Manip Artists - Its Harder Than You Think

Although the title of this post would be great for a smutty story, this is my post to give a shout out to all those manip artists that tirelessly create original and unique pieces of digital art. 

A lot of people laugh at these, they think ‘oh they’ve just cut and pasted a celebrities head onto a stock photo and played around with the background. Well you know what, its A LOT harder than you think.

Now, i am not particularly gifted when it comes to art, but i decided to give it a go. So, here is my very first manip:

Doesn’t look like much, does it? In fact its just a photo of Letters Live. 

But here is the original:

Sounds simple, but to take the microphone out took me 2 hours in photoshop. The shadows are a pain in the butt. Trying to get the texture and folds on his jacket arm drove me crazy.

So, when you next see a manip, show your appreciation to the person that took their time to put together something to make the fandom smile.

And i can recommend three talented manip artists: elfpunk, mighty-thundering-lord, and midgardiansuperstar

This has been a Angryschnauzer Public Service Announcement.