Title: Jim Kirk’s non-regulation underwear collection - 02
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Series: Crew in underwear
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Because James Kirk doesn’t give a fuck about gendered underwear.

Inspired from this Tumblr post.
Yes, I tried to use this pap pic of Chris Pine, but the thing didn’t work out, so I took rabidchild67’s suggestion.

Let me know which version you like more, the “a peek under the shirt” or the crop top. I was torn so I decided to show both.

I should get an award for every time I open the “Details magazine Photoshoot” folder.

Tec stuffs (aka Behind The Manip): It took an awful amount of time, for something this stupid. I couldn’t just add the briefs without modifying Pine’s belt, at least. By changing the belt, however, I had to modify parts of the jeans as well, and let’s not talk about the shirt (the fucking shadow of the jacket zip!!) Anyway, it didn’t turn out bad.