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Someone come up with some context for this one, because I’m not too sure. I happened to see Allura cross her arms and I instantly thought of the iconic Crossed Arms Shiro™.

I swear to god, these just happen on accident. I don’t really plan these out.

Shallura Manip Collection

I adore the Shallura fanfics where Allura and Shiro bump into each other at night because they couldn’t sleep. This doesn’t /exactly/ fit that, but it reminds me of it. Gimme your headcanons, because I also adore those. <3

Shallura Manip Collection


Well, im bummed to say the least. Fanart is a gray area for people when it comes to art theft especially manip art, but I designed these badges based on some of my favorite episodes of Supernatural and a vendor bought one of each design at Rose city comic con 15′, photocopied them, and was selling them at Wizard World PDX 16′ this weekend. :( 

When I called the booth runner out he pulled the “oh and you have the Warner bros copyrights?” and then didn’t have a quick answer when I asked if he did for making the 50 plus different badges they sold for different fandoms. Then when i returned with another artist who heard about everything and was angry, the table runner changed his story from ‘stealing fanart is fine cuz i’m not the WB’ and said that the owner must have bought a bunch of them to resell (even though i don’t do wholesale and they sell them for the same amount I sell them for? and even though we know he bought exactly one of each at RCCC in September and there are multiples here? I called him out on that as well and he wouldn’t answer.) 

Wizard told me what i need to do to get them pulled from future cons and was super helpful. Thank you Wizard! I wonder how many of the dozens of designs they were selling were stolen designs from other manip artists. yeah, I get it, we’re not like traditional artists, but with the hours we put into our digital work it’s messed up when someone steals the exact designs. Like, I TOTALLY get that we end up with similar designs doing staff badges and FBI badges for fandoms but this isn’t a similar design, this is an exact photocopy.

So, If you are a badge designer, or manip artist please keep a watch out for this booth. They have a big double sided rack COVERED with different fandom badges but he was on my ass so I couldn’t get pics of the other badges. They told one person they are “Zane Collectibles” but Wizard World gave me the REAL name they registered under which was “Elmo’s Collectibles”, I’m not sure how many different names they use, but this is the info that they had on the public vendors list and they don’t appear to have an online presence.

If you see them at a convention selling Supernatural STAFF badges of this style  please snap a picture and let me know. They do about 30 cons a year all over from what the guy said, and I’m only able to do ones in the Portland Oregon area. :/ I emailed the Chris guy and asked that he not sell my designs anymore, and to destroy the copies he made, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll update how things go. If anyone has advice that has dealt with manip fanart theft, I’m all ears. 

January FLASH Mini Challenge: Happy Birthday Sherlock!!

(example art by katzensprotte)

~Ends January 6th~

To celebrate our favorite detective’s birthday, we’re having a mini theme to start off the new year: Sherlock’s birthday! Any kind of Sherlock’s birthday related art/graphics will be accepted, so just have fun with it :))

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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