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Always assume that they (Maute Group) are also on Social Media. This is not private real estate. Information is vital for them and our military.

If you know accounts who have posted information that may have compromised their location, ask them to delete those posts.

The people’s safety should be your priority. Anything that keeps people hidden will help them. We know the situation is dire as it is.

Do not share information that is from the active zone on social media. Gov’t operatives on the field will know this already and it will be of no use to us (private citizens). 

There have been a lot of incidents where Social Media has failed us –  the Zamboanga Siege and the Manila Hostage Crisis. 

Do not inform the public. Inform your loved ones. Choose life, please.

The Cost Of An Apology: Manila Hostage Crisis Anniversary

I rarely talk much about politics and current events because it’s totally negative, does nothing but piss people off, I’m not an expert in the matter, and everybody has his or her own opinion and stand when it comes to these things and it gets all chaotic. However, I really think that now would probably fall into the “rarely talk” category, ‘cuz I rarely see PNoy get so damn condescending on national television.

I was watching the TV Patrol over a plate of mother’s spaghetti, and I have never been so pissed with PNoy after he said that he isn’t planning to apologize to the victims of last year’s Manila Hostage Crisis because according to him, the government isn’t exactly liable with what happened because it wasn’t their fault but Rolando Mendoza’s. Well, yes, he offers “sympathy” to the victims, but I honestly think it totally doesn’t suffice.

Well, duh, technically it’s not HIS fault because he’s not the one who killed those Hong Kong nationals, he’s not part of the media who covered the entire crisis despite the supposed “media blackout”, and he’s not the negotiators or the PNP either who knew jack what to do. Still, I think he’s supposed to take part of the blame because he’s the president, therefore making him partly responsible due to his great political power here in the Philippines. He’s partly to blame for the communications breakdown, the irresponsibility of the negotiators, and the failure of the entire justice system.

Seriously, how much would an apology take out of him, or the entire Philippine government for that matter? Would it take a million pesos? I’m sure it won’t, 'cuz apologies don’t cost any one a single cent, only some humility. Would it bring us shame? Would it really? I mean, the government has no shame in stealing the country’s wealth but actually feels shame in being asked for an apology by the victims of their idiocy. Ironic, isn’t it?

My folks said that it’s just deserts for the victims’ relatives because Hong Kong nationals mistreat our OFW’s so damn bad, so it’s pretty much even now. Besides, at least the government is consistent with its “No Justice Policy” for it applies also to foreigners as well. But I don’t think that’s right because the relatives lost the lives of their loved ones, and if we use the “OFW mistreatment” card, we’d be no different than racists who generalize an entire race. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the Chinese either, but I firmly they believe they deserve some justice. I mean, they’re not asking for cash, they’re asking for just a public apology that has zero monetary value.

So PNoy and the negotiators, I hope you get a long and restful sleep at night, despite your refusal to apologize for your negligence, stupidity, and total lack of a sense of justice. 

Manila Hostage Crisis

It’s been a year since it happened. Do you still remember the 8 chinese tourists from Hong Kong who died because of this terrible crime. Do you still remember Mr Rolando Mendoza, the man behind this whole Hostage Crisis. It’s been a year, Justice still hasn’t  prevailed. Families are still hoping to get the justice they deserve. It’s been a year, people are still wondering who’s to blame. It’s been a year, we’re still praying for the faster process of justice in the Philippines. Let’s all offer prayers for the souls of Mr Mendoza and all the victims of last year’s terrible Manila Hostage Crisis.

Is China becoming a whiner even after MH370?

The moment that Malaysian Airlines MH370 went missing then crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean, I DON’T understand why China is still acting like a crybaby since majority of the 239 people in the plane are Chinese, the relatives seem to have no patience to wait for proper news to show up, & I found out some Chinese celebs are lashing against Malaysia lately just ‘cuz of that one plane. Gosh, it’s like the result of the Manila Hostage Crisis with 8 HK folks dead because of a psycho ex-policeman & most of Hong Kong developed a personal vendetta against the Philippines.
Worse, add in the fact that China is trying to grab all of the so-called South China/ West Philippine Sea and they’re Communist in nature, we got a big whiner in the international community, next to Russia’s aggressive anti-Ukraine & LGBT motives and Crimea stealing & Putin whom I doubt had already sold his soul to the Devil for more power!

This is horrible on my part since I have mostly Chinese blood running in my bloodlines, yet I’m very. very disappointed by the actions China takes to get attention (but in a bad way). Facepalms

If you’re a main-lander Chinese or Putin supporter, please skip this post. No internet flame war, please!