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Hello, everyone! The community has spoken, so we’re expanding this year’s Diodeshipping Day into a week-long celebration to maximize the fun. Are you excited yet?? Here’s how it works:

Each day will have a theme. You are free to interpret that theme in any way you want, using whatever medium you feel most comfortable with: fanart, fanfic, gifs, screenshot manips, haiku, interpretive dance, or just a few thoughts on the subject. Do I have to make a post every day? No! Do I have to follow these prompts if I don’t want to? Of course not! These are just some guidelines if you’re anything like me and need a little inspiration to get started. Anything goes, as long as it somehow revolves around our favorite Electric-type nerd duo! So without further ado, here are your prompts for Seven Days of Diode: 

  • Day 01: Beginnings
  • Day 02: Adventure
  • Day 03: Invention
  • Day 04: Pokemon
  • Day 05: Fighting Type / Calm Type (choose one)
  • Day 06: Free Day (artist’s choice!)
  • Day 07: Until We Meet Again

Don’t forget to tag your entries with #diodeshipping week! Thanks for your patience while I got this post together, and special shout-out to @rinaskitty for their input on prompt ideas. Diodeshipping is love, Diodeshipping is life, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Levi and Eren - His & His

They secretly love fairy tales and happy sappy ever afters (most likely…)

I was supposed to do a manip with this but laziness got the better of me so I messed around in the filter gallery instead. It’s my latest editing craze and is surprisingly fun and requires minimal effort, and not to mention my sims look cool as flat images (at least I think they do…). I hope this makes up for the lack of a Disney background! 


travel au: When Davina finally resurrects Kol they decide that they need to get out of New Orleans for a while. She finally gets to see beyond her hometown, and he gets to see the world without the constant fear of a dagger to the heart.

anonymous asked:

hey just a question... how do you feel about people who think its an invasion of privacy or something to ship actors or write fics about them? for me i feel like its kind of seperate from the actors themselves and its just fun. what are your thoughts though?

I don’t see any problem with shipping fictional characters or real people as long as it stays between fans, and don’t involved the actors themselves or their family. 

People write fanfics about them, make fanarts, manip… fine. 
Is it an invasion of their privacy? Well, this is the fans interpretation of these actors relationship. Authors don’t say it is real. Fanfictions are just fiction. And if you’re able to keep it as a fantasy, just for fun, because you think they would be a great couple, I don’t really see what’s wrong with that.

What bother me tho, it’s when people are so deep into their ship (fictional or real) that they become disrespectful towards the actors or their family. Whatever your ship is, disrespect and hate are not right. 

Ship is love, ship is fun, either you ship fictional characters or real people. Ship si also FICTIONAL and a fan thing. And I say it again, it should stay between fans. 

So nonnie, keep shipping what makes you happy. Keep reading and writing fanfics and don’t let people make you feel bad about it. Just respect the actors privacy to not being involved in it. 

xoxo Nat 

H A N N I G R A M - T W I T T E R - B A N N E R S

The 2015 Hannibal Advent is almost upon us! Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions!

What is Hannibal Advent?

A fannibal celebration of the Hannibal ‘verse! A chance for us to give each other the gift of lots of wonderful posts!

How Do I Participate?

Make a post about Hannibal between November 16 and December 24. Tag it with #HannibalAdvent

Voilà! You are a participant!

What should I post?

Whatever you want! It can be short or long! It can be art, fic, gifs, AUs, manips, crack, ships, favorite quotes, pic spams, meta, your favorite scene, “I LOVE HANNIBAL”, anything! 

Anything you want to give to your fellow fannibals as a Hannibal Advent gift is the perfect thing to post for HannibalAdvent!  

Why November 16 - December 24?

We took a vote, and decided this year HannibalAdvent would run for 39 days, one per episode! The calendar is here!

Do I have to post about the episode of the day?

No! It’s just a suggestion in case you need ideas! Anything goes on any day! 

There may be some group watches organized, keep an eye out, because those are always fun!

And of course we all fully expect that December 8 will be ALL NEAR KISS ALL DAY. Probably the rest of the week. Maybe the rest of the Advent. We’re OK with this. Even ashippers like me are ready for some near kiss action. 

Does it only have to be NBC Hannibal?

No way! Post about the books, the movies, your AU, your head canons, your Spacedogs and Tristahad, Clannibal, your dreams for season 4 and beyond!

Whatever inspires you to post - please post!

Do I have to post every day?

Of course not! It’s a busy time of year. Some of us will do every day. Some one day. Most somewhere between. We’re just glad to have you!

Do I have to have a Tumblr?

No! The more the merrier! 

Please use the #HannibalAdvent tag on Twitter and Facebook, too! That’s why we’re using one without the space! Best to have an outpouring of Hannibal love all over the internet!

What’s the rating for this event?

No restrictions, just tag content appropriately, as we know you would anyway! 

it’s that time of year again… sciles day. you may be thinking why is sciles day on november 24th? and that’s because scott and stiles’ jersey numbers are 11 and 24, so… 11/24, pretty simple huh? anyway, this is the time where we spend a whole day showing our dedication to the amazing pairing of scott mccall & stiles stilinski, whether you love them as brothers, best friends or lovers, it doesn’t matter. just show your sciles love! you can make manips, fanart, fanfic, gifs, literally anything but just make sure you tag all your edits #scilesday! this should be a fun and positive experience for all sciles fans and remember to just have fun! and any questions you may have can be sent here.

Hi there! So, there was a thing I did last year where I collected a bunch of manips that’d done which I loved, but didn’t fit a story or were something I just couldn’t work into a story and I put them up here so you guys could write them some. It was good fun and I have a good enough collection again to attempt this so how about we give it another go?

It works like this. I post an image every week, probably Friday or Saturday afternoon (Let me know what works best for you!) and anyone who is interested can adopt it and write a little drabble or a whole fic if you’re inspired or make art, whatever! You could even just add a caption if you like.

If you want to see what people did last year, you can find all the stuff here.

Try to finish it before I post the next one (or not, schedule at your own pace) and it’ll be a fun little thing to see how everyone interprets the image.

Just be sure to link your work to the original image and tag them with #CHPC or #Chinx’s Hiatus Prompt Challenge or just my url, #seastarved and I’ll find them.

Reblog this post and spread the word! If enough people are interested, I’ll post the first one tomorrow! :)


Neverland the 100 AU. 
They stopped being kids the day they were sent down here to die
Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things. 

just a bunch of plotless manips, really - it doesn’t mean I associate any specific Neverland characters with the 100 characters. Some characters are just manipped easier together than others.
also devery jacobs as Tiger Lily bc reasons and ariel is neverland too ok.
don’t mention the bae one that hurt to make but the floppy hair wants what the floppy hair wants
but this was fun to make so here you go

So! I have a bunch of manips that don’t really have a story and I was thinking that maybe you guys could give them some!

Here’s how it’ll work. I’ll post an image every week, probably Sunday and whoever is interested can adopt it and write a little drabble or a whole fic if you’re inspired or make art, whatever! Hell, you could even just add a caption.

You could finish it before I post the next one (or not, schedule at your own pace) and it’ll be a fun little thing to see how everyone interprets the image. 

Link them to the original image and tag them with #CHPC or #Chinx’s Hiatus Prompt Challenge or just my url, #seastarved and I’ll find them. 

Reblog this post and spread the word! If enough people are interested, I’ll post the first one tomorrow! :)

Hello shippers! This is Hayffie Week prompt schedule as voted by… you =)

The most shippy of shippy weeks is gonna be the last of August, from Monday 24th to Sunday 30th. Each day has a specific theme as listed above (or beyond) so please take notes and make sure you post the right day (but no one’s really gonna throw a fit if you’re late or mixes days, it’s just to not have everything posted on monday and then nothing for the rest of the week)

Every fanwork is welcome! the more the merrier =)

Please follow the hashtag #hayffie week to track submissions and more info

ellanainthetardis (and me) are always available for eventual questions, don’t be shy! =) share the lurve! \o/ and your best fanwork (art, fiction, manip, gifs, vids, fanmixes, …)

DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN! aka don’t stress over the dates

Monday 24th: Inspired By A Song
Tuesdays 25th: The Kids
Wednesday 26th: Capitol VS Twelve
Thursday 27th: AU
Friday 28th: Angst
Saturday 29th: District 13
Sunday 30th: Fluff 

Fandom Appreciation: Fan Art

Okay, so I know there a lot of weird riffs in this fandom and people can get on each others’ nerves, but I think we should all take a step back and recognize how many amazing people we’re fortunate enough to have in this fandom. And all of them have so much talent it blows my mind.

This will be a series of Fandom Appreciation goodness, split into a few parts including fan art, manips, edits, fanfic, videos/vines, and more. I want to spread some much-deserved love for all the lovely people here. Here’s part one: Fan Art, with links and my personal favorites because that makes it all the more fun.

I know this list will only be a fraction of all the artists in this fandom, so please feel free to add any artists I missed so everyone (including me) can discover more great people. I follow 500+ blogs, but most of them are Larry-centric; so that means most of the art I see is Larry-centric as well. I looked for artists outside the Larry fandom, but there are clearly going to be a lot I missed.

I don’t wanna take over people’s dashes, so the list/links/brief statements are below the cut, in alphabetical order to try and maintain a semblance of organization. (some users wouldn’t tag)

Keep reading

Chef Thomas

@particularscarf rang the elfpunk bell today. So for her birthday tomorrow I made this. So Happy Birthday luv. I hope you all enjoy it. It was actually a lot of fun to make :) I like doing simple things like this :) *psst even got the fingers right*

*tagging: mrsmoony86 fnscar223 tea4sykes laterovaries thisblogoffuckery dreamsngr nwadadnama larouau12 sarabeth72 xdelayedgratification tarrysmith sherekahnsgirl hiddlescheekbatch sunny-is-sherlokid theoria850 legion567 mytomhiddlestonpage mypreciousmind1 d-m-jonas iamthebadwolf85 emoryhemsworth kissimmmeme lokis-ice-queen calgal48 themorningstar81 just-call-me-your-darling maldivaldandhiddled annedeadly timelady12 adamcansuckme nerdysingingcatlady maneth985 xenaamazon just-call-me-mrs-captain so-easy-to-love-me lokifuckyeah zorped avalonsangel rosebudwhite siochan-leat girliegirltm glimpse-of-my-mind angryschnauzer @dearmisterhiddles damageditem hibiscus1979 jackburtonsays thatknitchick jarrigoni tomsnanny echoxinxtime lettalady jossisgod angelus80 nmacparlan jacquimre chagrintrovert angreav ririsutty sexyboysandnerdythings virtualgirlfriendsan izzabellablack sketchbookthingz unhealthilyobsessed no-hiddlestoners-left-alive purplewoodcat rainbow-cobra @greengirl888 lokislittleelf lividmilkshake littlewomanly1 otterlybesotted mrshiddelston @anonanonfrances thisismelina @my-mind-accords daawesomeness lokihiddles2981 tomforachange blackwaffle maxwell-demon bitemehardtom daisymoder72 marvelousmissfit adragonhasnomaster lokislittlediva lorrmorr ibrakefortomhiddleston servent-alearika hiddlestories tomtothehiddleston tommygirl007 sinistretoile kristenh1013 allonsyelize @mrscaitlinhiddleston quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks @erinolenko amatasera*