Guys…..They did it again.  My heart can’t take this!!! 

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I’m sorry if I didn’t tag you, this video is meant for everyone.  All credit to the creator (not me).  Perhaps I would have tagged more people if my brain was still working. lol


Moriarty had Bond and Q right where he wanted them. This time he would destroy all three Holmes brothers at once. 

Mycroft and M knew that Moriarty had the keycode needed to take down all the computers in the Eurozone if not all the Middle East, Japan and Australia. Moriarty was working with hackers in both China and North Korea while he toyed with MI5 and 6 as well as the Holmes Brothers.

The icing on the cake for Moriarty was Sherlock’s little brother Quentin – a white hacker by trade. Could his loyalty for Bond and his brothers make him the perfect target and defector? What would Q do to keep Bond and his brothers alive and well?

Bond and Q are now on the run from Moriarty but he knows where they are. He keeps sending Mycroft, M and Sherlock photos he’s taken of Q and Bond on the lam. They are slacking if they think they are hidden from Moriarty’s prying eyes.

I’d stay away Q if you know what’s good for you and those you love!