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Alive Manila ✔️ Made Manila ✔️ I’ll never get tired watching their performance. I love BIGBANG!!! ASTIG!!! (Cool/Daebakk) Too bad I won’t be able to join them in my Dara Tour because of their Hectic Schedule, but hopefully next time. If they have the time, I want them to be able to tour the different tourist spots here in the Philippines. Like a tour guide no? Hahaha have a nice day!!! 😀

 BIGBANG concert always cool and fun >.< Made Tour in Manila ~ Snap!!! I saw their Seoul performance but because a lot of new songs have been added and the set list changed, it was so fun~! Bang Bang Bang~!!! The Best the best the best~!!!  👍👍👍 Bbangya  Bbangya  Bbangya~!!!

Translated by:  Tryshinggg@ForeverWithDara & KIMJ1WON


Paco Park and Cemetery, Manila

Never thought that there is another beautiful place in Manila aside from Intramuros. I find this place refreshing because of the many trees and walls that keeps the outside air pollution from coming in. I was actually surprised that many people still go to parks instead of malls. It is a really nice place if you just want a little break from city life. The entrance fee is only P10, really affordable for a well maintained place. 


Just witness this sunset earlier. This is awesomeeeeee. But eventually a couple came so I need to go down as soon as I can coz I don’t know what will gonna happen to me if I stay there for so long. Try to imagine my situation. 😯 Sunset brings sadness. For me. End of story. Gonna start a new one today.


Fave collab song! I can just dance whenever this song is up! 😂
“Good Boy” - G-Dragon x Taeyang