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I’m sure this will get buried in all the screaming at the current nonsense, and it’s really just to add to the pile, but in Selena Gomez’s Vogue interview today, she actually states that she no longer has her Instagram password and that her assistant runs the account. If you didn’t know, Gomez has the largest following on Instagram at the moment, and has for a long time, if memory serves.

Miss Me?

So “Miss me?” isn’t a message from Moriarty, it’s a message from Euros.  “Do you miss me, your own sister who you pretend doesn’t even exist?”  I’ll admit, I love that – it’s a very reasonable question for her to be asking. 

At the very least, she’s manipulating Moriarty’s image, but I’m inclined to believe she’s done more than that - her handling of Culverton Smith is precisely in line with Moriarty’s MO: find a baddie, pretend to help them, actually use them to mess with Sherlock, and let them die/get arrested when Sherlock defeats them.  

So, questions:

- Was she involved with Moriarty before his death, or is she just using his image now?  Hell, maybe she is Moriarty, and the Andrew Scott character really was just Richard Brook.  I don’t love retconning “everything was really the work of this character we’ve introduced at the last minute” but at least they’ve laid a bit of the groundwork.

- I really can’t tell what’s up with Mary, her characterization and arc is so damn incoherent, but I’m inclined to believe she was working for/with Euros too.  The writers have given themselves an out by having Mary say ‘thought that’d get your attention’ w/r/t the “Miss me?” on her post-mortem dvd but a conspiracy of women fits well with TAB-as-decoder-ring – maybe with the twist that none of the women in the TAB conspiracy are part of the actual conspiracy.  (So: Euros, Mary, and oh let’s go with Lady Smallwood.)

- How long ago were Sherlock and Euros separated?  Presumably childhood, because of the beach and “I’m not a child anymore, Mycroft” but also Sherlock not recognizing his own sister.  Even high as a kite, he’s the most observant man in the world and he had a whole evening with her.  But: was Euros a part of Sherlock’s life when Carl Powers died and Moriarty and Sherlock’s paths first crossed?  How young was she when she was locked away?

- Speaking of… why does Euros seem to have it out for Sherlock in particular? Especially when she says he’s nicer than “anyone”?  It makes sense for her to be going after Mycroft, and it makes sense for her to go after Sherlock to get to Mycroft, but shooting John Watson seems like “burn the heart out of you” territory.

I am eagerly looking forward to the fandom meta machine’s input on this one.

One of the few things I’ll cross-post from Facebook. Here’s a great image from the Zoo Nation Facebook page, and it’s commentary:

“The manipulation of an image can say a thousand words. The The Huffington Post recently posted an anti-zoo article with edited images trying to convey animals have miserable lives in zoos. Below we show you lie vs. reality. Please remember that animal rights groups frequently distort the truth to push their agenda.”

Huffington Post, while generally a sometimes reliable news media source, has increasingly been exhibiting an anti-captivity, pro-animal rights stance. Their media on captivity and animal rights are no longer unbiased surveys of information.

Porter Robinson - Worlds

For the month of October, I’ll be posting glitched album covers of some of my favorite artists. Similar to #inktober this will be #glitchtober