manips are so fun to make

Kingsman Stocking Stuffers is back for another round!

If you’d like some low-stress fandom fun and goodies this December, we hope you’ll join us for the Second Annual Kingsman Stocking Stuffers!

Do you write? Drabbles, ficlets, or more? How about art? Sketches, traditional, digital, edits, gifs and manips? Podfic? Fanvids? Playlists? Moodboards/aesthetics? Meta? Anything in between? If so, then this fest is for you!

All ships, characters, and preferences are welcome. Just send in some likes and prompts this holiday season and our merry elves (a.k.a. anyone who’d like to create gifts and spread the Kingsman love) will get to work making stocking stuffers based on those prompts. Then, once posting begins, we all roll around in the fandom goodness and love and everyone wins! 

Prompts open: November 29th
Prompts close and posting opens: December 13th
Posting ends: January 3rd

And in order to make it easier for everyone to find prompts no matter what medium they create in, we’ve revamped the sign-up sheet this year. There should be room for everyone to play, even creators who usually aren’t able to participate in gift exchanges.

Also, while we technically can’t guarantee that everyone will receive a gift as there is no formal matching, we’ll be trialing a new system to mitigate that this year as well. (Be on the lookout for a call for creators during the last week of December to help us fill any neglected stockings!)

We hope you’re as excited as we are! Absolutely all works of any length or type are welcome, so reblog to spread the word and bring all your friends for some holiday goodness this December!

[shows up late to the garrison sheith manip party]

Since people are asking, here is the original version of that manip I made for the second gif in this set

This fandom makes so many awesome Sheith manips I thought I’d join in and I’m kind of proud that it came out not too bad for my first try but anyway this was a lot of fun to make and I love them so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure


If the whole cast attended NYCC 2017..

Got inspired to make art for @formergirlwonder ‘s awesome Riverdale noir AU, Chiaroscuro 


ROTBTD AU >> Guardians of the Galaxy
“We arrested these five on Earth, check out these skill sheets.”

Based on the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out here!

A Luthor and a Super. A non-profit fan poster inspired by Beauty and the Beast (2017) movie. If you like, let me know! That motivates me. And if you use it, please credit me whenever possible :)

Other posters made by me here.

You can also follow me on twitter if you want.

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It’s been a while, but here’s a manip I decided to make this weekend!

I know I haven’t been posting much for… a while, but trust me, I’m trying.  I have found myself steadily busy, but when I can, I work a bit on story ideas.  I know that doesn’t mean much, since I’m still having a hard time finishing anything for this blog, but maybe manips will help to fill the gaps.  I had a lot of fun working on this, and with Thor: Ragnarok in my near future (I’m so excited omg), I have been feeling the itch to do some stuff for my favorite god.
I made this with two Tom modeling pictures, various images from Thor movies, a small detail from the Thor fireplace video, and I painted on additional details(and modified/repainted like… half of the background).

I might have started calling it “date night with Loki” while working on it

‘Swawesome Santa 2017: Sign-ups are now OPEN!!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the 2017 ‘Swawesome Santa exchange!

Here’s everything you need to know about the exchange this year:

1. Just like in years past, we’ll be doing sign-ups as well as fulfillment exclusively through AO3.

2. The sign-up period will be from now until 11:59PM (Eastern Standard North America Time) on Friday, November 10, 2017.

3. Once sign ups close, it’ll take ‘Swawesome Santa HQ a day or two to get matches completed and to send out assignments. (We promise we’ll push this as soon as possible.) Then everyone can begin to work on their gifts.

4. Just like last year, participants will be able to choose their posting window through a sign-up process. You’ll sign up for a posting date about a week after you get your assignment, and posting will happen throughout December.

5. Same as last year, you can choose to create art or fiction, and you can choose to receive art or fiction.  

6. Ultimately, you’ll create one work, and you’ll receive one work. The sign-up process on AO3 will allow you to define up to three requests, and up to three offers. This does NOT mean three fanworks, but rather, up to three options. You’re only required to define one of each. More instructions on this are at the end of this post.

7. Fiction should be at least 1,000 words, complete, and beta’d. Please do not post a portion of an incomplete larger work.

8. Art should be original, traditional and digital hand-drawn or painted art, but no graphics, manips, or icons. A good rule of measure is to create something you’d be happy to receive yourself!

Have fun, and Happy Swawesome Santa-ing!!

Details on how to request and to offer are below the cut!

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The Big Four >> Elsa’s Coronation

As he passed over Arendelle, Jack picked up a cold, strange sensation, and knew it had nothing to do with his powers. He gathered the Big Four to share his discovery. Rapunzel and Merida perk up at the mention of Arendelle, because they were both invited to the coronation of the soon-to-be Queen Elsa. While the girls would waltz right into the castle, the guys would have to sneak in. “Won’t be a problem for me, of course,” Jack tries to joke, but the rest of the Big Four knew better than to bring up the fact that he was still invisible to many.

Finally at the Coronation, Hiccup tries to keep Toothless in the shadows and at bay. Jack walks around, searching for any sign of trouble. Merida struggles with the dress Queen Elinor had her wear, but tries to talk to as many people as possible (including Princess Anna herself); and Rapunzel, forgetting a little about the task at hand, dances the night away.

Jack grew impatient, wondering where that cold feeling had gone. It was odd that he ever felt it at all, as the cold never bothered him anyway. Suddenly from across the room, someone yells, “I said enough!” and that cold feeling wells up in his chest as Queen Elsa’s ice powers are revealed. Jack was left speechless, not because her powers were similar to his, but because out of all the people she could’ve looked at, out of everyone in the room, her eyes had landed on him.

“I’m telling you, she looked right at me!” Jack insisted, throwing his hands up in exasperation. “She saw me. She knew I was there. She … she believed in me.”

To all the makers of gifs, manips & edits - Radiance needs your help!!

Okay, we made a thing… But we know, you guys can do this so much better 🙈

So, we’re calling all the Gif wizards, manip masters & edit heroes: PLEASE HELP US & spread the word about Radiance with your wonderful work!!

Post your creation with a link to our Kickstarter and tag your creation with #FuelForRadiance so we can find it and reblog it. We’ll randomly select three winners who will each receive a surprise set of posters and prints from our campaign.

You can enter gifs, manips & edits up until Monday, July 10th 2017.

We’ll announce the three winners after our Kickstarter campaign closes (after July 15th). Make sure your inbox is open so we can contact you.

We’re gonna ship the surpise sets worldwide. You don’t need to pay for shipping.

Everyone can participate with as much entries as they like and are willing to create. Every entry counts.

If you have already created something (like @slashyrogue) you can add the tag and we’ll count it in.


And don’t forget to use #FuelForRadiance :)

PLEASE NOTE: Well, “everyone can participate” means everyone can participate, but we’d like to give people a chance here who aren’t in the book because they aren’t writers or artists. So, if you are in the book but are into making gifs, manips and edits as well, you are absolutely welcome to do so - we need and appreciate every kind of help and signal boost!! – but we’d be happy if you gave your fellow fannibals who couldn’t be part of the book the advantage here. Thank you so much for understanding <3


travel au: When Davina finally resurrects Kol they decide that they need to get out of New Orleans for a while. She finally gets to see beyond her hometown, and he gets to see the world without the constant fear of a dagger to the heart.

All my life I’ve been searching for distractions. And you were the best distraction and now I don’t even have you, because I’ve beaten you.
CSBB Artist Spotlight: seastarved

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @seastarved​!

What kinds of artwork do you make?

Manips, gifs and graphics.

What’s your favorite thing about creating artwork?

It’s soothing for me. It’s a way for me to be creative even when I’m incredibly stressed. I can’t seem to make words happen when I’m stressed out but photoshop is my little safe haven where I can mess around, make people make out and write little snippets of poetry or words and sort of combine them and try to tell a story that way.

What’s one of your greatest strengths when it comes to creating artwork?

Hmm, I’m not sure tbh. I guess, I like that I am confident enough in my skills as a writer to try and use those skills when I do more visual art as well? I like that I can complement both forms of art with one another, I suppose.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, but haven’t had a chance yet?

I want to try making those incredible AU gifsets that some people make. They’re like little movies and I’m always so so in awe of how wonderful they are.

If you participated in the first Captain Swan Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

I was a writer first time around and had to drop out unfortunately because my story got far too long–I’m still writing it in fact haha!– and life got in the way. But it was a fun experience! This time, I’m looking forward to making some fun manips :D

First Artwork:

Making that image was a labour of love :D I knew what I wanted it to look like and I would work on it between writing words for the story and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, like Killian stepping out of the frame to take Emma’s hand.

Second Artwork:

One of my first more ambitious efforts. I like the layout of it? And I’m quite proud of that rose I got to bloom on there haha!

Third Artwork:

Because this is a redo of my first ever manip which tbf was a complete disaster haha! It’s not a very complicated piece of work. I have done so many more that are far more complex but this one holds a special place in my heart because it showed me just how far I’d come you know?

Check out seastarved on Tumblr - FFnet - AO3

anonymous asked:

What do you think of antis tearing apart Hannah's beautiful manips?

It’s just sad really. Why make fun of someone’s art? She works extremely hard on them. I’ve said it a million times but manips are a normal part of fandom (click here or here and you’ll see thousands of manips in various different fandoms) so even if you think they’re “creepy” or “wrong”, you should respect the person who took the time to make them. I hope @artistsassenach knows how much she’s appreciated and how talented she really is. She shouldn’t allow anyone to make her feel bad about her beautiful work ❤️

Hello fellow people who like Shay!  A few of us, myself included, have noticed how Shay only ever gets mentioned negatively or not at all.  And that’s a crying shame.

So to combat this we’ve come up with Shay Week.  Seven days worth of prompts for your minfics, full length fics, headcanons, discussions, meta, art, comics, gifs, edits, manips, anything really.  Seriously, if you think your oatmeal looked kinda like Shay, I wanna see pics!!

So from August 27th to September 2nd we’re gonna make content.

Day 1:  Favorite.  What was your favorite thing about Shay?  Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Day 2:  Ships.  Who do you ship her with?  Why?  How?  What would it look like?  What do they do for fun?

Day 3:  Favorite Scene/Episode.  What was your favorite Shay moment that happened on screen?

Day 4: Crossover.  What other show/movie/book would you want to see Shay in?  What would her role be?  What would happen?

Day 5:  Previous Works Appreciation.  What are your favorite fics involving Shay?  Link us!!  Tell us everything you loved about it and make sure to let the author know, even if they’re not on tumblr!!  Did you kind of wish it had continued?  Write a new one inspired by it!!  Talk about where you thought it was going!!  Reblog your favorite pieces of art that have been made in the past and gush about them!!  Make sure you spread the love around!!

Day 6:  BroTP.  Who would be her best friend?  Either in canon or an OC, let us know who her friends are.

Day 7:  Fix-it.  How would you take canon and reintegrate Shay?  Did she never leave?  Does she come back and save the day?

Or anything your heart desires!!  You don’t necessarily have to follow the prompts, but if you’re stuck there are some ideas!!  

It’s not a one-a-day thing either, no way.  You have a thought?  Post it.  I know my blog’s gonna turn into a Shay blog for a week, for sure.


1.  Use the #Shay Davydov main tag!  I will be tagging #shay davydov week as well as the main tag (there’s already been a shay week for a different show. How cool is that?).  Make sure everybody can find it so they can see your hard work!!

2.  This isn’t an opportunity to compare her to other characters in order make them look bad.  We can like, celebrate, and lift up a character without taking another one down.  This is about positivity anyway!!  So back to the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  Interact with each other!!  Sometimes posting about Shay feels like you’re screaming into an empty void.  Reblog!  Comment!  Add nice tags!

4.  If you have any questions before, during, or after please do ask! @krystalgoderitch sparked this post/helped put this together and has agreed to help me answer questions, so you can ask her as well me!!

5.  Reblog the snot out of this post!!  I want to make sure that anybody who would be at all remotely interested sees this so they don’t get left out.

I’m looking forward to making posts for this almost as much as I’m looking forward to seeing all of yours!

[gif made by @hellwizards , thanks so much buddy!!]

And here are the people who asked to be notified about this post:  @punk-rock-science  @karinta-agogobell-unified @jewvian @orphanblackismylife @bobkitten  @meatheadinthecraftroom @lifeandlongstretch

I just got home so I only saw a few posts about the episode and obviously people are sad. It seems they have, once again, completely ignored the relationship between Emma and Regina. I’m very sorry to know people are upset, and everyone has every right to be. This show is awful and these writers have no idea what they’re doing.

But you know what? I had a great day in fandom today. I posted a new video and got some lovely comments, I went looking for SQ wedding manips and reblogged some beautiful work, and I’m about to read some SQ wedding fics! It was a very Swan Queen day, and it was really fun!

This is something we will never lose. Like we often say, Swan Queen belongs to swen. It’s ours. We can do whatever we want with it and it’s so much better than anything this show could ever give us. Seriously. The CS wedding and proposals are so terrible, I don’t even want to use these scenes to make SQ manips.

Anyway, Swan Queen is beautiful, and nothing can take that away from us :D


Making It Work by suchfun

For the Sterek AU Fest. Project Runway AU. Rated T. 8.7k words.

Stiles can’t believe his luck when it turns out that yes, this challenge actually does involve them working in teams.

He goes right on back to believing it when he’s paired with Derek.


ROTBTD AU >> Teen Titans
Episode: Sisters
Jack as Robin and Rapunzel as Starfire

“When I first came to this planet, I did not think I would ever fit in; Earth was full of strange things. But now I see that Earth is full of amazing things, too.”