manila doctors college

MTC Experience..

Manila Doctors College (MDC) is my alma mater but it’s new name is Manila Tytana Colleges (MTC). ;)

First we saw this, and we were like, it’s BIG!! HAHA But we’re just proud to this friend of ours and fellow classmate :)

And ofcourse, my prayer buddies and I took a picture of the poster saying congratulations to all the July 2011 Nursing Licensure passers and for making our Alma Mater #3 in the ranking in NCR :)

And so, we entered. HAHA

I’ll start off by laughing because we acted in MTC as students. Freely roaming around, making unnecessary noises/screaming especially in the College of Nursing. lol

We saw our clinical instructors there (pictures soon, these are the only pics I have in my phone) and they congratulated us. Such a happy feeling that now they treated us like we’re colleagues. ;)

We even visited our fellow RCAP (review center) lecturers that is affiliated in our alma mater as well Mr. Leocadio in the Research Center and Mrs. Subido + Mrs. Dean Dumadag in her secretary table in the College of Nursing. It’s so overwhelming that I can’t continue to tell about it HAHA Sorry. The conversation with these three people was MEMORABLE. It took me a very long time before it sank in my mind that we had those conversations. Even giving me a smile on my face until now while thinking about it. HAHA :)

Things I remember:

Mr. Leocadio

1. consecutively telling us to treat him before having a picture with him lol

2. he gave us tips about this “nursing” world

3. the “pure love” korean novela was there too HAHA

4. And a lot of LOL~time with Sir that I barely remember. HAHA

Mrs. Subido and Mrs. Dean Dumadag

1. shaking our hands for nth times HAHA

2. telling us congratulations for nth times

3. telling us to go to our testimonial dinner for nth times HAHAHAHA

4. we told them our rankingssssss!!! err HAHA

5. we told them about our next plans..

6. seeing Mrs. Subido’s smile not fading because of her happiness with our achievements. (MOST MEMORABLE)

7. seeing Mrs. Subido telling us that she’s having goosebumps because of what we have accomplished. (#2 MOST MEMORABLE)

8. And a lot moreeee!! And picture taking will be at the testimonial dinner! They promised! HAHAHA

Great experience there indeed. I will not forget it in my entire life!