manipulation of the law


I can’t be bothered to write it all down on paper so I am sitting here, sharing it with you instead, while listening to the Russian Orthodox Requiem haha!

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It is all from the book “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Read on, my friends. For this is going to teach you many valuable lessons!


Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite—inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

Note: Yes. This is so important. Especially when it comes to dealing with MEN. Never outshine the MASTER.. oh boy, but how we do ;)

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Bee Fact #603

Bumble bees fly by manipulating the laws of physics. Their wings are thin and fast enough to slip through the gaps of this dimension into the Upside Down dimension. The bees are then subject to gravity from two dimensions, and they fall both upwards and downwards simultaneously. It is a delicate balance to master.

Occasionally a bee will slip too far into the Upside Down, causing a temporary hole in this dimension. This is where wasps come from.

The 15th Law of Power

Crush your Enemy Totally

All great leaders since Moses have known that a feared enemy must be crushed completely.  (Sometimes they have learned this the hard way.)  If one ember is left alight, no matter how dimly it smolders, a fire will eventually break out.  More is lost through stopping halfway than through total annihilation:  The enemy will recover, and will seek revenge.  Crush him, not only in body but in spirit.

Give my muse a Kinetic ability!
  • Aciukinesis...manipulate sharpness of objects
  • Aerokinesis...manipulate air
  • Aestatekinesis...manipulate Summer
  • Alcokinesis...manipulate alcohol.
  • Argentokinesis...manipulate silver
  • Asterokinesis...manipulate cosmic energy
  • Astrakinesis...manipulate astral energy
  • Astronkinesis...manipulate and control the remnants of dead stars
  • Atmokinesis...manipulate the weather
  • Audiokinesis...manipulate and generate sound
  • Aurokinesis...manpulate and generate gold
  • Autumnuskinesis...manipulate Autumn
  • Avarikinesis...manipulate greed
  • Avikinesis...manipulate avian creatures
  • Amokinesis...manipulate and control the emotion of love or desire
  • Antikinesis...manipulate and generate antimatter
  • Bibliokinesis...manipulate books
  • Biokinesis...manipulate bodies
  • Botanokinesis...manipulate and generate plants
  • Carbokinesis...manipulate carbon
  • Caelumkinesis...manipulate the sky
  • Chromokinesis...manipulate colors
  • Chronokinesis...move time in any direction
  • Cibumkinesis...manipulate food
  • Cthonikinesis...manipulate Nether
  • Cukinesis...manipulate copper
  • Cogitokinesis...manipulate thought
  • Comakinesis...manipulate hair
  • Cryokinesis...manipulate and generate ice
  • Crystallokinesis...manipulate minerals and crystal
  • Datakinesis....manipulate data
  • Dendrokinesis...manipulate wood
  • Depictukinesis...manipulate art
  • Dermakinesis.... manipulate and generate extra skin
  • Electrokinesis...manipulate and generate electricity
  • Elementumkinesis...manipulate the elemental forces of the universe
  • Electromagnetokinesis...manipulate electromagnetism
  • Ergokinesis...manipulate and generate energy
  • Essokinesis...manipulate reality
  • Etherkinesis...manipulate Aether
  • Ferrokinesis...manipulate metal
  • Ferrikinesis...manipulate iron
  • Figurakinesis...manipulate shape
  • Filukinesis...manipulate thread
  • Florakinesis...manipulate flowers
  • Flora Ergokinesis...manipulate flora energy
  • Flyrokinesis...manipulate and generate force fields
  • Frigokinesis...manipulate and create snow
  • Fungokinesis...manipulate and generate fungi
  • Genekinesis...manipulate DNA
  • Geokinesis...manipulate the earth
  • Geo-Thermokinesis...manipulate lava, magma, and volcanoes
  • Gerontokinesis...manipulate the age of living organisms
  • Glucokinesis...manipulate sugar
  • Gyrokinesis...manipulate gravity
  • Haemokinesis...manipulate blood
  • Hakai-Ergokinesis...manipulate destructive energy
  • Halokinesis...manipulate salt
  • Hallucikinesis..manipulate illusions
  • Heliokinesis...manipulate solar energy
  • Hyalokinesis...manipulate glass
  • Hydrokinesis...manipulate and generate water
  • Hygrokinesis...manipulate vapor
  • Hypnokinesis...control and manipulate the sleep functions of oneself and in others
  • Ionikinesis...manipulate plasma
  • Iokinesis ...manipulate ions
  • Inclinkinesis...manipulate body shape
  • Kinetikinesis.... manipulate kinetic energy
  • Koniokinesis.... manipulate dust
  • Lactokinesis...manipulate lactose
  • Leakinesis...manpulate lead
  • Ligneokinesis...manipulate wood
  • Lipokinesis...manipulate your fat
  • Logikinesis...manipulate logic
  • Lunarkinesis...manipulate lunar energy
  • Marrionetakinesis...manipulate puppets
  • Mathekinesis...manipulate math
  • Mégethoskinesis..manipulate size
  • Melanokinesis...manipulate ink
  • Mentokinesis...manipulate the functions of the mind
  • Metallokinesis...manipulate metals
  • Mitokinesis...manipulate the life process of mitosis
  • Mnemokinesis...manipulate memories
  • Molekinesis... manipulate molecules
  • Molydbkinesis...manipulate magnetism
  • Mycokinesis...manipulate and generate molds
  • Myokinesis...manipulate muscles
  • Mystokinesis...manipulate magic
  • Nanokinesis ...manipulate nanites
  • Naturakinesis...manipulate nature
  • Necrokinesis...manipulate the dead
  • Nega-Ergokinesis...manipulate dark energy
  • Negikinesis...manipulate negativity forces
  • Nemakinesis...manipulate cloth and thread
  • Neurokinesis...manipulate thoughts
  • Nihilikinesis...manipulate nothingness
  • Nitrokinesis...explode and recover afterwards
  • Nixukinesis...manipulate pressure
  • Nocikinesis...manipulate nerves
  • Nosokinesis...manipulate disease
  • Nucleokinesis ...manipulate nuclear substances, blasts etc.
  • Odikinesis...manipulate hatred
  • Oleokinesis...manipulate oil
  • Omnikinesis...posses every kinetic ability
  • Oneirokinesis...manipulate dreams
  • Onychokinesis...manipulate your nails
  • Opinokinesis...manipulate senses
  • Osteokinesis...manipulate bones
  • Ouranokinesis...manipulate space
  • Oxikinesis...manipulate oxygen
  • Paleokinesis...make living organisms older
  • Paludemkinesis...manipulate wetlands
  • Palynokinesis...manipulate pollen
  • Papyrokinesis...manipulate paper
  • Pathokinesis... manipulate emotions
  • Patho-Ergokinesis...manipulate emotional energy
  • Pherokinesis...manipulate pheromones
  • Pheumakinesis...manipulate lungs
  • Phobikinesis...manipulate fears
  • Photokinesis...manipulate and generate light
  • Phyllokinesis...manipulate and generate plants
  • Physikinesis...manipulate the laws of physics
  • Phytokinesis...manipulate and generate leaves
  • Picnokinesis...manipulate density
  • Posikinesis...manipulate positive forces
  • Potentikinesis...manpulate superpowers
  • Pulsakinesis ...manipulate all types of pulses
  • Pyrokinesis...manipulate and generate fire
  • Quintekinesis...manipulate life force
  • Quantumkinesis...manipulate quantum energy
  • Quantakinesis... manipulate quantity
  • Radiokinesis...manipulate and generate radiation
  • Regokinesis ...manipulate vectors
  • Retrokinesis...make living organisms younger
  • Scientiakinesis...manipulate knowledge
  • Scientikinesis...manipulate the physical laws
  • Seismokinesis...manipulate and generate vibration
  • Sentiantkinesis...control sentience
  • Spatio-Chronokinesis...manipulate space and time
  • Spatiokinesis...manipulate space
  • Stannokinesis...manipulate tin
  • Steatokinesis...manipulate your fat
  • Sunakinesis...manipulate and generate sand particles
  • Subatokinesis...manipulate subatomic particles
  • Serqekinesis ... manipulate acid
  • Symphokinesis... manipulate music
  • Technokinesis...manipulate technology
  • Tectokinesis ...manipulate tectonic plates
  • Telekinesis...move objects with your mind
  • Tephrakinesis...manipulate ash
  • Terrakinesis...manipulate the land
  • Thanatokinesis...manipulate death force
  • Thermokinesis...manipulate and generate heat
  • Thiriokinesis...manipulate animals
  • Tribokinesis...control and manipulate friction
  • Toxikinesis...manipulate and generate poison and toxins
  • Tychokinesis...manipulate probability
  • Typhokinesis...manipulate and generate smoke
  • Umbrakinesis...manipulate darkness
  • Unikinesis...manipulate the universe
  • Urbanakinesis...manipulate urban areas
  • Vitakinesis...manipulate health
  • Vita-Mortokinesis...manipulate both life and death
There are nine seducer types in the world. Each type has a particular character trait that comes from deep within and creates a seductive pull. Sirens have an abundance of sexual energy and know how to use it. Rakes insatiably adore the opposite sex, and their desire is infectious. Ideal Lovers have an aesthetic sensibility that they apply to romance. Dandies like to play with their image, creating a striking and androgynous allure. Naturals are spontaneous and open. Coquettes are self-sufficient, with a fascinating cool at their core. Charmers want and know how to please - they are social creatures. Charismatics have an unusual confidence in themselves. Stars are ethereal and envelop themselves in mystery.
—  Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction
Types of Kinesis

Atmokinesis - Manipulation of Weather

Aerokinesis - Manipulation of Air

Amokinesis - Manipulation of the feeling of Love and Desire

Asterokinesis - Manipulation of Astral energy

Biokinesis - Manipulations of Bodies

Chlorokinesis - Manipulation of Plants/Their Growth

Chronokinesis - Manipulation of Time

Cryokinesis - Manipulation of Ice and the Cold

Dendrokinesis - Manipulation of Wood

Echokinesis/Sonokinesis - Manipulation of Sound

Ergokinesis - Manipulation of Energy

Electrokinesis - Manipulation of Electricity and Lightning

Essokinesis - Manipulation of Reality

Ferrokinesis - Manipulation of Precious Metals [Gold, Silver, etc.]

Geokinesis - Manipulation of Earth

Geo-Thermokinesis - Manipulation of Lava, Magma and Volcanoes.

Gyrokinesis - Manipulation of Gravity

Hemakinesis - Manipulation of Blood

Hydrokinesis - Manipulation of Water

Hypnokinesis - Manipulation of Sleep and Dreams

Inclinkinesis - Manipulation of Body shape [Shapeshifting]

Mnemokinesis - Manipulation of Memories

Mystiokinesis - Manipulation of magic

Necrokinesis - Manipulation of the Dead

Nosokinesis - Manipulation of Disease

Odikinesis - Manipulation of Feelings and Emotions of War/Hatred

Osteokinesis - Manipulation of Bones

Pathokinesis - Manipulation of Emotions

Phobikinesis - Manipulation of Fears

Photokinesis - Manipulation of Light

Physikinesis - Manipulation of the Laws of Physics

Picnokinesis - Manipulation of Density

Pyrokinesis - Manipulation of Fire

Radiokinesis - Manipulation of Radiation

Spatiokinesis - Manipulation of Space

Spatio-Chronokinesis - Manipulation of Space and Time

Technokinesis - Manipulation of Machines and Technology

Telumkinesis - Manipulation of Weaponry

Telekinesis - Manipulation of Objects using the Mind

Thiriokinesis - Manipulation of Animals/Animal behaviors

Toxikinesis - Manipulation of Poison(s)

Tychokinesis - Manipulation of Probability

Typhokinesis - Manipulation of Smoke

Umbrakinesis - Manipulation of Darkness and Shadows

Unikinesis - Manipulation of the Universe

Vitakinesis - Manipulation of the Healing Process

Vita-Mortokinesis - Manipulation of Life and Death [Together]

Vitrikinesis - Manipulation of Mirrors

If you find any other interesting kinesis abilities, please send me them so I can add them to the list.

MBTI Types As Superhero Names and Abilities

INFP: The Dreamwalker - Has the ability to disappear from existence and enter into the dreams of those they desire. While this Superhero is more about pleasant dreams and helping people through their dreams, they will also send warnings, and even nightmares if said person is an enemy. Can produce dream like illusions, send people into strong daydreams, and warp dreams how they see fit. Has a habit of disappearing randomly and unexpectedly.

ENFP: Quantum Wizard - Has the ability to manipulate the laws of physics however they see fit, often done in cartoon like ways such as random teleportation, walking on air before falling and then running through a wall only to end up somewhere else. Highly unpredictable, and energetic, luckily for us all the Quantum Wizard doesn’t overuse his/her abilities… or so we think. Has a habit of glomping you when you least expect it from what seems like literally nowhere.

INTP: Data Sage - Has immediate access to any data one may need in any situation in order to go about the correct path. There is no need for a computer for them to do this, which also allows them to hack into any system with just their mind. Is the one who stays in the background and directs everyone else in where they’re needed and what they need to do as they are the MBTI Superhero Types Oracle. Has a habit of still not being able to figure out their own directions even though they’re able to direct everyone else.

ENTP: Silver Tongue Viper - No one can resist their charm, and their words. With their words they can cause a person to forget or remember what they desire, as well as to do or not do anything they ask. There are few and far in between who can resist their charming silky honeyed hypnotic voice and sexual charm. Words are their weapon and their power, with which even nature must obey. Has a habit of flirting too much and ending up sometimes doing the exact thing they weren’t suppose to do.

INTJ: Shadowmaster - Literally a master of peoples shadows, and shadows in general. Can cause shadows to become physical copies of the person or thing, allowing them to control them via their shadows as long as they are within sight. Can turn into a shadow themselves and teleport as well as walk from shadow to shadow without being seen. May or may not have a habit of making people dance like marionettes.

ENTJ: Dominion - Where ever Dominion stands or walks an area of up to 200 meters is completely and utterly under their control, for that is now their temporary domain. As such the people must follow and everything must obey their will within that area, and should they choose the force they let out can cause people and buildings to collapse with a simple push. Has a habit of lazing around when no one is watching.

INFJ: Starchild - Has the ability to imbue people with the knowledge of the universe and the workings of the very stars themselves, often causing a brain meltdown once done. Is able to fly and go supernova should they choose, often very kind and helpful, but also always in another place as if they never belong… as if they themselves came from the very stars themselves. The most elusive type and the most secretive, only to act when they are absolutely needed. Has a habit of randomly dozing off.

ENFJ: Southern Wind - Has the ability to bring about warmer air and an emotional embrace. Wherever people are hurting there the Southern Wind is, comforting and healing them before moving on as the wind passes through the persons body and heals them completely. If serious he/she can use their ability to create a tornado or even hurricane should they come across such evil that requires it. Most of the time however they are the empathetic healer, who guides people towards a better path. Has a habit of playing with children and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

ISFP: Beastmaster - There is no animal that does not listen to them, and their is no animal that will not obey him/her. Nature is their domain and all the animals within are under their control. As such he/she also has the ability to talk to and understand any animal they come across through a telepathic link that is often established. As such he/she won’t be seen so much inside the city but in places of nature where they are most suited towards their task. Has the habit of placing animal sounds in some of their words.

ESFP: Hyperdrive - Due to their endless energy that challenges that of the Quantum Wizard, Hyperdrive is able to do, gather and disperse energy however they see fit within their actions, which can often cause them to do everything at faster than lightspeed, which in turn causes them to be able to go through a dimensional shift, as well as open portals as well as wormholes in space. Has a habit of not being able to remain still, whether this is from the body constantly vibrating or them constantly moving.

ISTP: Thundersmith - There is nothing that Thundersmith can’t build, and there is no weapon that they can’t wield. With the force of his/her hammers he/she can topple mountains, and build buildings from the ground up. Anything they touch can be used as a weapon as it is imbued with the powers of the earth shaking forces of thunder and lightning. Has a habit of building automatons and giant fighting robots.

ESTP: Steel Commando - Can make their body impervious to harm and even turn to steel. Further more they relish in the arms of combat and can use any firearm, explosive, or general mass destructive weapon by mere will alone. And it’s not just one or two that they have in their hand either, no any firearm they touch will immediately be linked to them allowing them to have as many firearms and explosives they can get their hands on and use all of the simultaneously. Has a habit of jumping from buildings or airplanes as a first mode of attack.

ISTJ: Enforcer - Law is their domain, not law in the sense of the laws of society, but law in general. As such they can erase or create any law they see fit, and make it come to pass in anyone they see. If they do not wish for some one to escape, the law that they create will prevent that person to escape, as their law becomes part of physical nature itself. Of course once again they must be within eye distance of all that is going on in order to execute this ability. Has a habit of playing memory and mind games with themselves and others.

ESTJ: Captain Force - There is nothing they cannot force themselves into or command upon setting foot in a place that requires such or that they simply dictate requires such. Everything moves in the path they desire, when they desire, and how they desire. This includes systems, people, and things in general. Their overpowering presence may also cause others around them to faint. Has the habit of placing everything into neat organizational order when their ability is used.

ISFJ: Harmonious Sparrow - Besides the power of flight, Harmonious Sparrow is able to gently bring all into order and harmony. Where ever there is chaos, and general conflict, their powers of peace and order will bring everything into quiet settlement. When needed they also utilize their unique martial arts skills that gracefully place their opponents in the ground before they even realize what has happened. Has a habit of always bringing herbal tea with them.

ESFJ: The Sentry - Nothing will be able to get past that which they guard or watch, as they are the caretakers of all those in need. They have the ability to not only see all that is coming from far distances, but to also dish out as much punishment as they are given. They will stand in front of all the people they care for and if the enemy wants to get to those people, they first have to get through them. As long as they have people to look after, guard, and take care of, nothing can harm them as instead all of that harm returns in equal force towards the person giving it. Has a habit of hugging and cuddling everyone they’re close to.

Bold the types of spiritual work you do or have


Acupuncture | Acupressure | Akashic Healing | Aromatherapy | Astral Healing | Aura Healing | Brennan Healing | Bioenergy Healing | Breathwork | Chakra Healing | Cranio-Sacral Therapy | Elemental Healing | Energy Medicine (Donna Eden inspired) | EFT | Healing Touch | Herbal Healing | Holistic Healing | Intuitive Healing | Lunar Healing | Nutritional Healing | Polarity Healing | Pranic Healing | Psychic/Energy Surgery | Quantum Touch | Quigong | Reiki | Restorative Touch | Shamanic Healing | Sigil Healing | Solar Healing | Sound Healing | Theta Healing | Other


Black Magick | Blood Magick | Celestial Magick | Chaos Magick | Crimson Magick | Elemental Magick | Nature Magick | Necromancy | Psi Magick | Satanic Magick | White Magick | Other


Austromancy | Automatic Writing | Channeling | Crystal Scrying | Fire/Smoke Scrying | Full Moon Water Scrying | Intuitive | Lithomancy | Numerology | Ogham | Oracle Card | Osteomancy | Palmistry | Psychic | Pendulum | Runes | Scrying | Spirit Boards | Tarot Card | Tea Leaves | Water Scrying | Other


Akashic | Dream Interpretation | Energy | Karmic | Oracle Card | Past Life | Soul Mates | Spiritual Visage | Tarot Card | Twin Flame | Other


Astral Projection | Astrology | Aura Work | Aura Poisoning | Blood Work | Clairaudience | Clairvoyance | Cleansing | Colored Light Work | Creation Energy | Destruction Energy | Dimensional Travel | Energy Absorption/Psychic Vampirism | Energy Purification | Entropy Manipulation | Emotional Manipulation | Hypnotism | Intuitive Writing | Intuitive Drawing | Law of Attraction | Ley Lines | Lunar Work | Meditation | Psychic Manipulation | Shielding | Sigils | Solar Work | Spirit Summoning | Tantra | Trance Work | Yoga | Zen | Other

Two Types of Evil

There are two types of evil in this world.  The ones that admit to being the villain and the ones that pretend to be your hero.

There is the evil that is unabashedly out for death and destruction.  Not always literally, but in each case, someone will pay, and it will never be them.  Their power is gained through your pain.  There is no friendship, smiles, or false pretenses.  Maybe not always to begin with.  Some do not always begin outright, but eventually, they can’t hide what’s lurking inside.  Despite that, you question where so much darkness can come from.  These are the down and dirty, blood on their hands and surely on their name when it is spoken for ages to come.  Even though there won’t be any time wasted in understanding their intentions, it doesn’t matter because you are already gone.  

Tom Marvolo Riddle

And there is the evil that lurks in the phrase,”The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”  The ones that truly think their way is best.  Superiority, Authority, leading to Enmity.  It starts with a sweet smile and talk of change, leading to the destruction of your foundation, manipulation of choice.  It’s not just changing laws, it’s about changing you.  This is the person that rides in like a hero to your face and stabs you in the back like the villain they truly are.  That won’t happen, though, if you don’t make any waves in their path to the “Greater Good” because if you aren’t going to be great with them, they are going to make sure you are gone for good, and you will definitely feel it.

Dolores Jane Umbridge

So which one hurts you worse?
Amid Charges By Former Law Student On Gender Equality, Former Clerks Defend Gorsuch
A student who took an ethics course under Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch at the University of Colorado Law School said he expressed controversial views on questions of gender discrimination.

A former law student of Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, alleges that in a course she took from Gorsuch at the University of Colorado Law School last year, the judge told his class that employers, specifically law firms, should ask women seeking jobs about their plans for having children and implied that women manipulate companies starting in the interview stage to extract maternity benefits.

This isn’t a protest against the Left, this is a protest against a party that is social democrat in name only. This is a protest against a party that functions on bribery, nepotism, electoral fraud, and electoral lies, run by people who have gotten rich because they stole from public funds and because they encouraged graft, a party that is as nationalistic and religious and conservative as right parties that tend to lean on the extreme side. 

This is a protest against Liviu Dragnea, a condemned criminal who is trying to manipulate the law of an entire country to erase his criminal record and the criminal records of his friends, and also who wants to allow his fellow party members to steal more from taxpayer money. A condemned criminal who is trying to close the Anti Graft Department for actually doing their jobs.  A protest against a condemned criminal who took money from his county’s Child Protection Services and gave them to his ex wife and brought the state a prejudice of 20 000 euros, and some even say he laundered 1 billion euros, and who participated in electoral fraud. Against a megalomaniac who tried to pass a law that would forbid mocking him on the internet. Against a megalomaniac who wants to change the law in order to become prime minister, because currently our legislation prevents a condemned criminal to occupy a high state function. A megalomaniac who threatened our president with suspension for enforcing this law. A megalomaniac who accuses a mostly peaceful protest (with the exception of agitators that his own party sent apparently) of being a “ coup d’etat”, who compared a peaceful protest with miners breaking a protest and beating up intellectuals at his own former party bosses’ orders. A supreme asshole who defies an entire country, who looks and speaks to us condescendingly, as if we’re all stupid and he’s the only intelligent one. A supreme asshole who is willing to fuck our entire country, to damage our relations with the EU just for the sake of his massive ego.   

Bonus: here is Romania’s Supreme Asshole after he spent 1 million dollars so he could travel to the US to meet America’s Supreme Asshole and take this shitty picture.

The 13th Law of Power

When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude

If you need to turn to an ally for help, do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds.  He will find a way to ignore you.  Instead, uncover something in your request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion.  He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.

anonymous asked:

you once said that "Same-sex male Orsi couples often buy waist-slings to simulate the same thing!" does that mean homosexuality is widely accepted by the orsi?

I’d say probably so?

Now of course, it’s not 100% percent accepted no. Unfortunately, like most societies there’s always an existing contingent who do not approve of this for varied reasons, and Orsi are no different in that trend.

If I had to lay down some numbers here I’d say if you ran a poll: 70% of Orsi society fully approves of it, and 20% does not approve of it. The remaining 10% would register somewhere in the “Ehhh…” or “I don’t know” camp. That being said, the groups that don’t approve of it don’t attempt to manipulate legislation or pass laws to deny gay couples rights like they do in our world. Their resistance manifests more so in individual family conflicts, or among private social clubs/societies who’s leadership take a stance against the practice. 

Most other Orsi however see these groups as backwards and petty. 

bold what you practice

from @patchouliprincee


Acupuncture | Acupressure | Akashic Healing | Aromatherapy | Astral Healing | Aura Healing | Brennan Healing | Bioenergy Healing | Breathwork | Chakra Healing | Cranio-Sacral Therapy | Elemental Healing | Energy Medicine (Donna Eden inspired) | EFT | Healing Touch | Herbal Healing | Holistic Healing | Intuitive Healing | Lunar Healing | Nutritional Healing | Polarity Healing | Pranic Healing | Psychic/Energy Surgery | Quantum Touch | Quigong | Reiki | Restorative Touch | Shamanic Healing | Sigil Healing | Solar Healing | Sound Healing | Theta Healing | Other


Black Magick | Blood Magick | Celestial Magick | Chaos Magick | Crimson Magick | Elemental Magick | Nature Magick | Necromancy | Psi Magick | Satanic Magick | White Magick | Other


Austromancy | Automatic Writing | Channeling | Crystal Scrying | Fire/Smoke Scrying | Full Moon Water Scrying | Intuitive | Lithomancy | Numerology | Ogham | Oracle Card | Osteomancy | Palmistry | Psychic | Pendulum | Runes | Scrying | Spirit Boards | Tarot Card | Tea Leaves | Water Scrying | Other


Akashic | Dream Interpretation | Energy | Karmic | Oracle Card | Past Life | Soul Mates | Spiritual Visage | Tarot Card | Twin Flame | Other


Astral Projection | Astrology | Aura Work | Aura Poisoning | Blood Work | Clairaudience | Clairvoyance | Cleansing | Colored Light Work | Creation Energy | Destruction Energy | Dimensional Travel | Energy Absorption/Psychic Vampirism | Energy Purification | Entropy Manipulation | Emotional Manipulation | Hypnotism | Intuitive Writing | Intuitive Drawing | Law of Attraction | Ley Lines | Lunar Work | Meditation | Psychic Manipulation | Shielding | Sigils | Solar Work | Spirit Summoning | Tantra | Trance Work | Yoga | Zen | Other

The 10th Law of Power

Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as disease. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.

Law School is crazy hard, insane, and YOU ALL SHOULD STILL GO

Ok, so after my post about why grades matter so much during 1L and law school in general, I saw loads of people suddenly decide that law school wasn’t for them and that’s fine… except that was ONE ASPECT of law school… and also I answered that during finals which is honestly the most stressful time I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve gone through some shit… So someone asked me this question

So look, everything I said about grades is true…BUT there are a million other ways to be successful in law school. 

1. OCI (as someone in a reblog mentioned) is for people that want to go into Big Law which means the big huge law firms in the country. There are tooons of medium sized and smaller law firms and governmental entities and companies that also employ super successful lawyers. 

2. Law school is more than just simply getting a job. Yes. Getting a job is a huge part of it, but being a lawyer means you’ll speak a whole different language. The language of the law, which is ultimately what guides our country and our lives. This is not necessarily political. Let me give you a quick anecdote: 

My dad has been a mechanic for over 20 years. Last year he proudly bought his first ever brand new fresh off the lot car. He took in the car to the dealership to have a recall problem fixed, and not only did they not fix the problem but they broke something else in the car. Then they tried to charge my dad for the problem they had caused. My dad called me and asked me if I could write a complaint letter because the manager had been extremely rude to him. Let me tell you why that happened… because my dad speaks broken English. That’s the only reason they thought they could get way with it even though he has a lifetime of experience. I wrote a letter, called the better business bureau, called the dealership and left a voicemail. BUT THEN I called the car company (not naming brands but still) and I told them I was going to put in a complaint with the agency that deals with recalls. I started talking generally about how if anything happened to my family because they refused to fix a recall a certain governmental agency would be very interested to know why this happened. Agencies I learned about in law school, processes I learned about in LAW SCHOOL. Needless to say, my dad was treated like royalty afterward. Having a law school education makes you an ADVOCATE. 

3. Ok finally. I am not top 10%. I am not getting A’s left and right. I have Some A’s, A-’s, and B’s. My first semester I even got a B- in one class. BUT I still achieved everything I wanted, even if I didn’t get it the way I thought I would. Law school is a whole different beast and you have to remember that ONE way is not the ONLY way. I was extremely proactive and applied to a million things and there are plenty of programs that promote diversity which allow people like me to fulfill their potential by making opportunities more available to them. This summer I will be interning for a federal judge for six weeks because of a special program through the ABA (American bar association) which tries to get more diverse students into federal internships (which are quite prestigious). For my last six weeks of summer, I will be interning in Mexico City with the Mexican government through my law school. Being bilingual and bi-cultural definitely helped me land that job. Finally, during the summer of 2018, I have a summer associate position with a firm that is considered “Big Law” because I applied and received a wonderful scholarship for diversity students that includes a job position. All of these things didn’t happen JUST because of my grades. My grades are good, they’re not the best, but I have other activities that I partake in, other skills that my previous jobs have provided me, and I put myself out there every step of the way. 

So to all of you that were intimidated by my post about grades… One way is not the only way. Do YOUR best. Put yourself out there. Refuse to let ANY opportunity go by without at least TRYING. You can’t be afraid of a few No’s because then you’ll never get to that one YES that you need. 

PS. And yes there are a lot of manipulative people in law school (depending on what school you go to) but I can honestly say that my law school section is full of GOOD people, even though there are a lot A LOT of things we disagree about, I have NEVER asked for help without RECEIVING help, and that goes for my entire law school. In this increasingly polarized society, there will never be a place where everyone thinks like you and agrees with you. You do have to be tough to come into law school, but tough looks a million different ways. Some of they most shy, quietest people I know are the strongest and most successful law students as well. If you stop yourself from dreaming because you are afraid that others might not want you to succeed then you’ll never break free. Believe in You. Ultimately, that’s all you can control anyway. 

For @skiretehfox’s Maximus AU which is one of my favorite iterations of Max (and it’s how I found your blog!) I fell in love with her at first sight and this is me singing praise and thanks for creating her and the whole AU. I hope I didn’t write her ooc and if I did, please correct me. Anyways, here’s the fic, enjoy!

Maximus Victory

Maximus was never one to be bothered to make an effort. In fact, she’s given up trying altogether. She’s learned at an early age that effort is futile but it’s not because of the ratio of attempts to failures, rather the opposite. Everything was just so easy to achieve and so predictable. The world was dictated by patterns and to accomplish a goal was to simply follow the set path with predetermined rules. Perhaps that’s why the only semblance to excitement there was in life for her was when she’s bending the said rules or when there were hardly any restrictions in the first place. Either works and since she gets bored easily, she doubles in both.

She majors both in Law and in the Arts, Photography in particular, at the same time. There’s a reason why she specializes in both of these areas. Manipulating the laws of legality was interesting enough to work as a brain-teaser for her on good days. Manipulating the laws of photography to get that perfect shot can be entertaining and fulfilling at times. And then there’s the hidden third Major in Time, manipulating the laws of space and time just because she can.

No, she didn’t fucking stutter. She has time powers, deal with it.

It’s a rather dull story if you asked Maximus and although it was surprising at the time, that excitement obviously didn’t last for the rest of her life. Actually, that got her the time powers in the first place: the end of her life, or at least it was supposed to be. Coming from a prestigious family has its own downsides aside from the boring parties filled with pretentious adults pretending to give a shit. For Maximus, she got kidnapped at the age of ten. The criminals weren’t even professionals and ended up accidentally shooting her. She would have died too or maybe she did die but her rewind just overwrote that history. Needless to say, someone other than her ended up with a bullet on that day.

Rewinding time? What-the-fuck-ever. She doesn’t give a shit.

Having time powers got old real fast. It was nothing that extraordinary for her as mastering any other skill. Within weeks she learned how to prevent the nosebleeds and within months, she could rewind for more minutes than she’ll ever need to. She’s confident that she knows how it works and mastered all of its tricks so much in fact that whatever thrill she felt on the first time had long since died along with the timeline where she’s supposed to be dead. The supernatural aspect of it has been normalized and has now become routine. In short, she got bored. She started to think that whatever this was just might be the most exciting experience she’ll ever get.

Her boring days carried on until she turned eleven and she attended a charity event in Seattle with her parents. She absolutely loathed these social gathering of hypocrites and if she had a choice, she wouldn’t be here at all. Unfortunately being a kid meant less free will on her part but at the very least she was allowed freedom to separate and roam on her own. The exhibit wasn’t even that interesting but it will have to do rather than the annoying adults that filled it. As she easily weaved through the groups of people she would have nothing to do with, she eavesdropped on voices that only spoke of bullshit.

Until she heard a voice that seemed to carry an IQ that was higher than the room’s average.

“What an insult.” The voice belonged to a girl with long blond hair and a scowl that matched her disgust. She’s standing by one of the art booths and muttering to herself far too loudly and condescending. “No one’s actually here to donate for the arts. Everyone’s too busy kissing ass with people instead of actually admiring the displayed masterpieces.” She glared at the room in general with great disapproval that Maximus couldn’t help but approve.

“Masterpieces?” She smoothly took a spot beside her with an amused smirk. “Point me at one when you see them.”

The girl turned to her, most likely surprised that someone would comment on her not so inner monologue. Her cheeks were tinged red with embarrassment but she quickly masked it under the guise of anger. She’s certainly a proud one. “Well of course I didn’t mean all of these!” She gestured to the entirety of the room and then crossed her arms. “There’s no such thing as a gallery filled with only the best works. More than half are usually dull stud shots just trying to catch a ride on the greatness of the actual good ones.”

Well she’s not wrong although Maximus wouldn’t want to inflate her ego by admitting that. At least this girl knew what she was talking about and she had the backbone to speak them out. Her eyes shone with the slightest of interests. “Huh, is that what you think so?” She tested her, intimidating.

“That’s what I know so.” The girl confidently replied and with a raised chin, she beckoned her, “And? What do you think?”

Maximus blinked. That’s new. So there truly existed a person who wouldn’t shrink from her. This girl could hold her own ground and who was Maximus to deny her conversation? “Hmm…” She hummed shortly and then pointed to one photo in particular. “Well this guy’s trying too hard to go for Avedon-esque.”

It was unexpected but the girl’s face lit up at the mention of the photographer. It was so bright and instantaneous that Maximus could have sworn that a flash literally went off. “You know Richard Avedon? He’s my hero!” She started excitedly and even jumped a bit when she fully turned towards her. When she realized that she had forgotten the proper but also boring TPO, she quickly composed herself. She held herself back but the embers in her eyes continued to glow warmly. “I mean… ahem, yes it is rather distasteful at how poor his attempt is. It’s an absolute disgrace. I can’t believe this crap is even here.”

So this girl apparently also knew how photography worked and Maximus is impressed because that’s already more than most of the guests’ actual knowledge of the art. “And how would your attempt be?”

“Obviously better than this amateur.” She scoffed and there was something with the way she said it, the power in her voice, that told her that she wasn’t just all talk. “See, the technique is just…” And then she proceeded to expound on how to pull off an Avedon photoshoot.

And although Maximus was not one to socialize, she thought that she didn’t mind spending time with this girl.

“Maximus Caulfield.” She finally said after their fourth conversation. There was a small but noticeable proud grin on her face. This girl had earned the right to her name and frankly, she enjoyed her company. “It’s a fucking relief to know that there’s someone here who isn’t a retard.”

The girl just nodded in agreement. “Likewise. You aren’t just air yourself.” Despite her proud attitude, there was a clear underlying tone of approval in her voice. “If you don’t already know, I’m Maribeth Chase. I suppose you can call me Mary for short.”

“Mary, huh?” She rolled the name across her tongue experimentally. Something about the name just didn’t sit right with her and she wracked her brain as to why. In the end, she couldn’t figure out the reason but she did figure out a new nickname. “Nah, I think I’ll just call you Vic.”

“Vic?” She repeated and with obvious confusion written on her face. “Why Vic?”

She shrugged. “Dunno. It just feels right.”

“Well I’m not the only one going home with a stupid nickname, Maxine.” She eyed her levelly.

“It’s Max, never Maxine.” Maximus shot back and then smirked. “I think we’re going to get along just fine, Vic.”

They got along more than just fine, so much in fact that their parents already arranged for them to get married in the future.

Not like that made any difference since Maximus wasn’t planning on spending the rest of her life with anyone else. She already spent her first eleven years with boring complacency and she’d be damned if that lasted any longer. So they meet again at another gala the next month and then after, they scheduled a meeting without the crowd of overaged morons. Maximus found Vic interesting enough that she dropped from her current school and transferred to hers. Vic couldn’t believe what she did at first but she may have half screamed half squealed when her parents confirmed the fact. Maximus later found out about it and teased the hell out of her cute blushing face.

By the time that Vic got her pixie cut, they were already dating. The confession wasn’t as much romantic as it was spontaneous.

“Date me.” Maximus just suddenly dropped out of nowhere during an ordinary drive to the coffee shop.

The confession was just so unexpected that it almost passed by Vic’s head. Almost. In a few seconds, her brain stopped and so did the car as her foot slammed on the brakes. Her head turned and faced her, gaping. “What did you just say?”

“Eyes on the road, partner.” Maximus teased. “Did you know that most car accidents happen because the driver is looking elsewhere?”

“Oh, don’t you pull that shit on me.” Vic snarled and Maximus smiled wider because even Vic’s angry face was cute. She didn’t share her same amusement though. She glared harder. “Did you just say what I think you said?”

“Sorry, did I stutter?” Maximus leaned in close, so close that their noses were almost touching and their breaths were warm and mixing, and oh god it was intoxicating for Vic. In a seductively low voice, Maximus whispered, “I said fuck me.”

A delectable shiver ran through Vic’s spine and Maximus’ teeth showed. There’s also the obvious coloring of her cheeks but Vic was adamant on powering through this. “Maybe I’ll think about it when you say what you actually first said.”

“So that’s a yes on fuck?” Maximus grinned devilishly.

Vic’s blush burned to a darker shade as she stammered, “F-Fuck, Max! Just say those goddamned words already!” And in a softer, more shy voice she whispered, “I just… I just want to hear them and know this is real.” And that’s Maximus’s signal to quit messing around.

She schooled her face into one of seriousness as she gazed deeply. No more fucking around. “Date me, Vic.” Before Vic could answer, Maximus’ lips were already on hers. And when she pulled back, she faintly heard the reverent whisper of a “yes” that she pulled from Vic’s lips. Maximus licked her lips with pride. “We’re gonna fucking rule the world together.”

As much as Maximus would have loved to skip to the part where they rule the world, Vic thought it was imperative for them to continue their education and this was non-negotiable. So fast forward to now where they’re in college. At least they share an apartment so she thinks it’s not all that boring. Maximus still doesn’t give a shit about things but Vic does and she makes it a point that Max knows.

“Max, get your lazy ass up already or you’ll miss your defense.” Vic scolded her for the nth time this past ten minutes. “Don’t make me throw water at you because you know I will if you don’t get up in the next thirty seconds.”

“And ruin the bed? Where ever will we sleep then?” Maximus gasped playfully.

“Obviously I’ll be taking the sofa and you’ll be sleeping on the cold hard ground. Twenty seconds.” Vic tapped her foot irritably by the bedside.

“Hey, don’t talk about our floor like that.” Maximus pouted. “Besides, it’s more comfortable than you think. The coolness is perfect for the summer weather.”

“It’s officially winter in two weeks. And no, you’re not getting any extra blankets to touch our impeccable floor.” Vic pushed. “Ten seconds.”

“Vic, it’s eight in the morning. My defense is at nine. There’s no need to rush. Besides, the prof is just as tardy as I am anyways.” Maximus reasoned but Vic was having none of that.

“Five seconds, Max.” She announced tersely and raised a glass of water threateningly.

Maximus immediately shot up at the last second, reached for the glass and downed the whole drink. “There. Now where’s my morning kiss?” She smiled lopsidedly.

“That hardly bears merit for a reward.” Vic scoffed as she took the glass and set it aside on the bedside drawer.

Without warning, Maximus leaned forward and pecked her on the lips. “I’m taking it anyways.” She grinned toothily.

Vic’s already used to Maximus’ impulsive displays of affection but she never did learn how to tame her blushes. “You’re insufferable.” She muttered but not with a small smile.

“That’s so sweet of you to say, thank you.” Maximus replied with a chuckle that ended shortly when she growled lowly, “So where’s my morning makeout session?”

Vic blinked. Her eyes quickly flitted to the clock and then back to her girlfriend, debating. She bit her lower lip in thought as Maximus licked hers in anticipation. Until finally, Vic let out a sigh and leaned forward. “Fuck it. Ten minutes tops.”

Maximus just grinned in victory. “Negotiable, right?”

And sure, life was still boring as hell most of the time and Maximus could still never be bothered to make an effort. But it’s moments like these that make her consider otherwise. Maximus couldn’t care less about anything but Vic worries about everything. Life has been less boring with Vic around and Maximus will do everything within her power to keep this life. Whenever she thinks of Vic, she thinks that maybe she’d like to at least try. Effort has never been her thing but maybe that’s just because she didn’t have a reason worth it before— before Vic. It’s different now and maybe she’s changed as well even if only just by a bit.

Maximus puts in a little more effort nowadays and even more so when Vic rewards her.

An ENFP Gone "Wrong”

I’ve noticed some general online frustration (and had a few conversations with various ENFPs that expressed annoyance) that there aren’t really any good examples of what happens when an ENFP “goes wrong” in film.

Psychotic ESFPs? Tons of them. ENFPs? Not so much.

So what does it LOOK LIKE when an ENFP is morally questionable?

I know there’s a ton of Closer fans on tumblr, so don’t get me wrong –  I love Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer. Love isn’t even a strong enough word. She is arguably one of the greatest TV characters since Columbo. She’s fabulous, but she is also a good example of what can happen when a FiTe decides to go “off the book” and “exact her own justice.”

Numerous times throughout the series, Brenda runs up against criminals that could get off on contingencies, or that she simply cannot PROVE did something truly heinous. Rapists, molesters, murderers, drug dealers. And, I can think of several instances where she decided to go outside the system and ensure the person was PUNISHED for their crimes, because she deemed it worthy of punishment, regardless of what the law said.

Two instances in particular stand out to me – in one, she chased a pedophile to Mexico, where she wasn’t allowed to arrest him, because he was outside of US jurisdiction. So what she did instead was got him to confess to his crime in front of the Mexican police – and because the underage girl he raped and murdered was from Mexico, they immediately arrested him (sickened at his crime, she took pleasure in telling him that Mexican prisons are much harder on criminals than State prisons – and when he begged her to take him back to the US, she refused, and left him to suffer).

In another, a man murdered several people at a gas station; the gas station was in “gang territory,” but “off bounds,” and he violated the rules. Since he had immunity for his crime (he was a witness against someone else, and the DA’s office “stupidly” offered him immunity), Brenda could do nothing about the murder – but she could drive him home, drop him off, and let the gang know about his actions, which made him a target. He wound up dead. In her mind, that was justice. He deserved to “pay for his crime,” and did.

In all these instances, her sense of moral indignation overruled what the law allows – and she didn’t care about the consequences nor the moral implications of her own actions because she saw it as “justice.” (Nor did she care about seeing them suffer for a long time; she wanted to ensure they never did it again - Te: stop them, forever.) Her Fi decided on a black and white moral code (what he did is unforgivable) and she used her Te to make it happen (in one instance, playing the Mexican criminal justice system, and in the other, ordering her subordinates to leave the man behind, ignoring their moral protests - she pulled rank on them, and forced them to commit a crime). If the law could not get them, she would let someone else do it – and in both instances, she ignored their appeals for her sympathy.

This could easily, in another ENFP character, become a villain, who is either controlling people, exacting their own form of justice, or committing morally dubious actions in order to fulfill their own sense of righteous rage – an EXFP villain is frightening, because their evil is often based in a sense of “I know what is right, and you do not, and I will PUNISH your sins” (see ESFP Daenarys in Game of Thrones as a good example; her form of “justice” is just as cruel and merciless as the slavers she replaced; she is in very great danger of becoming a tyrant).

Fi is an extremely black and white moral function; in a true villain, it can be totally immune to sympathy for its victims. Te has a habit, in any villain, of becoming a tyrannical force – of exacting their authority in such a way that it oppresses people, uses their power for nefarious ends, or is willing to sacrifice other humans either for a personal goal / gain or out of a warped sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness (bad Fi).

Unlike an ENTP villain, who wants to create chaos for its own sake “to see what might happen if I do this…” an ENFP villain will want to PUNISH – not to torture someone just to feed off their pain (that is bad Fe) but to make them pay for their sins. Te is often most interested in STOPPING something – and that may include enforcing their own moral code upon the masses (and punishing those severely who resist) or just … killing the problem.

Imagine, if you are an ENFP (or any other type, really) what kind of a villain you would be, if you acted on those enraged thoughts of moral indignation at the deeds committed in this world (someone should just kill that person… they should have every torture inflicted on them that they inflicted on that kid/animal…) – the moment of hearing about someone raping and murdering a little girl, and escaping justice. What lengths would you go to, and what would you DO about it, if you had no moral code of your own that prohibited murder and allowed your rage to fester? And what if you had the POWER to make anything happen that you wanted to make happen? Would your Te kick in and “enforce” your moral code on others… through violence?

In Ne/Te looping in particular, how would you stay “one step ahead” of the law and field off potential problems? Manipulate your way out of situations? Ensure you didn’t get caught?

There is your ENFP villain.

- ENFP Mod

Elorcan Possessive Billionaire AU part 1

Summary: Elide wants out of Morath CO. Lorcan wants in.

  • rob·ber bar·on [noun]

a person who has become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous business practices (originally with reference to prominent US businessmen in the late 19th century)

Three Years Ago

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Elide hummed as she flipped through the stacks of paperwork, filing them into the respective cabinets. With brutal efficiency, she re-organized all of her uncle’s loose papers and re-wrote all of his scribbles of writing other business mergers deigned to look over.

“Elide! My coffee!” Her Uncle Vernon roared into the intercom, thick syllables rasping out. The machine’s blaring grated against her ear drums at it whirred off. Slamming the last cabinet shut, she locked up, and headed towards the kitchen. Not only was she the secretary, but the kitchen staff as well—and the event coordinator, personal relations specialist, and treasurer.  

Because she was Vernon’s only employee; everyone knew his ruthless practices:  With low wages, long business hours, and little respite, Morath Company frequented as the one of the business that still practiced brutal techniques, not only through the use of vertical and horizontal integration, but also through the filled corruption of scandals and feuds. No one dared to work for him save herself—ruined and crippled and chained to her Uncle.

Until she turned eighteen years old, she could not legally walk away from her guardian. When that long-awaited time came, she knew Vernon would have finally found a way to hold her permanently within his grasp. The wait drew anticipation within her, a source of murky hope. Unclear her future may be, but it had to be better than to slave away.

She hummed softly to herself, swaying on her feet as best as she could. By the time she had delicately carried the cup of steaming coffee into Vernon’s office, he had moved on into requesting an apple fritter, declaring he’d slash half of her pay for being too slow. Again.

Elide had merely bit her lip, and wobbled out of the office.

Maybe if he had hired more employees, Vernon Company would ruin more smoothly. Maybe if he had increased her pay, she would have more motivation to work harder. Maybe if he hadn’t chained her into his office when she first worked there, she wouldn’t move so slow.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Never affirmatives, always questioning.

Always dreaming for the future, always living in the nightmare.

Vernon had slapped a new assignment on her desk by the time she returned her little work room. Elide inhaled sharply through her nose as Vernon instructed her to organize his latest dealing with the EPA in convincing them to grant them permission to build an oil well near the Mississippi. She wanted to say no and protest the outright disgust that the risk of the oil spill and build up of a harmful infrastructure for the environment was not a potential investment—especially as a distributary channel.

But she had learned the hard way to keep her mouth shut. It was the only way to prolong the pain. To bite her tongue was to save skin, but drive her mind into pieces. What she could eat, wear, love—all aspects restricted to her Uncle, her last living family tie. Of all strung love, the sneers had snipped away the strings of bent loyalty. Only time remained as her closure.

Her fingers traced the outline of her calendar, nails tapping the date of her eighteenth birthday.


Smoothing down her business skirt, she scheduled a phone conference with the EPA and placed that vapid smile onto her face. A blank face for the future clean slate.

She was Elide Lochan, and she would find a way out of this prison, coming in all shapes and sizes conjured by the metal at her ankle and bars in her mind.

Until then, she would play with Vernon.

Los Angeles, California

“Dammit!” Rowan cursed. “How did we lose this rutting business deal with the EPA? Our policies ally with their every move.” The desk splintered from impact with his fist.

Fenrhys threw his hands up in the air. “Why—how—are we losing our connections all to the horrid Morath Company?”

“Stop bloody shouting!” Gavriel shouted, pulling the roots of his hair. “We need this to work. So stick your nose back in the desk and breathe.”

Vaughan pinched the bridge of his nose and inhaled his full cup of herb tea in one swallow. The others either paced around the room in hopes of releasing their anger while the others stormed out. The anger radiated within the room, a broken instrument victim of the feats of reckless runned reactions.

“Does it look like I give a flying fuck?” Lorcan snarled. “Maeve is blackmailing us again. If we don’t get this deal, she’ll rip apart our company for sure.” The duty to hang onto the shred of their independence hung volatile among them.

Fenrhys slammed his head against the desk rather violently, again and again, until the noise created a short cacophony. Gavriel grabbed his shirt’s collar and tossed him against the wall. “Stop acting like a child.”

“Obviously they have a mastermind in there,” Rowan said, ignoring his companions, and the rumblings of complaints. “Someone with the brains and words. The persuasion and the manipulation.”

“Someone with more hold than Maeve,” Lorcan mused.

“Impossible,” Gavriel snapped, ignoring Fenrhys’s sulking. “Maeve has been controlling us for the past damned ten years. You can’t get more powerful than that.”

Vaughan rolled his eyes. “You’re acting like we’re at the top of the hierarchy.”

Fenrhys narrowed his eyes at him, rubbing his jaw. “Who’s side are you on?”

“It doesn’t matter. We need to start searching through Morath’s database and narrow down the selection of employees and see who we’re going to kidnap. Use him to our advances. Bribe him to stay quiet. Then release him if his heart still beats.” Lorcan stalked towards the computers and flipped on all the switches, feeling the familiar humming of electricity under his fingertips. His dark eyes flickered to the lines of codes, full of simplicity past the facade of complexity.  

“Kidnap?” Gavriel demanded, rising from his worn seat.

Lorcan slowly turned towards his cadre, sparing them a feral glance. “Did I stutter?”

Rowan swore, and strode next to the whirring computer. “If Maeve finds out the prisoner we capture, she’ll wire him. Transform him. Manipulate him.”

“You’re going along with this?” Gavriel scowled. “Break a plethora of laws, so cross another?”

Lorcan tensed, his fingers flying across the keyboard, clacking away lines of code. Stiffness coated every inch of him, but he merely growled lowly in warning.

Vaughan shook his head, ignoring the amber-eyed male seething. “Maeve won’t find out. Not if she sees it as a conquest and nothing more. If one of us…show interest in him, then this scandal would not arouse suspicion.”

Fenrhys coughed. “You aren’t suggesting—”

“One of you will seduce CEO Vernon’s head informants,” Lorcan clipped out. “Whether male or female, I do not care. But you will make it happen.”

Fenrhys bristled as all heads turned towards him.

The Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Work had drained her, ten hours of relentless scribbling and talking, full of sweet, empty words. If only the interviewed her insides and intentions, then would they see the black water running through her, flooding her lungs. Every breath tasted of the lies of liberty and poison of power.

The lust filled looks washing over her body was nothing new. Neither was hurrying through the less dense streets where lamp light rays flickered away into ceased existence.

The moment Elide walked down the alley, she knew something was wrong. The night was a calm tranquility harboring deeper secrets than the sun’s horizon, but never did it fade into utter silence.

Something was off.

She wormed through her bag until she palmed her pepper spray, and slowly inched up her skirt where her laid strapped against her thigh. No one, not even Vernon, knew that she carried weapons with her.

Except Manon. The cunning mafia leader had taught her how to survive on the streets when she’d save Elide from near assault after she was caught in the after-effects of a crossfire. Howls had filled the air, snarling and savagery whipping around her.

But this was a silent, sinister after thought. A rattling her bones left hollowness seeping through her.

Stone from the slanted roof clattered to the floor on her left, and Elide froze.

“Shit,” a male’s voice said.

“Shut up, Fen—”

The entire roof collapsed, and Elide let out a shriek as the stones hit the floor along with bodies.

Beautiful, male bodies. The most beautiful creatures she’d ever seen. Flesh did not scare as they rose from the ground, dark abominations with crooked halos. The closest—she assumed was Fen—held up his hands in protest.

“We come in peace,” he said, his voice a low melody.

But dark and dangerous.

Another dark-haired figure next to him snickered out, “Hey, props that she’s a girl.”

The shape of another male appeared from behind him, this one formed with broader shoulders and arms corded with sheer muscle. His fall had ripped apart his black-pressed shirt, a thin line of blood trickling across his chest. He snorted at his companion’s statement, rubbing his jaw with his large hands. A rough-hewn face met her own trembling posture, her bottom lip threatening to spill.

Yet—never had injuries looked so magnificent. Never had the darkness so called to her. Never had she tasted freedom.

Elide mentally slapped herself. Bit down on her tongue. Gripped the pepper spray tighter.

“What do you want?” She managed.

The male raised an eyebrow, his midnight black hair rippling with the night. “What I want to know, Elide Lochan, is why you’re the only person working for CEO Vernon.”

Elide Lochan trembled. No one knew that—no one. Vernon had even coded millions of nonexistent names with false identities into his computer to seem as if he had millions under his command as his last action of actual work. No one could re-route that direction and clear the coding and decipher the assortment of jargon.


A mocking bow. “Expert hacker, Lorcan Salvaterre. And CEO of the Cadre Companies.”


Jakarta, Indonesia

Elide wiped the back of her hand across her forehead, sighing as the beads of sweat continued to run down her forehead. California knew storming deserts and tepid springs, but Indonesia oozed humidity that had each of her pores leaking in response. 

Pressing her bag closer to hip and grasping the clasp tightly, she weaved through the bustling streets. Vendors leaned forward at her sides, nimble hands flashing forward, the town the perfect hole to pickpocket. Vibrant cloths and teeming displays glamoured the wiped-down fronts. Every smile and wave of a hand served as a distraction as the unsuspecting pockets or zippers opened, only for seconds later, curses to fill the air as victims realized their foolishness. 

Elide reasoned she would be the same victim to the games if she weren’t a werewolf. 

Her hands instinctively enclosed around a wrist, and squeezed.
A little boy fell out of a stall, his face beet red. A warm wind had his long locks of dark curls slapping across his face, coated with black streaks of grime and dust. 

As Elide gripped him, her eyes absorbed the thin scars painting his scrawny arms.“Who did this to you?” Elide murmured softly, her other hand firmly tightening its hold on her bag, ignoring the rest of the curious eyes peeking from behind the tapestry stall.

The boy shook his head, hitting some of the hanging threats of rainbow hues. “Can’t say.” His other hand flailed out and pantomimed zipping his lips. 

She slowly sniffed the air, narrowing down the scents. Of all the vendors in this street, this particular stall held the only one inhabited by werewolves—young ones, to be precise, which was odd considering the fact not one smelled rogue. Lest the laws forbid it, any pack forbid young wolves, prone to be subject as pawns or used as threats, wander alone.

“Where’s your alpha?” Elide asked, and slipped her fingers around a pendant in her bag. Yanking it out, and angling her body closer to the stall, she palmed the ruby.The boy’s eyes widened, his other hand reaching out.

Elide retracted the gem. “Alpha?” 

The boy loosed a small, defeated sigh. “Dunno. Probably killing or fucking.”

Her eyes widened. A sound escaped her throat. “Are you sure?”

The boy’s eyes turned dark. “Alpha killed mother. Alpha fucked sister. Alpha does same to others.”

Elide knew by the sweeping undercurrents of bitterness and acerbic taste in the tongue that the boy’s sister simply hadn’t been taken without strand of dignity or consent. It seemed she had come across one of the boundless alphas, spending wiles and wills on the wild mind rather than the collective security of duty. Her insides shuddered, her skin prickling in sorrow for the fate of the pack, for only the true chaotic cursed ruled in this new era. “What’s your name? I’m Elide.” She knew it was a risk to expose herself openly like that, but by the boy’s fragile state, he wouldn’t be able to fully mind-link his alpha that another werewolf not from his pack set on his claimed territory. By tomorrow, she’d completed her mission and be sailing back towards California.

It’d been too long before she had been in the eastern hemisphere, where two years ago, no alpha pack had deigned to rule over the torrid terrain and scorching soils of Jakarta. Only the ruined would dare claim the chance to tame the lands.

“I’m Nox.” The boy blushed. “Nox Owens.”

Elide released her grip and slid the ruby into the boy’s hand. Before he could disappear behind the fluttering, threaded colors of clarity and brightness, Elide leaned in, whispering, “Don’t grow bitter, Nox, but better.”

She set off for the streets, attempting to cover her scent with newfound vigor—her only supposed gift for her runted wolf side. Hiding in rabbit burrows did have advantages, but brought out whispers of disgust and pity to those who saw her other form. If she completed her unspoken task easily, then she’d be out of the ground quicker. Intruding on another’s territories had never been one to her liking, unlike Aelin’s boldness. Being the one of the several Alpha females must have had its perks, a craving Elide would never have fulfilled.

Hurrying up the steps into a small building with a slanted roof, she pushed past the wooden door, the blast of the cranked of air conditioner eliciting a satisfied sigh. Footsteps rounded from the corridor, and Elide grinned as she stared at the familiar white-haired acquaintance, dressed in the ever trademark dark clothes. 

“It’s good to see that Aelin hasn’t quite roughened you up yet,” said Manon, twirling her favorite blade in her fingers. “I’ve not got much on my end except for an Alpha Lycan settling here in the wastes.”

Elide unpacked her bag, pouring out the sparkling jewels for later bartering and bribing. “A Lycan?”

The more feral and wild kind of werewolves in the supernatural world, Lycans dominated over packs and reigned as royalty. Feared by most younger vampires and worshipped by regular werewolves, Lycans challenged the social order of the supernatural system. She’d met not just five three years ago, but one certain dark-eyed Lycan well enough to wish herself dead and nothing but dust in the earth; an encounter enough to drive her into a frenzied state of one she’d never envisioned herself, the simplicity rested in certainty.

“I saw a little pup today,” she murmured. “Alone in the streets.” The urge to protect the small one had rammed repeatedly in her head, ringing with resonance within every crevice. The lost, wide eyes reminded her of a younger version of herself, afraid and in awe of the wide world who offered terrors and tranquility. A desperation had flashed through him beyond that draped curtain of fear.

“This Lycan’s known to treat omegas poorly.” Manon rolled her shoulders. “He may not give a lick about what happens to those who toil in soil, but his warriors form a force of sheer strength.”

“Which is why your Thirteen still haven’t drive him away?” She had an inkling of feeling running through her veins, a snap of hopefulness thrumming through her. Manon’s silence was enough, and Elide rolled an amber stone across the table. The white-haired female easily caught it in her hands, rubbing the smooth surface. As a witch, her stance held hold over other supernatural creatures, only challenged by the ancient throng of individuals, including the older vampires who had seen the early revolutions of barred freedom and processed colonialism. 

“Which Lycan are we dealing with?” asked Elide, for the true forest bred creatures of the night called Lycans numbered to a few to be counted on hand’s fingers. Each reigned deadly in their own particular ways, each a foe to be reckoned with, each immortal and an aura of powerful. 

The leader of the primeval witch clan snapped her teeth—not at the fellow wolf who held youthful ebullience hidden within the shaded depths of dark orbs, a drawn and drab curtain across that flaring spark of cunning, restrained lore, but at the thought of the Lycan in her wasted lands. Manon crossed her arms. “This Lycan has dared to claim my territory as is, infiltrating my streets and my rings. I’m losing my contacts in a flushed drain.”

“What does this have to do with Aelin sending me here?” If gathering intel was all that was required, then she’d be heading back home to the sunny, albeit windy, shores of California within no time.

Manon gripped the stone tightly, the sharp noise of cracking piercing the air. “No,” the witch said slowly, opening her palm. Elide watched the cracks of the reddish brown hues fall listlessly to the floor, a distant reminder of the salted liquid running through her and scorching her mind. “You need to seduce Lycan Lorcan Salvaterre.”

A heartbeat of silence, then Elide coughed, clutching her chest. Pain sweltered through her, rivulets of rage racing across her vision, clear as the freshwater without a facade of fiction. Lorcan Salvaterre, the newest, most dangerous and wild Lycan that had appeared out of nowhere three years ago, the one who had shaken the very soils of her roots. The phantom bite at her neck flared at the name, her entire body shaking and trembling, the memories of the madness running amuck her mind.  

Time healed the blemished bruises and scrapes of scratches, but only bred the psychological damages burning and branding her insides. 

“Elide!” Manon called sharply, shaking her shoulders firmly, halting the flood of feelings. “Do you accept the deal?”

The figure of a rough-hewn face emerged through the fog of recollection, onyx eyes boring into her soul, warm hands skimming her skin, sending sparks through her. A dance of danger and dignity, her body a violin to his tune, unleashed and forbidden. The crescendo of emotions that had ruled her into the haunted female—werewolf—that she was today.

“Yes,” Elide managed to gut out, a sick smile spreading across her sunken eyes. Riled revenge spun, a chance of millions emerging through the unsolicited closure of three year’s time. She didn’t have to ask why the new type of mission when another vice wormed through her. “I accept your deal, Manon.”

It was time to return the forged game of unforgotten secrets and tempted betrayal—one in which no longer pawn reigned as herself, but the CEO of the Cadre Company, Lorcan Salvaterre, the robber baron of her heart. 

A retribution for what Lorcan Salvaterre had done to her three years ago.