like Emily will drop Paige for Alison and given that there's not many episodes left the writer's are causing conflict because if Emily is open to giving her relationship with Paige a chance then does she really want to be with Alison? That possibility only comes back in focus with a baby in the picture. So it may seem like Emison are getting together because of the baby regardless of Alison admitting her 'feelings'

I disagree. I mean, I agree the kiss was unnecessary but I think it was more for cinematic effect rather than plot purpose. Like I said, it’s a “dream” view countered by harsh reality when Alison tells Emily about the baby.

What I disagree with is how you hinted that Emily doesn’t really want to be with Alison because she opened up an old relationship with Paige. She most certainly wants Alison and I can’t believe some people still deny that. Emily is falling back into old habits. Who said that when they first came back to Rosewood? Was it Spencer? I don’t know, but it’s true. Emily is falling back toward the one person she knows will catch her after she feels like Alison allowed her to fall flat on her face. Had Alison told Emily that, yes, she knows why she kissed her that night, Emily would feel more accomplished and perhaps less embarrassed. Emily knows Alison is confused, yes, but she doesn’t think Alison is ready to admit to being confused, as always. Alison has her own habits; all she does is put her walls up once she feels exposed. Even Emily pointed that out. Emily wants to be with Alison, but she doesn’t want to be pulled back and forth. So, when Paige asks if there’s something going on between them or so much as hints at it, Emily denies it. Why? Because Paige specifically told Emily that Alison is manipulative and, although Emily doesn’t see it that way, she knows she wouldn’t be able to explain to Paige what’s going on because she’d immediately jump to “See, I was right.”

No, they aren’t getting together because of the baby, and I’m not even going to bother talking about this again because my explanations are all over my blog. Alison has feelings, real feelings, and that’s going to come into play. If you can’t see that, then fine. No one is making you. Just don’t run around claiming they aren’t real solely because there’s a plot coming to light that you aren’t a fan of. Look beyond the scenes. Look backwards. Look forward. Don’t just sit there and claim something looks one way while it’s really heading another.

june-22ndd  asked:

I feel like if someone really pushed Ali down, we would have seen a hooded figure. Seems a little convenient to me haha. I think at the VERY least, she is still trying to play the victim because we all know she feeds on attention, especially from Emily lately. Maybe she is AD/ working for AD or maybe she isn't, but I get strong vibes that she isn't as clueless about AD'S identity/motives as the others are. So at the very least, I think she's manipulating Emily.

I 100% agree that she’s manipulating Emily. But I have a feeling it’s either that she’s AD or a totally innocent angel. I don’t feel like they’re willing to ruin Ali’s character (for Emison fans) just for a half-betrayal of potentially knowing more about AD. But that could be wrong obviously. Almost everything I say from now on is just based on feelings, expectations, loose predictions, vibes, etc.

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Emison shippers are so abrasive. They're all like "OMG Paige tried to drown Emily" and that's seriously their only defense as to why they don't like the two of them together. It should be like "OMG Ali manipulated Emily and her feelings for years in order to subjugate her for her own personal use." That's far more devastating than a five second dunk when Emily is a seasoned swimmer who is trained to hold her breath. Paige has grown so much from first season, people should cut her some slack.

Paige is bae

like. i love king falls am. sammy and ben give me life.

but this newest episode has got me feeling so… Done. i’m glad that sammy keeps calling out greg’s behavior for what it is, but other than that it doesn’t feel as severe and horrifying as it really is? there’s always jokes surrounding it and maybe because i’m a woman greg’s gross fixation and manipulation of emily hits me harder.

quite possibly i’m just tired of this particular storyline because it seems to be drawing out with nary any change in the conflict and no end in sight. kinda missing the supernatural event of the episode at this point. also i would like for ben to have like a better week at some point. someone wrap him in a blanket and give him tea he is Suffering A Lot

but on another note: i really really hope frickard gets what he deserves after this and that SOMEONE PUNCHES HIM. alternatively also troy throwing him in jail for stealing. or both. both would be great.