manila heritage


Admiralty Suites. Site of old Admiralty Hotel, another survivor of the Battle of Manila which left the city more badly destroyed than anywhere except Warsaw. But now we have progress. Hotel was to be restored but instead was razed to be replaced by this palace of Chinese new rich vulgarity. But unlike the Spanish, Americans, and Japanese, the Chinese only commit architectural atrocities against the Manileños. So that is progress.

Karl with a K (Rajila) - Azra Ink

A/N: So hi, this is my first drag race fic! I go by the pen name Azra, as you can see (it sounds pretentious but the other options were much worse, trust me) and some of my main ships are Rajila, Biadore and Trixya! I have a soft spot for Ravila and Vatya too though. I was actually going to submit a chaptered Biadore soulmate AU for my first fic, but then a Rajila soulmate AU happened instead because I’m soulmate AU trash I guess. Don’t get your hopes up over it being good though XD x

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